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Sprints and interval running

I’ve heard and read from so many sources that if you want to build and shape muscle, long distance running at the same pace is your biggest enemy that I decided to make an experiment: stop normal running for a few months and only do intervals and sprints and hit the steps machine more often than the treadmill. 420 more words


Day 16: ...Back on the treadmill

Through gritted teeth I found myself back on the treadmill.

Outside, the rain was pouring and the wind was howling. Miserable conditions at the best of times, let alone when you’re still trying to shift the remnants of a cold like I was.  310 more words


Last one of the year...

5mi. Still barely December, still high 70s in the early morning! Marty, Franci, Paul and Seth where the early ones today. Not a large group for the last track speed workout of 2015. 116 more words


Let's Go

Hey yall!

I know it’s been awhile, since I’ve posted. Sorry about that but school has kept me busy, busy, busy. Anyways I’ve started my new training program today! 306 more words


Run for your life, if you can

Some stories about running are inspirational. Some are heart wrenching. Some are humorous. This is mine.

When I was rather youngish at age 53 I thought I was in shape. 801 more words


Goals and Rules

A colleague suggested I do another half-marthon this October.

Sometimes I think yes, then no, then yes again. I’ve finally settled at no (for now). 167 more words

MY TOP 3 | Workouts I Want to Try

Hello hello lovely friends. As you can see from this title, we are talking about working out.

As a former dancer I never really had the push to workout any other way than dance. 470 more words