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Interviews - who's in charge? (being a successful interviewee)

You are about to be interviewed for a job you’d really like to have and you desperately hope you come across well.  Stop worrying about your performance, you just need the right interviewer to bring it out of you.  671 more words

Top tips for interviewing candidates

Whether you’re hiring for a specific role or taking on new candidate registrations, a polished interviewing technique will help you collect key information and gain a better understanding of a candidate’s experience, skills and career goals. 447 more words


Looking for a journalism placement? Then make sure you ask some good questions

I was asked to participate in a careers fair at my old school recently and knowing that one of the most frequently asked questions of those of us representing the media would be how to go about getting work placements I thought I would see what advice was around to help students. 965 more words


5 top tips for using FT.com to help prepare for job interview questions

Over 300 business schools globally provide digital Financial Times access to their students and one of the main benefits cited is how access to FT.com has been invaluable in preparing for interview questions. 571 more words

Interview Purpose and Techniques

What interview techniques are there and how do they work?

  • Direct interviews- overt interviews

This is the form of interview that is consensual where the interviewee has agreed to be interviewed and is prepared for and aware of the kind of questions he/she will answer. 2,033 more words

Interview Techniques

Interview techniques essay ( buzz)

In this report I will be discussing the types of interviews there are and the how they work. Also the purposes for interviews along with other topics to do with them . 184 more words

Interview Techniques

(PowerPoint Notes) Unit 36 - Interview Techniques

Different interview styles:

  • Direct interviews- overt interviews
  • Covert interviews/ footage
  • Ambush interviews
  • Talking Heads
  • Vox Pops
  • Email/ phone interviews- voice over/ text only- audio/visual limitations.
  • 332 more words
Interview Techniques