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Interview: Brenda Stumpf, artist and sculptor

In her new show “Cavomyrt,” artist Brenda Stumpf begins her work from the point of view of the little girl she once was. She describes her creative process as a vortex and says, “the muses are coming at a very specific frequency when I am in it.” She calls that place where she receives her muses as one of “tender, magical enchantment.”

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Interview: Alexander Chee, novelist

Alexander Chee, whose latest novel “The Queen of the Night,” has received high praise, will be bringing together a range of writers paired to explore provocative subjects. 459 more words


Interview: Coleman Barks, poet

Coleman Barks will be featured at the 70th anniversary celebration of The Georgia Review which will take place at this year’s Decatur Book Festival. Barks, who taught English for 30 years at The University of Georgia, is a celebrated poet who is best known for his translations of the 14th century Sufi poet Jelaluddin Rumi. 551 more words


How can Christian arts professionals do their work for Jesus?

I’m really looking forward to meeting Daniel Blake at our Catalyst4theworkplace day. Daniel is a fashion designer with a couple of fashion labels under his belt as well as some pretty tasty freelance credits and a teaching role at the London college of fashion. 104 more words


Interview: Frans de Waal, primatologist

The title of Frans de Waal’s new book, “Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are?”, comes to us as a question. De Waals, a primatologist who teaches at Emory University, is well known for his research on non-human animal intelligence. 433 more words


STEM 101

We keep hearing about STEM classes and careers being the next big thing—but why?

It’s true: STEM is in the news a lot. Employment in science, technology, engineering and math careers, according to the U.S. 523 more words

Key Club


One listen to the latest single ‘Can’t Stop’ from London based pop-trio The Scheme, and you can see exactly why they have teamed up with iconic brand Smiley whose previous partnerships have included Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Pharell Williams, Katie Perry, Chris Martin and Lily Allen. 771 more words