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London Marathon Training Week #9 Days 5 and 6 Week #10 Day 1 An Uphill Run, Yasso 800s and a Quality Long Run

NOTE: For those of you interested in donating to the charity I’m running for in London please click on this LINK.

Location: Pasadena and La Canada, CA. 765 more words

Don't write yourself off

This morning during the middle of an interval workout at the indoor track, the feeling of being healthy transitioned into gratitude. While my knee still has a torn bit of meniscus inside and my age works against getting faster year after year, my pace around the track felt as fun and challenging as ever. 742 more words

Slow and Steady Doesn't Always Win the Race

As a fellow busy college girl, I know all too well the pressures of fitting a workout into an already jam-packed schedule. I also totally understand how annoying it is to do the extra laundry and showering that comes with exercising. 308 more words


Make Intervals Your Friend

Interval workouts have become popular in the fitness community within the past several years- particularly HIIT (high intensity interval training). This type of training is a great way to get in a good cardio workout in a short amount of time. 387 more words


Berlin Marathon Training Week #5 Day 6 A Speedy Day

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 85 degrees

Type of Run: Interval/Speed

Length: 4.54 miles (5 x 400m; 1-mile, 5 x 300m; 1200m; 5 x 200m) 164 more words

Berlin Marathon Training Week #4 Day 6 Intervals to End a Week in Oregon

Location: Salem, OR

Temperature: Mostly cloudy, 56  degrees

Type of Run: Intervals

Length: 5 miles (4 x 1.25 miles) with 2:30 rest between each interval… 227 more words

All About the Fartlek

Although I shy away from using the term “fartlek” with my non-running peers because of its silly pronunciation (fart-leck), it is a word frequently on the brain during training. 262 more words