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Repair of the City (Gradually)

A very literal, tongue-in-cheek, low-tech interpretation of repair*:

*Ash Amin’s ‘repair’ of ‘The Good City’ (2006)

Repair of signs and the technology they relate to: 8 more words


The incandescence of Aimé Cesairé

This is a most powerful thing, a most beautiful thing, my words can’t do it justice — they bow before the beauty of his words. Especially as it is not for me. 454 more words


Companies Must Refund Millions Of Dollars For Credit Card Add-On Services Customers Never Received

As a rule of thumb, if you’re a company and you charge a customer for a service or product, you’re supposed to actually provide that service or product. 597 more words

Softening the Urban Fabric

Where to soften? Where a small child trailed her fingers along the railings:

Where the ‘Please Play Here’ sign was removed from:

Along a well-used route back from school: 20 more words


What can Christchurch learn from The Netherlands?

Having had a month ranging far and wide around The Netherlands (and a month since to reflect), I think I’m starting to see some common trends emerging in terms of what makes the Dutch get on their bikes so much more than us (or indeed, almost anyone on the world). 2,752 more words

Cycle Infrastructure

That was close ...

Now you know why speeding is crazy!


Enschede - a pioneer for cycling

My final Dutch city report is about the place where I was based throughout my time in The Netherlands (I just took day trips by train to visit the other centres). 963 more words

Cycle Infrastructure