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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one of the most effective ways to teach young children with ASDs. Specific skills are taught by breaking them down into small steps. 251 more words


Reframing the Left Eco-Modernism vs. Orthodox Eco-Socialism Debate, or: Assessing the Transformation of the Value-Nature Nexus 

by Emanuele Leonardi

Do we really need to choose either infinite (if alternative) growth or a steady-state economy? What if we may opt for shrinking entropic/industrial sectors and allowing for negentropic labor to freely flourish? 2,147 more words


Preventing S. aureus SSI: Who does what?

Pre-operative (or better peri-operative) treatment of nasal S. aureus carriage is one of the most – if not the most – effective infection prevention measure. A large double-blind randomized controlled… 425 more words

Infection Prevention And Control

Trump has made our current environmental policy textbooks obsolete

by Melanie DuPuis

Current environmental policy textbooks are all stuck in a liberal narrative of environmental progress through political consent. But that era is over, and it has been for a while. 1,447 more words


Preparing for Dakar biennale, May 2018

A reunion with our Mercedes in Senegal! We are still in touch with the new owner of the car. And we will use the car to project from in the public space in the opening week of the Dakar biennale May 3-11, 2018. 26 more words


Strategic ignorance, political elites, and the false economy of education privatisation

By Susan L. Robertson

I often puzzle over how it is that, though we know so much about the spectacular failures of privatisation initiatives in the social and education sectors, international agencies and governments – from the UK to the USA and Liberia – continue to be hell-bent on pursuing more, and not less, of this decidedly dodgy product. 1,164 more words


The Jacobin’s eco-modernist dilemma

by Stefania Barca

The answers to the climate crisis and to an ecological socialism must be searched for, not in ecomodernism, but  in the intersection of ecological, feminist, and socialist perspectives. 1,267 more words