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Stuffed roast chicken (try out).

This Saturday is going to be board game day. This Saturday I will also attempt to make stuffed roast chicken. Two even. I usually wing my cooking because I don’t like recipes. 329 more words


Nextdoor: A panacea becomes a problem

Back in March, the New York Times offered a glowing report on the remarkable growth of Nextdoor.com, which had just pulled in $110 million in new venture capital for a company with an estimated worth of more than a billion dollars: 890 more words


Reprise: Sin Is Not The Problem

Well, of course, sin IS the problem, but believing that sin is the problem has become a greater problem.

Western culture paints the belief that people sin in the worst light: If only oppressive religion didn’t make people feel so guilty. 435 more words


Travelling With An Intolerance

I travelled for the first time since my diagnosis. I was a little apprehensive to be honest. I was going to Maine and would eat a mix of home cooked meals and restaurant meals. 290 more words

Lactose Intolerance

Not The Only One Tho

Apparently 7 million Canadians suffer from lactose intolerance. That stat is hard to verify because people are not all medically diagnosed or don’t know that their condition is related to lactose intolerance, which would mean that there could most likely be many more people affected. 75 more words

Lactose Intolerance

An intolerance to food intolerance

In addition to my eating disorder, I’m one of those annoying people with food allergies and intolerances. Oh yes, I say “annoying” in a sarcastic way. 841 more words


Is Anyone Listening?

I seem to be the type of person who attracts people needing an audience.  It’s not unusual for random people to unexpectedly start telling me their life story and the problems they’ve had along the way.   516 more words

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