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24 unprofessional habits that could cost you a job

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Finding a new job can be a nerve-racking experience.

From crafting your ideal résumé to acing the interview, there are a lot of opportunities to screw things up. 1,997 more words


Top 25 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

If you prepare your answers to the Interviewers potential questions below, before your interview, this will help you be more prepared, reduce nerves and increase your confidence during the interview itself.
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Top 25 General Interview Questions to Ask

Below is a list of the most common interview questions asked by Hiring Managers or HR Professionals at an interview.  These can be very helpful when you are new to interviewing or if you want to ask a range of questions that will ensure you gain an excellent understanding of the candidate’s ability to succeed in your business.
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Oprah Winfrey to Join CBS' "60 Minutes" as Contributor

article by Brian Sternberg via Variety.com

Oprah Winfrey, the inspirational talk-show host, TV executive, billionaire and interviewer, will join CBS newsmagazine “60 Minutes” in the fall, the network announced Tuesday. 211 more words


The Not-Prenuer: My Multi-Potentialite Syndrome

For a very long time I struggled to define what my career was. When people asked, “What do you do?” I could not think of a proper response, as much as I knew what I did- more precisely, all the things I did. 513 more words


Selling Yourself

One of the skills that we all need to develop is interviewing skills. We need to be able to sell ourselves effectively so that we don’t come off as too cocky or too humble. 307 more words


Watching David Bowie Argue With an Interviewer About the Future of the Internet Is Beautiful

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David Bowie talking about the future of the internet during an interview in 1999 (YouTube/BBC)

In 1999, Davide Bowie sat down for a TV interview with BBC host Jeremy Paxman. 880 more words