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Interview Preparation Ideas.

Some interview invitations come with a few days notification and most job seekers get thrown off balance due to inadequate preparation time.

Image: Interview preparation ideas for job seekers. 396 more words

Careers: How To Impress An Interviewer.

Going for an interview is like having a box of chocolate, you never know what you’ll get but bear in mind that first impressions are usually formed within 30 seconds. 316 more words


6 Things That Should Set Off Alarm Bells When You Go For a Job Interview

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It’s a lot easier to be pickier about a job before you accept, rather than change jobs just because you can, only to realise you’ve switched to a job that’s worse than your last one. 893 more words

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A Smart Girl's Guide to the Interview Purse

The true hero within the interview process is not necessarily your resume, cover letter, or killer outfit, but may actually be your purse.

Sure, we make fun of our moms all the time for having an extremely heavy purse, but in the end, who actually saves the day with the last capsule of Advil or piece of gum? 387 more words


Competency-Based Interview Questions Simplified.

This is a follow-up to an article you might also want to read: Important Competence Based Interview Tips.

It is very important to explain here that competency-based interview questions vary widely between sectors. 2,578 more words


It's not you, it's them.

Seven ways to know a company isn’t ready for commitment.

For some of your recent graduates who are either approaching your one-year anniversary of embarking on your wild, wild journey west toward adulthood, or literally recently graduated, I have a few interview tips that are a bit different from what you might find on, say, LinkedIn. 1,438 more words


Important Competence Based Interview Tips.

Every job seeker gets nervous about competence based interviews –  though in different ways.

Things get worse when you face a few unfriendly interviewers who wear faces meant for soldiers on the battlefield; and dish out questions like you wrecked havoc at their homes last Halloween. 855 more words