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Shall We Just Call Them "Mistakes?" #UMC

The world is ever so much easier to deal with when everything divides into two neat categories. This is good, that is bad. This is heaven, this is hell. 1,448 more words


Have You Ever Heard Someone Say: "I'm a Girl"? Did You Doubt Them?

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I was a girl – female, not male.

Ever since I could speak, ever since I was old enough to know, I have been a girl. 855 more words

Transgender Life

A Dictionary Being: Transgender Society in Bangladesh

To be very honest at the very beginning, the reader must know that I dislike the very title of my own writing. It says “Transgender Society”, as if they belong to a society/world different from the one we live in, like we are not talking about human beings, rather speaking of other beings, aliens. 2,380 more words

Queer Alphabet Soup

OMAHA, NE – The LGBT community is growing as more and more people begin using LGBTQIA.  Many people get confused by the additional letters because they don’t know why they are included. 394 more words