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Delayed (Optimal) Cord Clamping

In spite of a mountain of evidence to support the benefits of leaving the newborn cord intact, immediate cord clamping is still routine care in many hospitals.  1,185 more words

Baby Care

Capitalism, democracy, and the degrowth horizon (Part I)

By Leandro Vergara-Camus*

In the third post of the Ecology after capitalism series, divided in Part I and Part II, Leandro Vergara-Camus argues that the root causes of the socially and ecologically destructive character of capitalism is not to be found in growth, but in capitalist accumulation. 3,062 more words


Interventions that stimulate healthy sleep in school-aged children

Busch, V. et al. (2017) European Journal of Public Health. 27(1) pp. 53-65.

Background: Healthy sleep among children has social, physical and mental health benefits. 119 more words

02 (February 2017)

Everything Changes ... But Not Yet

I had a momentary hesitation when it suddenly dawned on me that our new library management system would be implemented this year – staff training starts next month – and I wondered whether one of my PGCert project ‘interventions’ might therefore be an introduction to the new catalogue, rather than to the present one. 116 more words


Did we accomplish the revolution in geographic thought?

By Joaquin Villanueva*

A new online symposium in the radical geography journal Antipode reflects on the state of critical and radical geography today, 44 years after David Harvey’s groundbreaking essay “Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary Theory in Geography and the Problem of Ghetto Formation”. 537 more words


School - Week 12

Hide & Seek: This game was definitely a hit across the majority of my classes. There was one person as the seeker and one person as the hider. 768 more words


Evaluating Structural Interventions – Guidance for HIV prevention programs

Structural interventions aim to improve health outcomes by altering the social, economic, and legal-political environment in which health processes and outcomes are embedded (Blankenship, et al., 2006; Parkhurst, 2013). 192 more words