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Album Review: Jeremy & The Harlequins - Into The Night

Into The Night bursts from the gates with the galloping titular track, impelled by the reverb drenched guitars of Craig Bonich and Patrick Meyer, with the rhythm section of Stevie Fury – Jeremy’s brother – and Bobby Ever matching the intensity on drums and bass respectively.  102 more words


Astrositas: Spaceships for Numenera

A new acquaintance, Johannes Einloft, has kindly shared the link to his rules for spaceships in Numenera. I’m really impressed with this document and can’t wait to use it in my  184 more words

New Rules

Ninth World Religions

The setting for Numenera is a blending of science fiction and fantasy. I always think of it as the opposite of Star Wars: whereas the Jedi and Empire are really a fantasy story wearing the guise of sci-fi,  1,044 more words


Into the night

The night is silent

the time when my thoughts are free to unfurl

to run loose with whatever my heart fancies.

The night holds secrets… 121 more words

My Writing

Into the Night (from Build Yourself Better)

Into the Night

I held a sinner’s tongue
In a throat swollen red from saying your name out loud
I kept a broken clock
So I would never know if time was running out… 234 more words


R.I.P. David Bowie: An Appreciation

Throughout history, there have been great artists whose work has been all of a piece; each movie, novel, song, or what have you, has been essentially the same each time. 4,151 more words


♦ Recalling David Bowie’s Acting Career.

About Remembering

Remembering No 1

♦ 5 David Bowie Movies

Remembering pages are lists about one particular performer  and their work who have sadly passed away. 24 more words

Movie Review