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Acing an Interview: Popular job/internship interview questions and how to answer them

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

The employer is trying to gauge your drive as a person. This is not where you talk about your love of kayaking and dogs. 2,659 more words


given a boolean 2D matrix if a[i][j] element is 1 than change element of corrosponding rows and columns to 1.

this question is seems to be very simple. there can be other solution which may have different approach from the solution below. 340 more words

Interview Questions

Commercial Awareness

What is commercial awareness?

It is easier to state what it is not rather than what it is.

  1. Commercial awareness is not just reading the economist and knowing which big deals are being dealt.
  2. 445 more words

Interview Questions 5

Where would you go in a time machine?

 I am kind of split on this question. By the time I got into high school, I had the show business bug bad and I worked on a lot of theater. 768 more words


Advice to turn a bad interview into a positive experience

In this video Mark gives his 5 pieces of advice after attending a bad interview.

Everyone has attended a bad interview and most people beat themselves up about it. 85 more words

Better Interview Questions Vol. 1

by Dan D. 8/14/16

Perhaps you read my last post and thought “OK, Dan, thanks for insulting me with your silly opinions and lack of helpful advice”. 1,211 more words

Some Difficult Questions asked in Google Interviews

Google is known for having one of the Hardest Technical Interviews. Getting a job at Google is surely a dream for most.

Ranked among the world’s ‘best workplaces’ year after year, Google is also one of the toughest companies to get into. 404 more words