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Invitation to Peace

The logs crackled and snapped in the campfire as Jesus unfolded a large wool blanket and draped one end around my shoulders. Then He pulled the other end around His own shoulders and sat down on the log beside me as we faced the fire. 592 more words

Heavenly Realms

The Mountain at the Edge of Eternity

Out of the swirling water colors a white horse appeared and the smiling face of Jesus locked gazes with me.  When He reached for my hand and pulled me up onto the horse with Him, it was one fluid motion like color being swished onto a canvas.  920 more words

Heavenly Realms

The Measure of Success and the Rhythm of Life

We have been discussing success from Heaven’s viewpoint, in contrast to an earthly perspective.  (See previous post ‘What is the measure of success’.)   How can we have a secret, hidden life in God and also be about building the Father’s Kingdom on this earth? 571 more words

Intimacy With The Lord

What is the Measure of Success?

Our definition of success and Heaven’s definition of success are two very different things.  Too much of the world’s mindset has made its way into Christian thinking and we have adopted it as our own without even realizing it.  731 more words

Intimacy With The Lord

Prophetic Intercession 5

There is such a wide variety of creative intercession that the Lord allows us to enter when we ask Him to share His heart with us.  451 more words

Heavenly Realms

Maintain Your Connection

When I sat down to have my quiet time a couple of mornings ago, I thought, It’s been a while! I had precious quiet times at my beach retreat about a week and a half ago. 522 more words


I Will Not Forget

The rain had finally ended and the sun was shining.  The woodland behind the house was a dozen shades of green and the trees were still dripping as I crossed the bridge.  531 more words

Intimacy With The Lord