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I'm spinning my plates.

It’s been a busy week where all the different elements of my role have slotted together. As expected, I’ve been finding myself more and more engaged with pupils and staff on a daily basis – particularly with the different interventions I am leading through the school at the moment. 267 more words

Mental Health treatments

Ever wondered how mental health issues are treated? From anti-depressants to talking therapies, MIND give you a rundown of the most common interventions: http://www.mind.org.uk/information-s…/drugs-and-treatments/….


Eight ways we’re improving mental health

In the UK 1 in 4 people will develop a mental health condition, and three quarters of these people will receive no treatment. In low and middle income countries treatment rates are even lower.   603 more words


Gang Aft Agley

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.” Helmuth von Moltke – German military strategist

If you’re like me, you’re walking into this birthing thing without fixating much on the “birthing experience.” Granted, this is because I am a guy and I will not be passing a small ham out of my pee hole, but that is neither here nor there. 1,691 more words


Choosing A Treatment Program (part 2)

Once you’ve chosen a treatment philosophy that best fits the person you’re trying to help, it’s time to pick an actual program. But there are still some questions that you’ll need answer before you’ll know which one is best. 1,182 more words

Intervention Specialist

Tips For A Successful Family Intervention

Sometimes a loved one needs help and does not realize it or want to admit to themselves that they have a serious problem. It can be hard for someone suffering from the ravages of addiction to realize the true extent the substance is taking over their life and that of those around them. 253 more words

Addiction Counseling

:: Street Lyricism :31:

Part of a sonnet by Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage (1765-1805), a Portuguese poet, written on the advertisement of a fortune-teller offering her help ‘to bring the loved person back. 164 more words

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