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Tabata intervals 💥

Now on the website: a really effective workout that can be done at home while your kid is sleeping or at the gym if you prefer, tabata intervals! 👇🏼

Tabata intervals


The Terrible Taper

The taper.  The final few weeks of preparation and contemplating the challenge lying ahead.  Some runners seem to love it as a chance to fill their faces with carbs; others are bouncing off the walls, desperate to get to the race.  459 more words


Long QT differential

HypoCa (prolonged ST segment)
Elevated ICP


ECG measurements and intervals

Normal intervals
PR: 120-200 msec (3-5 boxes)
QRS: <120 msec (<3 boxes)
QTc: 350 -440 msec (men), 460 msec (women).  >500=risk of torsades
ST: 80-120 msec (2-3 boxes)


Weekly Running Recap! The Quick, Cold and Miserable Version. 

Sweet Baby Leprechauns. It’s St. Paddy’s Day Eve and I haven’t blogged a lick about LAST week’s Boston Marathon training with My Beloved Hansons Marathon Method. 571 more words

training run #1251

Wednesday 15 March, 06:39

8C, mild, bright. A 4 mile run with 2x 800m intervals. Legs still felt ‘odd’ after the weekend long run. Just out of balance, various niggles, including right foot. 38 more words


Harder is not smarter.

Training paces, especially in workouts, must have a high and low pace restriction. If the workout is written properly a goal pace, often an upper limit, is provided. 313 more words