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Interzone #265

My previous reviews of fiction in TTA PRESS publications are linked from HERE.

This issue has fiction by John Schoffstall, Robert Reed, Suzanne Palmer, Dan Reade, Andrew Kozma and Ken Hinckley. 40 more words

The Apologists Splash Page Art

My sci-fi story The Apologists will appear in Interzone #266, September this year.

Below is the graphic by Martin Hanford. I like.

Future Interrupted: Harder-Core-Than-Thou

Interzone #264 is now a thing in the world. I urge anyone and everyone to head on over to the TTA Press website, Smashwords… 2,186 more words

Science Fiction

Interzone #264

TTA PRESS May-June 2016 (my previous reviews of this publisher HERE)

Stories by Tyler Keevil, Malcolm Devlin, James Van Pelt, Rich Larson and Gwendolyn Kiste. 24 more words

Short story: "A Strange Loop"

“A Strange Loop,” by T. R. Napper

Appeared in Interzone, issue 262, January–February 2016

About 12 and 1/3 pages, no idea how many words… 23 more words

Short Stories

Short story: "Empty Planets"

“Empty Planets,” by Rahul Kanakia

Appeared in Interzone, issue 262, January–February 2016

10 pages in the magazine, maybe 4k words?

Is there a word for bleak hopefulness? 132 more words

Twenty-first Century