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No, I'm NOT a Team Player!


Succeeding in having your resume read these days is a true triumph, but receiving an invite for an interview is bliss!

Skipping the key interview portion, which you surmise has gone extremely well and approaching the end, whereby the interviewer now asks this clichéd, question: … 163 more words


Bring Your Mom

If you are aspiring to be the worst applicant ever, BRING YOUR MOM. Your mom always likes to be there for moral support, so you know she’s going to want to come with you to your interview. 260 more words


Acing an Internship Interview                                               

At this time of year, I receive questions about students preparing for internship interviews.  That is certainly something we have some experience with at the D’Amore-McKim Graduate Career Center.  508 more words


And the Oscar goes to…Four Tips for an Award-Winning Interview

Never is personal branding more important than when you’re going for a job interview, particularly if it’s a job you really want. However, most of us enter an interview feeling nervous and powerless and with that mindset, it is hard to feel comfortable and ultimately succeed. 343 more words

Interview Advice

Host Flip Flops

Sometimes, an interviewer has a bias and they conduct their interview that way.  They have a slant, a tilt, an opinion that they think the guest they are interviewing shares.  253 more words


The Problem with Interviewers

Interviewing is a bitch.

Like many others, sometimes I get really nervous and edgy in the leading build up to an interview. When you really want the job… 720 more words


Art of Interview

It had been already 4 months after I relocated back from Canada, and I am still unemployed. I always though that looking for a job in a larger city would be much easier, however the last 4 months of interviews have proven me wrong. 586 more words