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Nancy Peluso on Maids and other Mobile Subjects: Remaking Forests and Agrarian Environments in Indonesia

by Nancy Peluso*

Reflections on the everyday dimensions of landscape production, agrarian transformation and the movement of capital that take place through the migrations and mobilities of landless women from the mountains of East Java. 1,687 more words

Environmental Change

Why are you still spanking your children?

The use of spanking and corporal punishment (CP) has been debated by parents and experts for many years. Spanking is defined as a mild open-handed strike to the buttocks or extremities whereas CP is defined as severe punishment including hitting with an object, hitting the face, shaking, and pushing a child (Ferguson, 2013). 3,776 more words


Wood for the Trees

I have continued this week with getting myself seen around the school and establishing myself as a leader within the school. Given that I am embarking on such a steep learning curve, this has been much easier said than done! 601 more words

Story of a thesis (Part IV)

In the first part of this series, I told you about Baltimore and the challenges facing the Charmed City. The second part was all about the available data, and what those data told us, which is a lot. 1,789 more words


Engagement with Attorney

Helping an attorney with 38 years of experience in Personal Injury and Consumer law, further his web presence, and guide him as to going past a commercial provider of turnkey solutions, for corporate web sites.   167 more words


Ian Klinke on "On Schmitt and Space" by Claudio Minca and Rory Rowan

Few 20th-century political philosophers have caused as much of a stir in the early 21st century as the controversial German legal theorist Carl Schmitt (1888-1985). Notorious for his intellectual and personal entanglements with the Third Reich, Schmitt has gained increasing popularity on both sides of the political spectrum. 472 more words

Book Reviews

Llamado a adhesiones: Detener el ecocidio minero en la cuenca del Orinoco (Venezuela)

En un documento que acompañan con su firma, donde exhortan al Gobierno Nacional, académicos, intelectuales, ambientalistas, indigenistas, periodistas, defensores de derechos humanos, movimientos sociales…, manifiestan su preocupación sobre las dramáticas e irreversibles consecuencias ambientales que produciría el Arco Minero del Orinoco. 2,259 more words