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Actions speak louder than Words

For ages most candidates have been under the wrong impression that, one gets a job based on his verbal communication during an interview. However this is not what the facts say, according to a recent study 55% people form first impression based on body language and appearance and just 7% on verbal communication. 689 more words

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Sitting at the other side of the table

Yesterday I had my first interview. As the interviewer.

And boy, what I realized is that it is honestly no joy to be an interviewer. You suddenly are granted the power to decide with one (or several) talk that someone is this and that. 301 more words


The pain, pain and some joy of transcription

Unlike mainly quantitative research that rely on the cliché of number crunching, interviews as used in qualitative research allow one to get access to a wealth of information that can provide insights over and above what the numbers tell. 1,037 more words


Sarah Chang: My Original Feature


There has to be something behind that predatory energy and precision,  with which she dances over mountains of notes.  Perhaps it’s due to the toy violin upon which – with hands as small as a doll’s, and the need to manoeuvre in as little space – she played and made 20,000 jaws drop at the Hollywood Bowl. 1,952 more words

Stephen Jackson

Lovely Sarah Chang

I enclose this clip out of nostalgia of the happiest kind.  For the INDEPENDENT – and my first interview with an artist. Apparently this was the piece that introduced Sarah to Britain.

Stephen Jackson

How do you control an interview when you are being interviewed?

Journalists love interviewing people. Well, love may be the wrong word, but they have to interview people because it’s their job. But personally, I love it. 233 more words


June 2015: Musical Life in London

June 2015: London Musical life

London, High Summer.  The parks are a drench of green, although by now a bit dusty. The people do what the Little English do best: muddling through earnestly without protest, except muttered complaint of the most occasional and earnest kind: each second face proclaiming the need to be alone.  2,058 more words

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