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YUVA and Nigeria's Dopachris Trust Foundation sign MoU to Endorse Poverty Alleviation

YUVA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nigeria’s Dopachris Trust Foundation (DTF) with the aim to endorse poverty alleviation in the continent of Africa. 326 more words


In-between Political Ecology and STS: A Methodological Provocation

By Duygu Kaşdoğan*

The traffic between political ecology (PE) and science and technology studies (STS) has given importance to more-than-human actors and political materialities to understand the connections between nature, culture and capital. 1,173 more words


Recovery Risks!!

I’m taking part in an intervention relating to diabulimia. It is an online intervention and not going to bore you with deals but it’s basically online chat room sessions with others with diabulimia, lead researcher and then guest talkers. 485 more words

Talking About Greatness

Hello all!

I have another fantastic intervention to share today! It relates well to my ‘Increasing  the Positives’ post, but I wanted to separate it. First of all, I got this activity from another counselor:  240 more words


Increasing the Positives

Hello all!

So it’s no secret that most people come to therapy for a specific problem. A lot of times we see that our clients are so focused on these problems that they have a hard time seeing either solutions or just the other positives going on. 424 more words



After identifying the major actors and agents of my scenario for the site, I started thinking about how these would relate and communicate in order to achieve the plans for the area. 34 more words


Timeline Scenarios

The sketch above illustrates different scenarios of how the whole plan for the site could be implemented throughout time. I believe the most appropriate process would be for simple individual interventions such as hacks, repairs and basic modifications to begin as soon as the plan for the site has been completed and discussed with the actors and agents taking part, while plans for more complex interventions, such as the construction of new buildings, are being developed until finally being realised. 65 more words