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The Best Qualified Applicant Doesn’t Always Get the Job.

The good news: You are great at your profession, none better, superheroes aspire to reach your level of competence.

The bad news: You may not be the one that gets hired. 297 more words

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How Not to Screen for Suicidal Thoughts: Lessons from Mountain View Police

A couple of days ago, Mountain View, CA police released the video footage of their interaction with Nasim Aghdam about 11 hours before she shot people at You Tube headquarters. 728 more words


[Fiction Practice] The Old Guy

“OK, Jane. We have time for one more question.”
“What’s the successful candidate look like in this role? What should I focus on to prevent myself from being unsuccessful?” 560 more words

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'Success', the MYOB podcast: chasing single malt perfection

Talk about your labour of love! I recently got to interview David Vitale, the founder of New World Projects, at his Port Melbourne distillery. 

David’s Starward single malt whisky (wine cask), made locally and priced well under $100, is my straight-up favourite drink in terms of price-for-quality and runs close for my all-time favourite in terms of delicious flavour* 128 more words


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You can find a slew of popular quotes when it comes to the topic of preparation. Here’s a couple you might have heard a time or two before: 394 more words

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Tell me about yourself: The 30-second self introduction that you must have in your Communication toolbox

One of the fun parts of being a graduate student was attending conferences. On average, grad students attend 2-3 conferences in a year. Typically we go to a national conference, a regional conference and if budget allows, we attend an international conference as well. 1,206 more words


I Got a Job Offer! Now What?

All your hard work has paid off, and you have job offers coming in. What to do next?  53 more words

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