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Understanding Frankensystems

When I was just a software engineer in the eyes of managers, I usually got tossed into undocumented complex systems that nobody could figure out easily, largely because they were…  698 more words


Why CAD Surface Geometry is Inexact

The fact that geometry models from a CAD system are inexact may surprise some people. But the explanation provided here by guest authors Benjamin Urick and Benjamin Marussig may be one of the most concise explanations of that fact I’ve seen. 1,630 more words


Music 127: Intersections

Life isn’t always straightforward, as these pine trees are keen to point out.



Expanding the Narrative

The expansion of my narrative has been ever evolving and changing since I consciously started looking inward for answers.  In a specific school of thought related to spirit and humanity and its intersection are the “Seth Books.” The current read is “The Way Toward Health” by Jane Roberts who channels a spirit entity called Seth. 550 more words


From Benedict to Self

After a meditation, I heard these words below. Were they coming from me or some place deeper within me? A place I tap into uncontrollably? A place I want to be in all the time, but feel I would be doing a disservice to the human parts of me, that don’t want to feel celestial and whole… all the time.  646 more words


Exploring diversity in psychology through ABL-informed patchwork assessment practices (Project Blog): Introduction

As might be clear from the other posts on this blog, intersectionality is of importance to me, not just personally, but also in how this is explored through the Psychology curriculum. 360 more words


Interpolating Peaks

I’ve added some simple logic that checks to see if a peak can be interpolated by looking at the intersection of the slopes between points. Here’s an example of it in action: 217 more words