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Review of Interzone #268 for Tangent

I usually do about a review a month for Tangent, sometimes more, sometimes less. This was one of those “more” times but I don’t foresee any in the immediate future after this. 10 more words


Reading Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald

Another Interzone review, this time from late 2015. I’m still sad I didn’t like this novel more.

The publicity surrounding Luna would have us read it as a gritty species of space opera: … 788 more words


SCI-FI Art from Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner is a fine artist and his work has graced the pages and covers of many publications, including Interzone magazine. His fantastic work can also be seen on the covers of books I have edited for Immersion Press. 24 more words

Science Fiction

Interzone #251 - Andy Cox (Ed) (2014)

This is another cracking issue of Interzone featuring themes of relationship and identity. Loss seems to run through them also. It’s also interesting to see the structure of the modern short story evolving, although not as radically as one might have imagined back in the 20th Century. 482 more words


Gene Mapper by Taiyo Fujii

This review first appeared in Interzone 260 in 2015. I didn’t like the book very much, unfortunately.

Gene Mapper – Taiyo Fujii, trans. Jim Hubbert. 802 more words


Interzone #268

My previous reviews of TTA PRESS publications HERE.

Stories by Julie C. Day, Christien Gholson, Michael Reid, Mel Kassel, Val Nolan and T.R. Napper. 17 more words

Future Interrupted --Telling People What They Want To Be.

Interzone #268 is now a thing in the world. Anyone with an interest in getting hold of it can do so via the TTA Press website… 1,921 more words

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