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Hursh hursh

Why do I want that which is not mine to give?

Why do many fall into denial cause of you?

Yet I will try you any day, time, hour…… any split second. 156 more words

Into The MIND

Street Skiing

All.I.CAN. Street Segment.  Holla at your girl, I ski like this. (Jk, I ski like a bamboozled giraffe struggling to stay awake after too many lab reports and not enough caffeine.) 34 more words

Coffee's not a drink, it's a hug!

How do Italian people love coffee?

We wake up in the morning and our brain doesn’t work until we’ve had our shot of coffee. This is what being Italian means. 533 more words


New Series (Machine Mind)

So by my count, this would be the third or possibly fourth series in the works. Or is it a fifth?

I keep forgetting how many books I have on tap and how many I still have yet to write. 762 more words

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