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Gluten elimination: a month down.

There is a reason I waited so long to write another post… and the reason was worry. 123 more words

Jordanian Writer shot dead on blame Insulting Islam.

Source: Asia Times.

A gunman shot dead Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar on Sunday outside the court where he was to stand trial on charges of contempt of religion after sharing on social media a caricature seen as insulting Islam, state news agency Petra said.  129 more words


What is intolerance?

I get asked this a lot. It probably means different things to different people, but, to me, it means I don’t feel great if I eat it. 102 more words

Tolerance is a Two Way Street

In this increasingly insular and divided world, it is now commonplace to witness advocates of tolerance simultaneously displaying unbridled intolerance, seemingly incognisant of their own conspicuous contradiction. 358 more words


A pondering about heaven

If heaven were influenced by collective deeds
jails would cease to exist: convicts would be sentenced to do good works, for
we could not afford to have able-bodied, potential do-gooders… 117 more words


To Battle “Trolls,” Establishment Wages War on Internet Freedom

A big step in that direction came on August 18, when the increasingly irrelevant establishment organ Time magazine published a screed alleging that “trolls are ruining the Internet.” Incredibly, in the cover story no less, establishment propagandist Joel Stein described as “trolls” the people who “relish” what he calls “online freedom” — the online ability to speak freely, anonymously, and without establishment gatekeepers to censor thought-crimes.

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Dear Rest of the World,

I am enraged yet amazed by your imprudence. The variety of stereotypes you hold against my brown face is laudable, considering the fact that you absentmindedly pigeonholed us without attesting the credibility of the same. 681 more words