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words by Geo Peck | photos by Yuli Scheidt

Every year, an oft forgotten country sends out its feelers to the rest of the world, pleading “I’m here! 682 more words


How Saudi Arabia reacted to Pakistan's nuclear tests

An interview with former Pakistani Ambassador Khalid Mahmood on serving in Saudi Arabia during Pakistan’s 5 underground nuclear tests two decades ago.

Politics And Society


words by Geo Peck

It has been well established now that head chefs who happen to be women are officially “A Thing”. An awesome thing, as the old boys club that professional kitchens used to be is a relic of the past. 666 more words


Interview with Uwe Ricken

I have just done my first interview! The very special guest was Uwe Ricken!

My idea for the interview was to ask ten quick and simple question so the interview is not so long but allows Uwe to tell a little about his passion and also hobbies. 11 more words

SQL Server

Interview / Jacob Gurevitsch / Music For Dreams

The sound of the Spanish guitar. Fingers creating intricate counterpoint. Rhythms rapped out with palms on the instrument`s wooden body. I think my interest in its music started with a teenage fascination for Spaghetti Westerns. 892 more words

Dr Rob

How to Master a Video Interview

A video interview can be challenging but if prepared for correctly, you will master it. There are many reasons that companies do video interviews but the main one is to receive a better idea of personality and it is much more personal than a phone interview. 449 more words


LGBTQ+ Prison Abolition through Black and Pink: With Clarissa Worcester

Black and Pink is an abolitionist group that works with incarcerated LGBTQ+ people. Their core program is a pen pal group, where once a month people across the city gather to read letters and pick a pen pal. 136 more words