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Tickled Pink and Green for Growth marking #PedagooFriday with Sarah Galpin

 I use the Tickled Pink/Green for Growth Assessment for Learning marking scheme across the curriculum in Year 6. I use a pink highlighter for parts of the work that have met the Learning Objective and Success Criteria  and I write my comments in green. 132 more words

Learning Strategies

Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

For me it’s checking the damn stove and the front door, during the day, then multiple times at night before I go to bed.

Hearing about a fire where something was left on the stove, just freaks me out and causes my ‘OCD’ to kick in even more! 365 more words

Mental Illness

Substance Abuse: Are You Enabling Them or Loving Them?

Addiction Campuses is a substance abuse treatment center with locations throughout the US. Among their marketing materials, they have a poster entitled “Enabling Addiction: Are You Loving Someone to Death?” They contend that “Enabling your loved one can put them in their grave.” 522 more words

:: Grupo Poro

The Poro is a duo of artists formed by Brígida Campbell and Marcelo Terça-Nada! It operates since 2002 with works that aim to point subtleties; to create poetic images; to highlight aspects of the city that are invisible by the accelerated life in large urban centers; to set up discussions on the problems of cities; to reflect on the possibilities of relationship between the work in public space and “institutional” spaces; to make use of popular media to carry out works; to claim the city as a space for art. 251 more words

Homebirth Cesarean

I’m particularly excited about the new (and only) Homebirth Cesarean book and workbook that just came out. I don’t have my copies yet, but I have many dear friends who have experienced homebirth cesareans and I’ve been listening to and learning from them for many years now. 728 more words


Spirit of Charity

Give a small part of your self to help others.

Give a small part of your feelings to support others

Spirit of Charity is all about our intentions to help and support each other to ensure each person comes up in life or a common cause gets a momentum or a society problem gets addressed. 109 more words

Urban Practices – Year 3

Urban Strategies

What happens when we imagine and practice cities as mutable, changeable, improveable? For instance, how are contemporary visual artists & designers effecting changes in urban ways of living? 61 more words