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Finding Purpose in the Sandbox

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Thy Fates open their hands. Let thy blood and spirit embrace them”

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Thanks Universe for Stealing My Bike

We had just settled in Tucson, Arizona, when a tall, lean man approached our rig and said (with a Swiss accent), “This probably seems like a weird question, but did you get that bike in Moab, Utah?” In fact, yes we did get it in Moab. 423 more words


An Interview With Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey of Brown Girls

Some of the members of our OWTL Leadership team had the pleasure of sitting down on a Google Hangout with Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey, the writer and director of the new web series Brown Girls, respectively.   4,500 more words


My Black Feminist 'A-Ha' Moment

I was born in 1991—the dawn of the Girl Power era. Feminism as we knew it was over, and my friends and I could grow up to be anything. 1,316 more words


Cover the brake....

Some intersections have limited visibility, if someone misses the stop sign there is very little time to react.

Editors note: We believe that when approaching a limited visibility intersection the practice of taking your foot off the gas pedal and covering the brake with your foot will give you a split second that could make a difference . 22 more words

Crime And Punishment