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Schizophrenia: The Down-to-Earth Nature of Delusion.

Schizophrenia is a term Americans have come to know through network primetime, Hollywood showmanship, and the tragedy of artistic madness. But this painted inherency of dramatic hallucinations and bizarre wonderland dream tales begins to fade away as I walk into Aaron Fulkerson’s room — a living space that looks not unlike my own. 1,390 more words

Magical Realism

JRNL101 Assignment 2 Master Post

Portrait #1 Emily
Portrait #2 Erin
Portrait #3 Kassi

Vox Pox:
Vox Pox #1 The Death Penalty
Vox Pox #2 UOW Superheros

Harrison Hall… 19 more words


Interview: Sally Gichner (agility instructor)

When did you get in to agility and what interested you? What brought you to it?

Ok, I’ve been doing agility for about 21 years. What happened was, I had gotten this dog because I wanted an obedience trial champion and also I wanted to go into the breed ring with him–but he was very young–and very interested in all of the female dogs and he wasn’t paying attention to me. 1,813 more words

Jessica Tuckerman

Jay-Z Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

Recently released Jay Z interview with the Breakfast club!

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Interview: Killing Yourself For Profit Are All About, Well, Not Killing Yourself For Profit

Killing Yourself For Profit. Band. Modern day lifestyle. Statement.

“The name is more a dig at people that do to be honest.” The words belong to Killing Yourself For Profit’s Joe Murdie and come as a counter to a very awkward question about self sacrifice for a greater… well, a greater anything. 579 more words


Janie Vasquez - Cathartic and Resistant Art (Kind of) : An Interview with Marielle Rosky

 Marielle Rosky is a 2nd year here at Quest University, Marielle is from Los Angeles, California. I met Marielle during my first couple months at Quest when she requested to take some pictures of me for a painting she was working on. 1,279 more words