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Anyone Can Do Intervals

Interval training is usually associated with all-out, gut busting effort, but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. In fact, we probably engage in interval training more often than we recognize such as walking up a flight of stairs or hurry across a street to get to the corner.  48 more words

Fit By Fred

The ONE Point

If Jesus realized that a point may be seen as a “beginning” or as an “interval,” but not as a defined whole, line or interval, then the question became: how many “beginnings” or “intervals,” which may be symbolized as (o), are necessary to define a point or to give it “actual being”?

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C25K - Week 8, Day 1

I changed my intervals to Run 2 min, Walk 1 min and it looks like my overall pace is improving…huh, who’d a thunk it!


training run #1236

Tuesday 21 February, 06:15

8C, cold, clear skies. An 8 mile run including intervals (3x 1200m with 400m recovery). Heels felt fine today. Drank 500ml water. 31 more words


Weekly Update: Intervals and Skills

Last week was yet another successful week of training ending it just shy of 10 hours over 237km’s. The body and legs feel good and the mindset is where it should be! 158 more words



 Stockholm is officially 16 WEEKS away which seem like ages . . . but I remember last year with my Paris marathon, the time flew by and suddenly it was 6 weeks away and I was P-A-N-I-C-K-I-N-G. 816 more words


Staying on Purple Ground

So you toil away for months without any sign of improvement and then all of sudden make a breakthrough. Every training session takes on new meaning. 264 more words