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Why Post-Election America Points to the Existence of God

In order to be very clear, I want to make a few points from the beginning. I am not saying that God exists because the Republicans won. 612 more words


The liberal witch hunt.

Over three months ago I posted an image on Instagram with the header “FUCK WHAT THE NEIGHBORS THINK”. The idea was to say, who cares what other people think of you. 589 more words


Presidential race: Austria’s Bernie-lite beats alt-right

Sunday’s Austrian presidential election bore some distinct similarities to the American presidential race, albeit one in which Bernie Sanders ghad won the Democratic nomination.

The race pitted an unaffiliated liberal, one decidedly to the right of Sanders, against an unalloyed anti-immigrant nationalist who evoked strong feelings of the darkest period of modern Austrian history. 212 more words


There is nothing normal about stigma

There’s her and then there’s me. We work in the same department. She’s an outcast like me and we are both talked about behind our backs for different reasons. 422 more words

Bipolar Ride

Dear Mr. Trump,

First off, congratulations on your victory. The battle was bitter and hard fought, but you prevailed despite all signs that you would not, so well done. 501 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Abusing your tolerance

There are four standard ways of turning a tolerant person’s tolerance against them. This is how they are presented:

Method 1) You have to tolerate my intolerance or your tolerance is a lie. 590 more words

The Quiet Revolution