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Recruitment rescue

Are you sick of asking the same mundane interview questions as the next spa manager? Trying to employ quality not quantity? Ask these few simple questions that will sort passionate from passion-less. 347 more words

Acting is not interviewing

Are you so prepared for your interview that your friends and family would’t recognize you? In an effort to be the best candidate for a job it is possible that you try to ‘game’ the process and ‘act’ your way through the interview? 359 more words

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Asking good interview questions

Ive made a study of watching and learning from great interviewers. They make it look easy, but its not.

There are 2 kinds of interviews that we do. 702 more words

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Print even & odd numbers from two threads using C#

One of my friend at work recently asked this question, “You have two threads, one printing even numbers in order and other odd numbers in order. 230 more words


JavaScript, CSS: interview questions and algorithms

Taken from JS: Interview Algorithm:

Wanted more interview algorithms? – https://projecteuler.net/archives

1. check Prime

Question: How would you verify a prime number?

Answer: a prime number is only divisible by itself and 1.

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Interview questions on concept of code on interface rather then class

Oops concept is always a must to have skill by an interviewee. Today i am going to explain interview question-answer and practical implementation of one oops concept which says… 490 more words


Skipping The Bullshit And Hiring Sellers For The Long Run

Interviews are often wasteful when it comes to hiring sellers as one or both parties are heavily focused on ego.  A pissing contest, if you will, of who can “sell” themselves better. 562 more words