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Determine if the two linked lists intersect


Given two singly linked list, determine if the two lists intersect. Return the intersecting node. Note that the intersection is defined based on reference, not value. 38 more words

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Philippa has recently been collaborating with Tamar MacLellan on a submission for the call for entries theme of Intersect by we love your books. The coincidental chance purchases (on the same day) of two charity shop embroidery books, one type based, the other pattern based, by the two artists led to a project that aimed to use a simple system to develop a single book. 119 more words


Intersect divided

Despite the various ups and downs of the intersect project, we now seem to be back on track. With my sections of the book typed and sent to T – using recorded delivery (to ensure against further losses!); I have been able to move on to the covers, whilst T begins the typing of her sections, whenever she gets some spare time… thanks to the portable typewriter! 113 more words

The Design Process

How to Use SQL INTERSECT to Work Around SQL's NULL Logic

ANOTHER SQL Post this week? I got nerd-sniped:

Lazy Internet: In Oracle, how do i query for where (A, B, C) in (('a', 'b', null), 'a', null, 'c') considering Oracle's null handling?

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Intersect intersected

After 8 days of waiting for the parcel from T to arrive, it became apparent that part of the original book pages were lost somewhere in the postal system. 127 more words

The Design Process

Intersect logistics!

Having finalized all the details for Intersect, as we began to start work, it became apparent that whilst we had divided and swapped sections of the two original books, further work was needed to resolve the imposition and order of the new book before work could begin. 105 more words

The Design Process

Intersect #2 - The Watering Hole

John Wells, quirky off-the-grid homesteader, keeps a blog documenting the goings on around his property and takes footage ranging from skinning a rattlesnake to the blooming of his palo verde tree. 51 more words