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616. Add Bold Tag in String

Given a string s and a list of strings dict, you need to add a closed pair of bold tag and to wrap the substrings in s that exist in dict. 199 more words

The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Tuesday, 7.18.17. "In which we hearken back to the classics..."

Howdy folks,

Day 2!

I promise you, there are going to be some changes made to the workout roster this season.

Not today, though.

Today, out of abundant respect for tradition, we say  hello to the new season of workouts with an old classic… 867 more words

The Workout Of The Day

training run #1309

Tuesday 18 July, 06:19

14C, overcast, cool, a bit foggy. A 7 mile run with intervals. Training plan called for a warm up (did 1 mile), then five miles increasing in pace/effort, then a cool down run home. 102 more words


Working on intervals - Part 1 (Steps)

Note reading is important but what can get my students to read even quicker? It’s the recognition of intervals – especially the steps and skips for beginners. 38 more words

Theory Worksheets

Before sunrise

5mi. A warm and sticky day with a “sometimes” breeze from the east. About 12 people on the track, I followed Seth and a high school runner on most intervals. 77 more words


Interval Arithmetic - Or Why Numbers Don't Look After Themselves

In SICP there’s a fairly long extended exercise in interval arithmetic. I strongly recommend going and reading, both for the maths and the lisp. 1,085 more words