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Edmund Kemper documentary - In his own words

Edmund Kemper.

I thought this forum may be interested in this interview for those who have not seen it already. Edmund was a serial killer back in the 60s and 70's. 33 more words


ENFJ love spell?

So I met a 40 year old man recently, with no job, no career, no saving, no house, no car, which logically speaking…. isn’t looking very good for us if he didn’t do anything about it soon. 468 more words


Movies with excessive violence, nudity, dumb jokes annoying.

I tend to avoid these movies like the plague. Hitman is a good example Jay and Silent Bob is another.

Somehow I can feel the grey matter leaking out of my brain when my boyfriend puts something like this on. 120 more words


Does this bother anyone else?

When somebody is talking about a rich person, or even just slightly wealthier people, and they act like they got lucky. “You’re a millionaire? Must have sold drugs.” “You own a business? 46 more words