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I wonder what they think of us

Every Tuesday, I often find myself pondering the same thing – normally when I should be working that much harder that thinking anything of any substance should be beyond me. 217 more words


Intervals - Perfect, Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented

What exactly is a whole step? Since we’ve got all the time in the world, I’ll give you the long explanation here.

So, let’s talk about intervals. 1,098 more words

Music Theory

Equestrian Fitness: Overtraining, Part 3

Back in the gym this week and trying to keep to my new, less crazy fitness plan, I realized I had been overtraining in more ways than one. 492 more words

Horseback Riding

Week 5 - back after an enforced lay-off

Sessions on the bike: 3
Time spent in the saddle: 3h 30m
Miles ridden: 63.2 mi 693 more words



Warm-up/Pull-up Prescription

Warm-up and work through today’s prescribed pull-up program

First Pull-up Group

Week Exercise Sets Reps 56 more words

Sunday Runday- March 15th

This past Sunday I decided to do an interval workout for my run. At the start of my run I was happy that I was doing intervals instead of a non-stop run. 73 more words


High Intensity Fun!

Doesn’t this title sound invigorating? Maybe I’m just really enthusiastic and the word “intensity” gets me excited.  Regardless, I want to talk about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). 521 more words