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Coming Soon: Steampunk With Speaker, Event Planner, Curator, and Consultant Kevin Steil AKA The Airship Ambassador

Storypunks is interviewing steampunk speaker and consultant Kevin Steil aka the Airship Ambassador!

A popular panelist and steampunk personality, the Airship Ambassador has consulted for the show  144 more words

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What to Say When an Interviewer Wants You to Talk About Yourself

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Job interviews are notoriously stressful. While you can’t really prep for every single question an interviewer is going to hit you with, there are a few questions you can prepare yourself for that will likely set the tone for the remainder of that hour-long interview. 13 more words

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Weight Loss in Palm Beach

Interviewer: What woman over 40 wouldnt take advantage of…

Friday Fictioneers — The Artist’s Inspiration

“How did you come up with the concept?” the TV interviewer asked the man responsible for the billowing, semitransparent, ribbed tubes hanging from the geometric patterns elevated on mast-like poles above the walkway between the buildings. 82 more words

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How do you survive an interview?

the best advise I ever found about how to pass on an interview. Some of these tips I couldn’t find online and have been given to me by interviewers. 869 more words

Being an effective interviewer

While most of us have always been dreading interviews and the anxiety associated with the possibility of rejection, believe it or not there are many occasions when it gets equally uncomfortable for the person on the other side of the table. 480 more words


If You Want the Job, Don't Ask These Questions

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You’ve prepped for all the expected questionspracticed discussing your experience and perfected your firm handshake. Don’t blow the job interview by asking a question that puts you at a disadvantage. 687 more words

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