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The eConomics of eSports

Today, we are launching coverage of a new area – eSports. If you are on our mailing list you should have received a copy of our 30-page, detailed report. 419 more words


Intersections by Dennis Allen Lange

The traffic lights where strangers meet,
The grocery store where neighbors greet,
The colleges where learners flew,
And airport where the world comes through, 43 more words


Why Isn't Listening Revered?

From a young age, I’ve always been insatiably curious about the world around me. It’s a running joke within my family that I can’t stop asking questions. 604 more words


#LucyLives | Kelly Gallagher

Today is May 1st, a great time for us all to be re-inspired byLucy Parsons, a #BlackIndian Latina resistance leader.  She taught us how to resist, as she helped organize the first May Day march of 1886, setting up modern protest as we know it today. 1,077 more words


The Walker's Wave

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business on a pretty spring morning.  When you reach an intersection where there are cars approaching that are getting ready to turn right into your path, so long as you’ve got the walk sign you can proceed directly into the intersection, knowing that you’ve got the right of way.   370 more words


Oppression Olympics Part I

I have been jeered at, on the street, for my legs, my chest, because busty looks best, and yes, I may be twelve, but with a body like a woman’s, I’ll do just fine for the man who wants to satisfy himself. 344 more words