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Hey Jude! interviewing my sweet boy

I love to interview the kids on occasion.  I start with about 20 questions and try to take the first response that comes to their minds (it’s funnier, but if you prefer a more thought out response you could give them the questions and have them respond in writing).  33 more words

Living Out Loud

The Sandy Hook massacre: Do journalists need to interview children?

As journalists we are frequently taught to ask questions first and decide later what to use.  It’s good advice I share with my students.

In today’s Internet fueled news world though the Sandy Hook massacre should give journalists something on which to reflect- Is it appropriate to interview children? 554 more words


Creepy CNN Interviewing Children At The Scene Of A Crime Drama Over Trauma

Why are news networks interviewing terrified children?

It’s a question many are asking after the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Conn. that killed at least 20 children and perhaps seven adults. 129 more words

From the Mouths of Our Babes on Father's Day

Okay, hubby, it’s our turn up to bat.  These are the answers to the first interviews I have ever conducted with our boys.  Why on earth has it taken me so long?  472 more words

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear/Do/Say

How to Educate a Journalist

Plonking myself down at my computer after a trip out interviewing Geordies and exclaiming ‘this 11-year-old just told me…’ is becoming a bit of a theme. 353 more words


Current writing and thinking

I’ve been writing papers this week – one that I’m submitting to the next ISME conference in Beijing (ISME being the International Society for Music Education) and one for the CDIME (Cultural Diversity in Music Education) conference, taking place in Sydney in January 2010. 439 more words

Music Education

Sliding into Video Editing

The generosity of a Boston University professor and a class soundslides critique marked my day, but we spent the majority of our time learning to edit and tackling our projects. 379 more words