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The art of the interview

Just because an interview will only take up a fraction of the filming time that a full length feature film does, it doesn’t mean that you can relax a bit more. 2,057 more words

Sound And Moving Image

The Hidden Script: Signs of Lying during Job Interviews

Symbolic Interactionism: “The world is a stage!”


The symbolic interaction theory assumes that social life is like a drama or theater. People are actors who prepare their scripts for any public performance whether in front of a big audience or crowd or in a one-on-one or face-to-face encounter such as job interviews. 1,919 more words

Body Language

The mystical world of interviews....

Maybe it’s just me and my perception, but having been to a number of interviews lately due to my circumstances of being made redundant last summer, I am kind of getting the impression despite all the advice from many contributors on LinkedIn or job boards, that either interviewing techniques have shifted drastically since last year and advice on how to is becoming redundant, or candidates have become guinea pigs for trying out something “new” each time. 605 more words

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One interview can potentially make or break your career. It is important to be equipped with all the necessary skills to maximise an opportunity, while entertaining the audience and ensuring that your guest is comfortable. 270 more words


Participatory Methods in Development Aid: Circle and Stones

I work in the monitoring & evaluation team in our project which means that together with my colleague we are data collectors. We collect quantitative and qualitative data in order to gauge the project performance as well as learn from our successes and failures. 607 more words

Development Aid

Interviews and preperations

Job interviews and getting it right are going to be important through everyone’s career and life. From your first job through to delivering pitches to investors for millions of pounds the same rules apply to help to improve your chances of success. 422 more words

Interview Techniques

The Best Way To Respond To Salary Requirement Questions In Interviews

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Q: When asked about my salary requirements, I never know what to say. If I say a low figure, they have no reason to offer more money. 608 more words