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Future Interrupted -- Doctor Johnson’s Awesome Mix Tape

Issue #257 of Interzone is now a thing in the world: Subscribers will have received their copies while non-subscribers have been left to experience its absence, like an amputated limb or a press-ganged lover. 1,858 more words


Reading The Fourth Gwenevere by John James

The Fourth Gwenevere
John James, Jo Fletcher Books, 280pp

In the late 1960s John James published three extraordinary historical fantasies set in the Roman and Dark Ages: … 791 more words


Cut-up alley

guts torn along alleys darkened by howler assassins warm heart snatched gray wall agony sawn neck dazed blade rusty dull my entrails on the table sheared light drilled multiple vertical crack slow impalement walking through the cut-throat street broken ribs hoping for some headless glow cracking the cartilage of the spear yelling loud twirling blinding furious cock singing upcoming murders licking sweet thighs killer Bone gleaming biting hilarious rump steak blood mixed with fresh brains spattered on Mary’s cleavage the artist is not an ego she went home licking her own tits  that’s my skull  “the-flow-flows” could coincide with : SILENCE


Reading California by Edan Lepucki

Another of my Interzone reviews, this from 2014.

Edan Lepucki, Little, Brown, 388pp

The publicity material for Edan Lepucki’s California suggests that if you love Cormac McCarthy’s… 784 more words


Reading Blood Kin by Steve Rasnic Tem

An Interzone review from last year.

Blood Kin
Steve Rasnic Tem, Solaris Books, 267pp

Steve Rasnic Tem’s Deadfall Hotel (2012) was a remarkable novel. Set in a mysterious hotel with an unusual and often elusive clientele, it dealt with Richard’s attempt to begin a new life with his daughter, Serena, after his wife’s death. 753 more words


Scarlet streams

streams of broken ribs
gutted fruity nymphs
meaty slanting flow
flooding gurgling

mad sausages
whining milk
dappled mornings
creamy hole of light

quivering rectum… 17 more words


Reading Astra by Naomi Foyle

A review from Interzone last year.

Astra: Book One of The Gaia Chronicles

Naomi Foyle, Jo Fletcher Books, 379pp

We tell one another stories to amuse and entertain ourselves, but we tell them also to commemorate, to educate, and, in the most extreme cases, to support an ideology. 766 more words