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Yemen and Coalition-Based Interventions

In October 2014, we saw the United States lead a military intervention in sovereign Syrian territory. Despite the lack of U.N. authorization, the United States justified its forceful intervention on the grounds that the coalition of regional actors validated the violation of Syrian sovereignty. 2,326 more words


Pull the other ponytail

A few months ago our PM was accused of Bullying by the media. He had apparently pulled the ponytail of a waitress and she had felt uncomfortable about this. 442 more words

Workplace Bullying

What Are the Odds? Perspective on the Struggle That is Weight Loss

Old cliché: the struggle is real. Lots of times, it’s used in a joking manner. But in some instances, it can be harrowing to see how real the struggle can actually be. 779 more words

Special Issue Highlight: The Anthropology of Autism, Part 2

In this week’s entry, we continue our issue highlight on the current special issue of Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry. Released in June 2015, the latest issue explores anthropological research on autism, both across the world and between communities of people with autism and their families. 862 more words

Medical Anthropology

Reading Fluency and a Misguided Intervention

CURRENTLY I am working with a student who has an auditory processing disorder and struggles quite a bit with reading. He’s made quite a bit of progress and I’m confident he will be a strong reader in a few years. 1,139 more words

Dyslexia Diagnosis

Creating a WRAP

Step One: Personal Wellness Toolbox of simple, safe, and usually free self-management strategies (e.g., healthy diet, exercise, sleep patterns)

-develop a long list of things you can do to stay well and help yourself feel better (examples: take a nap, listen to music, eat three healthy meals a day) 356 more words


Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) 101

Developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, MS, MA

purpose: monitoring, reducing, and eliminating uncomfortable or dangerous physical symptoms and emotional feelings

-decrease/prevent intrusive/troubling feelings and behaviors… 320 more words