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Animal-human love

As the video’s title says, this is supposed to depict wild animals showing love to human beings. Well, that seems to be largely the case (I love the lions and foxes), though many of these animals aren’t really wild but have been around humans most of their lives. 26 more words


Cat and raccoon court by the light of the moon (with noms)

This video, showing a cat and a raccoon (Procyon lotor) arriving for daily noms, comes from Cat Lovers Community and was made by Ray Tamasovich. 46 more words

Interspecies Love

Afternoon squee: capybara with ducklings on its back

I’ve noticed that the evening news on television always ends on an upbeat note, clearly designed to leave the audience feeling good—and perhaps to tune in the next day. 114 more words

Animal Behavior

Goose appears to ask cops for help with offspring tangled in string

I got this video from several readers, and then found it on YouTube to show all of you. The story is almost unbelievable, and the video doesn’t show the striking part. 475 more words