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Deep down she knew
There was no turning back

After deciding to commit.

Finding gain in areas

She had freely opened up

In surrendering her limits.

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Intersect Vol. 1

#TBT to the first Volume of the Intersect: Abortion Positive. This zine was made in conjunction with the #AbortionPostive  at Ohio University. The stop was part of a nation wide tour with URGE and All*Above All that aimed to de-stigmatize the abortion narrative. 56 more words


Behind the Scenes at #INTERSECT

What goes into the making of an interdisciplinary work?

A day short of the #INTERSECT premiere, we shadowed the artists and their collaborators at work in the performance space.  113 more words

#INTERSECT: Six artists, Three collaborations

Indranjan Banerjee

The creative process for each #INTERSECT performance is intriguing, with hitches and glitches and rewards along the way. We spoke to some of the artists and tried to gather a sense of where they are with their work and what their experiences, learnings and discoveries have been, through this process of making a collaborative work.

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Guilty pleasures – „Chuck” i „Limitless”

Ostatnio jakoś tak się złożyło, że pisałem o rzeczach dobrych, doskonałych nawet, ale w odbiorze wymagających: koncentracji, uwagi, skupienia, wytężenia szarych komórek. Dziś pogadajmy o prostych i łatwo przyswajalnych przyjemnościach. 1,079 more words

Seriale TV

LEXUS LF-C2 in Dubai

People in Dubai will break their jaws when they visit INTERSECT by LEXUS in Dubai located at the DIFC as Lexus UAE bring one of Lexus’ hot concept into their playground. 139 more words


Venn Diagram Fun

Venn diagrams can be used as a great way to show similarities and differences.

A Venn Diagram is a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circles or closed curves within an enclosing rectangle (the universal set), common elements of the sets being represented by the areas of overlap among the circles. 538 more words