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Except and Intersect Operators

Whenever a performance tuning task involves changes to T-sql code, I aim to ensure that whilst the execution time of the query decreases significantly, the code still produces the same results.  538 more words

SQL Server

Sets & Set Operations


A set stores distinct values of the same type in a collection with no defined ordering. Sets are used as an alternative to arrays when item order is not a concern or when you need to ensure that an item appears only once. 663 more words


Visual Communication Workshop

After discussing the key concepts of visual communication, including providing a narrative, working from observation and considering aesthetics for purpose, such as advertising or entertainment, we produced a series of photo montages. 372 more words


Comparing Two Tables to Finding Missing Rows & Matching Rows

Comparing Two Tables to Finding Missing Rows & Matching Rows

Find rows in one table that are missing from the other.

You can used MINUS operator to compare the two sets of data or Select queries and show data missing from one table. 214 more words


Fine Art Workshop

We began the workshop by selecting ten words to describe ourselves in order to explore the personal aspect of Fine Art. We then worked in small groups, collating our words to act as the basis of the installation. 308 more words


Membuat Deretan Garis Yang Mengikuti Objek Melengkung

Hai, hai, berjumpa bersama ESA! Di kesempatan ini saya mau membagikan tutorial corelDraw tentang bagaimana caranya untuk membuat deretan garis yang mengikuti objek melengkung (lihat Gambar 1). 264 more words

Desain Grafis

Applied Arts - Ceramics and Metalwork

We began the ceramics workshop by using images from the intersect project to assemble a series of four which would form the basis of a cube. 766 more words