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5 Questions: Dorinda Clark Cole Talks New Music, Dream Collabos & More!

GospelPundit.com was able to catch up with gospel legend Dorinda Clark Cole in the midst of her busy schedule as she promotes her new album, … 280 more words

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DISCUSSION: Joyce Meyer Reveals Father Raped Her 200 Times, Sexually Assaulted Other Girls Too

Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer has revealed further details about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father growing up, sharing that she was raped at least 200 times. 121 more words

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Cosplay Feature Interview: Shelli Anpan

The word “cosplay” was defined to me in a different way than I would have defined it myself and I totally love the definition:

“Cosplaying is wearing a costume outside of Halloween.” (Shelli Anpan)

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Questionnaire about Escapism

Overall my participants found my questionnaire very challenging to answer as they had to think very hard about each question. They also mentioned how they had never thought about their life and the direction it is taking, therefore they felt quite speechless. 595 more words


Interview about personal escapism within a hospital

As primary research I have interviewed my friend Eleanor, who has previously been in hospital for a long period of time. I have decided to do this because I wanted a truthful insight into how someone copes in the same environment for a long period of time. 494 more words


CNN Global Digital Chief

On a special edition of Global Journalist, Meredith Artley, editor in chief of CNN Digital, talks about the impact of social media on the news, competing with start-ups like BuzzFeed, and envisions a future of immersive news. 355 more words

Vaping Interview

I made this short interview for my class addressing one of my hobbies. I’ve been vaping for about 4 years now and have completely detached myself from smoking analogue cigarettes. 92 more words