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Throwback: How to Interview like a Pro!

See, I’m no expert. I haven’t taken a thousand of different interviews, and I, certainly, have not worked for a magazine. But, then why is, that whenever I take an interview from a well known author, they always private message me with the words, “Your interview was very refreshing!” or “Such a different and upbeat interview! 1,217 more words


What Not To Ask In A Job Interview

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Asking questions about wages and benefits in the first job interview may potentially send an inappropriate message. 322 more words

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Overcoming The Common Interviewer Biases

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An interview for a possible job opportunity or salary increase is ultimately founded by an interaction between two or more individuals. 451 more words

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Interview Questions

When I was 16, I applied to work at my local library, and after a few weeks I was called in for an interview.  I answered questions such as, When can you start?   412 more words


9 Sentences You Shouldn't Use In An Interview.

Employers have revealed a few secrets that could help any job-seeker avoid trivial mistakes with generic statements during interviews. These errors are indeed, very costly and could be the only distance keeping any candidate away from landing that dream job. 740 more words


20 Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview.

Job seekers go through so much stress preparing for interviews with expectations of possible questions to be asked. It, however, becomes challenging when an interviewer turns the table on a candidate with this inevitable sentence: … 341 more words


How Microsoft's "Impossible" Interview Question Mystify Candidates.

Interviews can be nerve-wrecking enough for every candidate, but how would an interviewer expect job-seekers to cope when a near-impossible question is thrown at them right at the end of the process? 193 more words