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Revolutionary Solidarity: Rojava and the International Struggle*

The success of the revolution in Rojava and its political practices raises the question: how do revolutionaries in their own cities relate with it? We at Rojava Solidarity NYC, would like to offer a proposal. 1,530 more words


Eugénie Tutin and Élie Babin: Deconstructing borders

“Stanstead is Canadian border-town. Upon reflecting upon the concept of a border, we came to the realization that borders are a human construction, created to limit spaces and people. 85 more words


Podcast Your Research?

Flushed with anticipated success, I blogged for the library about disseminating your research via social media.  I’ll reproduce it here (after all, they’re my words!)  This afternoon, I’m meeting up with our learning technologist for a personal tutorial in devising podcasts and related formats, so I’ll probably have more to add to this later!  157 more words


Negotiating longing and despair as frontier citizens of the Indian State

By Mabel Gergan *

Mabel Gergan reflects on the shifting relationship between the Indian State and its North-Eastern and Himalayan frontier, exploring the colonial roots of racial discrimination in Indian cities and activist critiques of ongoing development interventions in the region. 1,211 more words


On #DropTheShell performance & #VanGogh8 affair

It’s Friday evening in the entrance hall of the Shell-sponsored Van Gogh Museum. Seven muses silently look over the public as they sip their indigestibly oily amuse-bouches from a scallop shell. 659 more words

Nabil Azab: Drifting across borders

“Report Back is a performative gesture that involved releasing personal objects into the Tomifobia river on March 6th, 2017 and was documented through text, video, and images. 79 more words