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5 Things Not to say at an Interview

“I need £5000 more than you’re offering and to work from home”, these were the demands of a candidate before he’d even entered the room for his interview! 469 more words

Be Spotted

Mastering the Effective Skill of Behavior Interviewing

Job interviews are the ideal means to getting a candidate on board. Everyone is agreed on this. However, what goes into the interview is very important, and not just conducting the interview. 624 more words

Human Resources Training

But is it Design? - BAGD104

(image taken from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140913171545-3190140-6-must-know-interview-preparation-strategies)

Our lecture on Tuesday 10th October covered tips on interview techniques.  I thought I would blog about this as well because I feel that this is an important topic which we all get concerned about.   509 more words


But is it Design? - BAGD104

This was a very informative and enjoyable lecture this afternoon.  Firstly, we discussed Joseph Wright who was an artist in the 17th century.  He was very forward thinking in his approach to art and appeared to consider the wider audience.   157 more words

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Interview Techniques

A lot of interviews are….pretty shitty. That is mainly because of the interviewer and/or whoever was in charge of writing the interview questions. There are many techniques that you can use to make sure that you have written the best questions possible and to help provoke more and better responses when you are actually giving the interview. 1,198 more words


How to Ace an Interview

There are literally millions of posts about this, many of which I believe say the same thing over and over. I want to offer my insight as I feel I have been successful with interviews. 1,600 more words


Just say so

So, I inhabit a shadowy netherworld (Lincolnshire) where the latest trends and high fashion passes me by, or arrives thirty years late (our local Co-op doesn’t stock ‘posh’ avocados and I still haven’t seen Frozen – although I feel it often enough). 599 more words