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Spotlight Series: Nadia Simone

Nadia Harrald grew up on the South Side of Chicago. At 27 years old, she holds a B.A. in Communications from Western Illinois University. Since 2016, Nadia has been presenting great interviews with her series, theNSider. 469 more words


The worst interview of your life? Make it count!

It was the craziest day in your life and you got some really tough questions? After you left the building go into a caffeeshop, order a tea and get your notebook. 455 more words


Why can’t you secure a Job? – Recruiters Point of View

Recruiters often spend their time in interview sessions so they get a chance to meet different types of candidates. After years of experience, they use to get a perfect idea about which candidate can pursue a bright career in their company and how much beneficial he/she can be for the overall growth. 494 more words

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Why You Want to Work With Us? Answering the Typical Interview Question

There are two wide angles of this question:

  • Why are you interested in this company?
  • How you describe your interest in the job?

When an interviewer asks you- “Why you want to work with us?” that means he wants to collect information as: 465 more words

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Are you Ready to Express Your Biggest Weakness in Interview?

One of the most common as well as an aggravating question asked during interview session used to be:

“Tell us something about your weakness?”

And you start rolling your eyes..! 515 more words

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It is sometimes easier to know what you don’t want to do in life versus what you want to do in life.  I have quickly come to this realization in high school when I worked for a local grocery store stocking shelves.   428 more words