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Truth About Tolerance and Intolerance

Intolerance is not allowing someone to have a differing point of view. Intolerance is keeping someone from voicing a different opinion than yours. Conversely tolerance is allowing someone else freedom of view and perspective. 217 more words


Hind Sight is 60-40

The 21st century is trying to be transformed; Reshaped into an era of near-utopia where people acknowledge each other’s differences, where prejudice and intolerance are not acceptable, and where no offense is given in every form of communication.  889 more words

The Fundamental Destruction Of America

When anyone says that Obama is deliberately trying to destroy America, they often forget that he did say he was going to fundamentally change America.  Has Obama ever said anything nice about America? 608 more words


ISIS emulates the GOP in destroying history

Hoe is ISIS like the Grand Old Party?

Consider the following ISIS video, depicting the destruction of 4,000 years of history in the museum of Mosul, Iraq, located in the region of the world that served as cradle of  Western Civilization: 605 more words


Carb Crasher

This is how I envision my withdrawal from carbohydrates.

Me: “Hello, My name is Sandy.”

The room replies with nodding heads of assurance: “Welcome Sandy… 887 more words


I drew a stickman in the sand on a warm and sunny day
My stickman had a smile and waved in a stickish kind of way… 177 more words

Previously on amc’s The Walking Dead…

“Love this show.. Not a homophobe, but we could have done without the two dudes sucking faces. Yea a gay character from the comics is fine but as a visual we could have done without them kissing.

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