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Phone Interview with Kyle McKearney From The New Electric

Sparks of Pop Originality with The New Electric

My newfound love of The New Electric sparked on an early Saturday morning. The routine began in it’s usual way with a cup of Joe, a cooking show and checking emails. 780 more words


Stay Still


I was in the living room with my parents when I first saw that head of the ship in the middle of the sea on that big, flat-screen TV set. 365 more words


Bertha Sun

Bertha Sun – one for colour and exploration in her designs. We find out a little more about Bertha, including her inspirations, combinations and working practice… 632 more words



N :

I was good at drawing posters when I was a kid. My posters always got selected in competitions. In elementary school, I don’t remember if it was a part of a drawing class or specially dedicated class to anti-communism, but I remember, that we used to learn how communism is bad, how we should act when we meet soldiers from the North and the story about this kid in our age called Seungbok Lee, who was killed by a group of communists for shouting out “I hate communists!” The story was almost like a horror movie, we were terrified. 114 more words


Punk Band Better Things On the 90s, the 2000s and What's to Come of the Mashup

Song River with Punk Band Better Things

Song River: Life certainly can have ‘better things’ in her… how do you see this name fitting your punk 90’s sound out of Vermont? 1,125 more words

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