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SQL Server - Expressions, Conditions, and Operators


Expressions, Conditions, Operators, Comparison Operators, Character Operators, Logical Operators, Set Operators, UNION and UNION ALL, INTERSECT, Miscellaneous Operators: IN and BETWEEN.



LINQ - LINQ provider, Select, SelectMany, Any, All, Contains, into, let, Union, Intersect, Except, data context class in LINQ


Fast between SingleOrDefault and FirstOrDefault, LINQ provider, advantages of using LINQ on DataSet, difference between Select and SelectMany in LINQ, difference among Any, All and Contains, difference between into and let keyword in LINQ, Union, Intersect and Except, extension of the file, when LINQ to SQL is used, data context class, deferred execution and immediate execution. 18 more words



Peas of a pod

And cards of a set

Parallel lines

That don’t intersect 68 more words


How to mimic MINUS ALL and INTERSECT ALL in Oracle

Some databases, such as PostgreSQL and Teradata, natively support “ALL” keyword with SET operators MINUS (EXCEPT) and INTERSECT. As of current version, Oracle does not support these features; however, a little trick can help emulating the missing functionality. 261 more words

Tricks And Workarounds

Le Monde puzzle [#937]

A combinatoric Le Monde mathematical puzzle that resembles many earlier ones:

Given a pool of 30 interns allocated to three person night-shifts, is it possible to see 31 consecutive nights such that (a) all the shifts differ and (b) there are no pair of shifts with a single common intern?

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My earphones are tangled in a way that reminds me linguini,

touching and twisted like vines creeping up a tree makes me think of

human knots and warm interlaced appendages, 52 more words



Hot line. . .
lifeline. . .
heart line. . .

When there
has been a disconnect,
it’s not quite clear
when these will return… 63 more words