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What is MSBI.. Why we learn and How to learn, and Where to learn.?

MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. This powerful suite is composed of tools… 848 more words

Interview Techniques

Interviews-You're doing it all wrong!

I want to talk a little about looking for jobs-particularly the kind of job readers are likely to be most interested in-Barista jobs. I’ve had to do this old job seeker thing many times in my hospitality career and I must say, I’ve  hated it. 970 more words

How To Hire The Best - Not !

The Cooper Review – Google, Amazon and Facebook’s Secrets To Hiring The Best People

It’s not April 1st any more and I have no wish to cause anyone to lose their job (as Google apparently managed to do yesterday with their April Fool’s Day ‘Drop the mic’ trick) However, I couldn’t resist sharing this tongue in cheek and very funny article that purports to set out 10 ways in which the cream of the hi tech companies recruit the best talent. 334 more words


Do You Know that there are Different Types of Interviews?

Formal? Informal? Panel? Telephone? …. Getting ready for an interview? Take a read of these different types of interviews and make sure you’re ready for your next time to impress. 372 more words


8 things to consider when using a video diary room in research

Using a video diary room to capture thoughts, feelings and lived experiences is commonplace in reality television.  However, the many benefits of this method are yet to be exploited in the world of scientific research.   1,186 more words

Sport Psychology

Job Hunting Webinar That's Free To Attend - Becoming A Self-marketeer

I like to help people. It’s in my nature. I hold open doors, help lift things, and do the best I can to look after those in my care (personally and professionally). 476 more words

Awkward Conversations

Many of the conversations we need to have with clients as lawyers involve awkwardness. We need to pry into details that most people who much prefer to keep private. 2,817 more words