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Population Explosion: Root cause for intolerance

This is a clear case of looking at the wrong place. Right wing extremist ideology was blamed for intolerance by self proclaimed liberals and leftists. Then these liberals and leftists themselves went overboard and came out as more intolerant. 292 more words


St Albans - the screen of the martyrs

In the Anglican year, our visit still fell within the season of the Nativity and the figures depicting the birth of Jesus still stood before the altar in the nave. 533 more words


Top 125: 41-50

Here we are, we have finally arrived at the Top 50 of my long list. However, as I stated at the beginning of the list, these are movies so closely ranked that the numbers can seem a bit arbitrary. 855 more words

Top 125

Elsewhere on the Internet

Seen on a blog, this example of how millennials in particular have been thoroughly mind-conditioned to a certain point of view. I post this screen-cap, cropped so as not to include any names, lest somebody object. 405 more words

Cultural Marxism

Bad Movie Day - God's Not Dead (2014)

I debated doing this. God’s Not Dead feels like too easy a mark because I am not its target audience. This is almost like me making fun of a Wiggles movie or a Truther documentary, where I shouldn’t be riffing because I’m not a baby or conspiracy nut. 4,253 more words


Headline of the day: Incendiary class warfare

From Deutsche Welle, a sad case of profitable exploitation pitting one group of the ostracized against another:

Berlin homeless face eviction for refugees

A Berlin home that has housed homeless people for 20 years is in danger of being cleared.

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With love, Gluten.

So I’m still a newbie to this gluten-free change up and I’m sure there is tonnes more to learn but first of all, it’s been a bitch. 1,028 more words