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America's Toughest Job Interview Questions

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NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) – Even though employers are creating new jobs, many are adding tougher interview questions or asking applicants to perform skill tests as a way to skim the cream of the crop. 226 more words


What Questions Do You Have For Me?

When preparing for an interview, it’s pretty common for job seekers to prepare for the questions that the employer may ask. However, it’s equally important for a job seeker to have questions prepared to ask of the employer.  294 more words

5 top tips for using FT.com to help prepare for job interview questions

Over 300 business schools globally provide digital Financial Times access to their students and one of the main benefits cited is how access to FT.com has been invaluable in preparing for interview questions. 571 more words

Interview Question and Answer - SharePoint 2013 , SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online

What does the content database handles in SharePoint?

The SharePoint database handles

  • Published reports
  • Reports models
  • Shared data sources
  • Properties
  • Resources
  • Permissions

Explain how to manage projects in SharePoint? 855 more words


What is Shared Lock in SQL Server.

  • Shared lock is a common lock on every object in SQL Server.
  • When you put shared lock on any object/page/extent ..etc, we can perform select operations only.
  • 32 more words

Producer Consumer Using Blocking Queue

package com.sudharsan.examples;

import java.util.ArrayList;

import java.util.List;

class Producer implements Runnable {

private List<Integer> queue;

private int threshold;

public Producer(final List<Integer> queue, int threshold) {

this.queue = queue; 219 more words

Banking Questions (Interview Questions)

Q1. What is a bank?

Ans. Bank is a financial institute where we deposit the money. The bank accepts this money for the purpose of lending and repays it on demand. 1,475 more words

Bank Updates