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How motorists can cross through Open Streets

Open Streets Windsor Part Deux will offer eight kilometres of car-free roads from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, which may make traffic a little trickier. 127 more words

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The Ops Meeting

The conference room feels crowded. The tech side and the business side are meeting. This is supposed to be just another installment of their regularly scheduled update get-togethers, but word has gone round that something is not right. 1,132 more words


Gap Theory of Technology

Every time I attend a meting between “business people” and engineers I get a little anxiety attack. There is always a level of tension. Even when things are going well. 668 more words

The Intersection of Business and Technology

I have a new topic that I would like to explore around the management of business and technology, or more specifically what happens when engineers meet business people. 284 more words


An Introduction to Set Theory and Logic (Part Two Of Three)

Hi there. This is part two of my three part series to An Introduction to Set Theory and Logic.

Part One of this introduction talked about definitions, notation with some examples. 1,647 more words


William Jennings Bryan

It’s unusual to find a complimentary article about the populist Wm. Jennings Bryan of “Inherit the Wind” and Scopes Monkey Trial fame. Below are two, along with some quotes. 356 more words



I keep coming back to this picture I took in Alberta… There’s something that keeps my eyes wandering all over the picture, and that’s the intersecting lines and all the diagonals and parallels in this picture…

I Love Canada