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Sucks at Technical Interview

Today while I’m browsing ORM article (or blogs, or any similar kind), I stumble upon this one article about interview (technical interview to be exact).  In this article, it tells about what interviewer should or shouldn’t do during interview. 237 more words


Turning the table on the interviewer

As a big fan of interviewing the interviewer, I recommend preparing carefully constructed questions for the end of the discussion that demonstrate your knowledge, interest in the position and critical thinking.   106 more words

Workplace Coach


Sometimes, you hear it in the voice of the interviewer.  Fake laughing, fake surprise, fake incredulity, fake interest, fake sincerity.  And you know it’s fake because it sounds like stink smells and there’s never any question about stink. 226 more words


Reason #59

Commuter sends somebody to helland finds out it’s the interviewer for his new job.

Results : bumps received, lot of awkwardness, no job.

Read the full article on Mashable :  24 more words


#WOW: A Guy on the Way to a Job Interview Shoved and Cussed at a Stranger . . . Turns Out that Stranger was His Interviewer

What would you have done if you had to interview the guy who pushed you on his way to his interview with you?

Matt Buckland is in the HR department at an investment firm in London called Forward Partners. 144 more words


Potential Interview Disaster..

Today while browsing the web, I came across a Buzzfeed article about a man that cursed out his interviewer and didn’t even know it. He didn’t even realise when he got to his interview that the guy he cursed out that morning was now his interviewer. 114 more words

The (Agonising) Interviews

Remember when I said in one of my post that our cook was quit, as he wanted to continue his study in Law? It has been 2 weeks, now and we are still looking the new one. 498 more words