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Climate Change Making Storms More Intense, Changing Jet Stream

How climate change is making storms more intense

‘Massive flooding in Windsor last year was a sign of climate change — but the science behind these ever-intensifying storms is more complex than it seems’ … 436 more words

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We Chat With John Moyer Of Art Of Anarchy

The second time around can be exhilarating or a train wreck. With AOA, it’s a great thing to listen to and we dig it. 1,069 more words


Sophia Crawford Talks Fighting for Sarah Michelle Gellar As Buffy's Stunt Double

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer began 20 years ago and was groundbreaking in it’s fight work. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Sophia Crawford, the stunt double for Sarah Michelle Gellar on… 1,931 more words


Stealing Home with Mike Mullins and Darrell Louder... A Conversation About Bottom of the 9th

With baseball season cranking up I thought it would be cool to re-post my interview with Mike & Darrell about their awesome baseball game, Bottom Of The Ninth. 3,004 more words


Meet Jessica, part 2

If you’re new here, you can read the first part of Jessica’s story here.

In part one, I left off with sharing how I…

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Proposing the phrase of “Political Men” was for ending the disagreements!

In Iran’s constitution one the conditions for being a president is being one of the “Political Men” (principle 115). There are many debates about this term that if it says women cannot be the president or not. 1,235 more words

Presidential Election