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Why We Need This Day

The longer I live in Jacksonville, the more people I meet who are deeply passionate about faith but cannot find a setting to talk about it. 317 more words

While animals die of extreme cold elsewhere

CW: dead animals (murdered by water supply shortages and animal exploitation), anti-blackness.

It’s only mid summer here, the heat and humidity just kicked in. And here is what the media is doing or fueling besides the sad fact that these animals died and attention need to be brought to the lack of public services. 317 more words


Reflections on my Experiences at an Interfaith Retreat (Or "Christians, Muslims, and Jews Met Together for a Week at Camp. What Happens Next Will SHOCK You!!!")

This week, I had the privilege of attending an interfaith retreat in Pottsboro, TX, in which members from the world’s three major monotheistic or “Abrahamic” religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) spent roughly 67 hours breaking bread together and discussing these visions and versions of faith that made us all distinct, yet simultaneously converged. 1,404 more words



We met Anthony in Grants, New Mexico when we checked into our RV park. He helped us get situated and told us about things to do in the area. 172 more words


Turning Back

Been here?

  • Standing at a very familiar life intersection wondering how many times you have to keep crossing
  • Staring in the face of prior pain dreading its possible return…
  • 441 more words
Learning & Growth

Overview: Margaret Price's "The Bodymind Problem and the Possibilities of Pain"

Margaret Price seeks to seriously consider the implications of properly integrating mental disability and physical disability (partially represented by the term “bodymind”) as one into Feminist Disability Studies and a related intersection, Crip Theory (Queer Theory and Disability Studies). 144 more words