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First interview 11/25

Was very anxious going into this interview. I have known this person (pseudonym Sam) for a few months and we have had conversations about his transition. 161 more words

My answers to your questions

After gaining 45 000 followers on Instagram (@mysteries_crimes_curiosities) I decided to do something a bit different to celebrate. So I gave my followers a chance to ask me anything they wanted. 1,498 more words

Get That Job: PP Presentation

Here’s a presentation on job hunting skills that I shared with a friend of mine’s library science leadership class. It was an end-of-semester class and her students were great – excited and bubbling with lots of good questions. 29 more words


The Most Common Interview Questions Asked By Employers

It is important to respond effectively and quickly to the interview questions that employers ask during  the interviews. Since the hiring managers ask most common questions, they will expect you to answer  them promptly and without hesitation. 198 more words

Exalt Consulting

Gmail compose mail

This my first post regarding interview questions

In interview this assignment is given to me that

  1. Log in to gmail
  2. compose mail
  3. send to multiple recipients…
  4. 286 more words
Interview Questions

Most Common Interview Questions You Will Likely Face

An interview is a crucial step for achieving that dream job and growing one’s professional ambitions. During any interviews, there are many common questions that candidates are subjected to. 488 more words

Interview Tips

Setting Default Value in Picklist by using formula expression

Example : Setting different seasonal fruits based on Months

CASE(MONTH(TODAY()),1, “Apple”,2, “Pomegranate”,4, “Orange”,7, “Raspberry”,11, “Pumpkin”,12, “Mint”, “Banana”)

Interview Questions