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1985 in Film - Into The Night

Release Date: Feb 22nd
Box Office: $7,562,164

This post comes from one of my very best friends, Dr Scott Jeffrey. I met him at college and have known him ever since. 789 more words


Into the Night (1985)

When we think of the so-called ‘movie brats’ of the New Hollywood it’s usually to indicate the way in which heavyweight directors of the 1970s (Coppolla, Scorsese, Spielberg etc.) grew up absorbing movies like sponges, so that by the time they became film-makers themselves they were able to put new spins on old genres, injecting European art-house sensibility into tired Hollywood tropes.  685 more words

Reading "Into the Night"

Following up a story like “Collectors” is a pretty tough row to hoe, and in many ways “Into the Night” isn’t really trying to do anything earth shattering with its storytelling.  830 more words


Into The Night

A re-occurring problem I always have in the cooler months is the struggle to find the perfect outfit for night, without shivering in the cold. Standing outside a night club in a mini strapless dress is just not okay with me….even if people say it’s not ‘that’ cold! 389 more words
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Script Progress: "Into the Night"

I’m in the final stages of getting my first script finished. It has been a very long road, getting this thing out, however, it’s been for the best. 73 more words


Into the Night & After Hours: How BB King, John Landis and Martin Scorsese Fit Into the Yuppie Nightmare Cycle

“Why can’t I sleep?”

That’s the question Jeff Goldblum asks himself throughout Into the Night.  It was also the thought running through my ahead around 2 AM on a random weeknight a couple of months ago. 1,722 more words


Two poems by Mary Noonan

The Moths

The artist is sitting, perfectly still,
by his mulberry tree, watching
it. He has been in that pose all day.

The white moths have flown… 468 more words