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Intolerance in the 21st century

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

These days it is hard to come across respect when you are different. I look around and see people judging others for being who they are and this fact upsets me greatly. 488 more words


What made me change my lifestyle (cheese lovers read)

Since i can remember i have always been a massive cheese fan but a few years ago through my college years it got a little bit out of hand. 686 more words

Healthly Living


Aspersions: (n) an attack on the reputation or integrity of someone or something

“He’s just a kid.”

I remember how I used to hate that statement, popped off by careless adults when they didn’t particularly favor some suggestion I made when I was much younger. 339 more words

A Youth's Plea

When the world is untainted,
All our ideals unspoiled,
Our dreams intact,
And the perfection of our experiences
Golden and crimson
In the colours of vivifying autumn: 54 more words


Feminists Bemoan Lack Of Real Men, And Ask Themselves, Where Have All The Men Gone?

By Julia Stanton

Men today don’t know how to act around women. They don’t have any confidence around women. What’s wrong with men today? Increasingly progressive women are asking themselves this question. 1,994 more words