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I think she's gorgeous - once again, fashion, we disagree

This is going to be fairly short.  What is boils down to is this:

A couple of years ago, a photo of a British model named Lizzie Miller was published in American Glamour Magazine.   73 more words

Tough on crime: is it really the way to go?

This post is going to be short.  I’m posting a video clip from the National News about Stephen Harper’s proposed crime bill and its possible effects here in Canada.   20 more words

My friend the "criminal"

Hey everyone, this week’s installment was written by someone I know – a friend of mine, in fact.  In the following article, she reports on her experience peacefully protesting on Ottawa’s parliament hill and being detained by the police.   27 more words

Heads Up! and does Halloween have to equal sex?

Okay, first to the heads up part of this post.  I am a university student, and at the moment my final essays are eating me alive.   104 more words

The Good Old Girls Club: National Education for Women's Leadership Nevada Dinner


In audio:
Catherine Cortez-Masto, Attorney General of Nevada
Dawn Gibbons, First Lady of Nevada
Diana Rhodes, NEW Leadership Nevada
Linda Rivera, Bureau of Reclamation


Mujeres de Juarez


“Ni Una Mas!”
“Not one more!”

Demonstrating outside at the UNLV amphitheater, M.E.Ch.A. members try to bring awareness to abductions, sexual assaults, and murders of over 500 women in Juarez, Mex. 32 more words


Jackie Kaaa-Logan Interview

I spoke over the phone with Ms. Kaaa-Logan about her story as a re-entry student at UNLV. She talks about her studies, her future goals, and being a recipient of the… 53 more words