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Convert graph relation from array to hash

Suppose you have below graph, it is bidirectional graph.

So you can create an array to depict relationship of nodes in graph, let say array is “a”, with values below: 91 more words

Convert Graph Relation From Array To Hash

Ruby on Rails Interview Questions

Every Ruby on Rails developer should know these questions before attend any interview as a Rails Developer.

1. what is the use of filters in rails… 250 more words

ROR - Ruby On Rails

How To Recover From a Botched Interview Answer

By Dr. Howard Gauthier

An interview is often quite similar to a theatrical play. While an actor has to know their lines within the play, you too need to know your lines during a job interview. 670 more words

Career Development

Job Interview Questions - The 5 Things Candidates Must Address

by Tony Restell
Preparing for the job interview questions you might face has to be one of the more stressful aspects of changing jobs. Here we share insights you can put to work in your interview preparation right away. 1,066 more words


Interview 101

So you have an interview, congrats!! Now that the excitement of having an interview has worn off, the nerves are kicking in. 

The key to doing well in an interview is… 570 more words

How To Interview

How to check if a number is an Armstrong number or not ?

An Armstrong number is a special number that satisfies the following property :

Sum of cube of digits = The number itself ..

for ex : 153 is an Armstrong number as ,   1 ^ 3 + 5 ^ 3 + 3 ^ 3  = 153… 90 more words