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Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Fails Civics

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Fails Civics

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan[1] has released advertising for a demonstration he has organized (to support President Trump on May 31). 341 more words

Society And Civilization

Assigned Male Creator Receives Death Threats

The headline reads, “Transgender Creator of Assigned Male webcomics Facing Death Threats from Online Trolls”

~ article by Charles Pulliam-Moore (Charles.pulliam-moore@gizmodo.com)

Are people so insecure about who that are that they feel so threatened by Montreal-based artist Sophie Labelle and her weekly webcomic… 440 more words


After Manchester, a Time for Change

I have recently become very angered by captioned pictures, posted on social media by far right groups, of those who fought and died in world wars,  or of Enoch Powell, and conflating these with the horrific tragedy in Manchester.   984 more words

Personal Beliefs

The 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Upholds Freeze On Trump's Travel Ban...

High Fives to the 4th Circuit, and a big thumbs down to Trump and Sessions. May the SCOTUS uphold the 4th Circuit Appellate Courts decision. 136 more words


Tolerance of Sin

The number of times statements have been made for the tolerance of sin by some Christians cannot be counted. One of the reasons used for sin justification is “Christ hung out and ate with sinners,” as if by this line of reasoning we can tolerate transgressions against God’s law without righteously making evident of the wrong that’s being (or has been) committed. 206 more words

Viewing The World

Queer Britain // TV That's Snatching My Weave

So another one to watch guys. BBC Three just started a series called “Queer Britain” where they tackle different topics based on the LGBTQ perspective. I just got watching the first one and it’s always been a very enticing subject for me: Being Gay and Religious. 35 more words