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I slipped up a day or so back, didn’t check the ingredients of a bag of dill-flavoured crisps closely enough.  Turns out it had wheat in it.   59 more words


So far, not bad.

I’m surprised, in fact, by how much a difference it’s made already.  The constant abdominal pain is almost gone, the bowel movements appear to be approaching normal, and the eczema is far less itchy than usual. 342 more words


Let me introduce you to SuperBoy

I tend to focus on BuddyBoy’s progress (in either direction) when I’m speaking with others, simply because he has the most difficulties in our world, and has the hardest journey of all my children. 1,335 more words


Looks like gluten- and dairy-free might be the way to go for now

Either gluten or dairy is making my life miserable at present, or possibly both.  I’m tired of the constant gut rot and the eczema and the diarrhoea (TMI, I know!) so it’s time I did something about it. 77 more words


Bacon, spinach & tomato pasta

I had some left over tomato sauce so today I used some up with my lunch! The tomato sauce is simply an onion chopped and fried in a little oil until soft, add a crushed clove of garlic or some garlic granules, some Italian herbs and a can of tomatoes, season and simmer for half an hour ish. 96 more words


Traversing Intolerances

I am lying on my sofa on a grey Sunday morning nursing a sore head, I’m at the stage of denial, I only had one glass of Chianti! 244 more words


Is Gluten Causing More Than Just GUT Issues?

Gluten intolerance is becoming increasingly prevalent these days. In fact Coeliac Disease (the condition associated with gluten intolerance) affects on average approximately 1 in 70 Australians. 989 more words