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Interview with Obscure Sphinx

Obscure Sphinx are one of those special bands that openly wear their individuality like a badge of honour while still fashioning songs that really, really hit the spot. 1,211 more words


Sebalter on PaneTostato

2nd December! The day we´ve been waiting for Sebalter single “Weeping Willow” it´s finally released and we you can start to pre-order his album ” Awakening”, unffortunately the single and album are only available on Switzerland for now! 114 more words


Classmate Interview

This is an interview I conducted of one of my classmates, Peter Ho.  This interview was definitely a new experience for me.  I have never done an interview before so I was a little nervous.   290 more words


Rat King and their break from the mainstream with Solitude!

Indie Developing team Rat King from Halle, Germany has been hard at work creating several games within the Mobile Market (iOS devices) and more! Jana Reinhardt and Friedrich Hanisch combine forces to create Rat King, an outlet for them to create unique first-person experiences. 955 more words

Indie Dev

Mentor Interview

I had to come up with at least 5 questions about creating my blog to my mentor that I choose. I decided to interview my mom, I choose my mom because she is the one who is with Wrigley the most and she’s the one where I get a lot of my ideas and pictures that I wrote about in my blog posts. 354 more words


So I interviewed someone for my blog. I asked them a set of 5 questions.

  1. Do you regret anything on your bucket list?
  2. Do you keep a written/typed out list or is it just in your head?
  3. 821 more words

Future Orienting Libraries

Today I spent some time with WCI librarians Carlo Fusco and Leah Crowell discussion how they have Future Oriented the school library.  In our discussion, we explored 5 areas of interest and impact which were determined in a previous visit. 88 more words

21st Century Learning