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Holding onto the speed - part 2

Legs fine. Chest slightly aching. Nervous system still excited the morning after. That’s the report on last night’s interval session. 933 more words


Up Your Running With Speed Training

You may have the idea of a PR in an upcoming race or it may even be among your goals for this year, don’t give up. 458 more words


Wednesday: 150422 (1-3)

4-8x400m Intervals (1:1 rest) (Stop when form/pace deteriorates)


Killin' It Kettle Bells

Oh yeah. I’m back. After a break from working out due to sickness and wanting to give my body a fighting chance at recovery, I decided to clear the cobwebs in my head and do a gentle work out. 390 more words


Track Season Begins Again

It is once again the start of track season for the Philly suburbs FastTracks group. That year seemed to pass very quickly. There were some new faces present and about 25 people overall, so not too large of a group. 137 more words


H.I.I.T Why Intervals Work

There is so much information out there about the benefits of different types of exercise. This article is going to be focused on H.I.I.T.  High-Intensity-Interval-Training. As a former steady state cardio junky who would mentally zone out and run, walk, or train on the elliptical for sometimes over and hour a day, this was a hard transition for me. 427 more words


Tabata Training

Group X at St. Cloud State University recently unveiled a new group class called Tabata. But what is it?? Tabata is a type of training that focuses on high intensity interval training. 66 more words