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Coconut, Dark Chocolate Slice (FODMAP-Friendly)

Another of my beautiful mother’s recipes, that needed hardly any adaptations to become FODMAP-Friendly! The original recipe used glacé cherries too. This is such a favourite, and can easily be stored in the freezer for when you get peckish. 128 more words


Digestion, not as simple as I thought.

Depending on how far along the road of suffering when eating certain foods you are, you may know that sometimes it’s just a case of starting the breakdown of food will allow you to digest it with no problems. 1,053 more words

Why are we suffering now?

On a previous post I mentioned that I believe there is a deeper reason as to why more of us are suffering with allergies/intolerances. This will be mostly based on my own opinions along with discussions that I have had with people. 1,177 more words

Yule tide greetings y'all

HO HO HO Merry Christmas!

And what rhymes with Christmas….food. Yep food defiantly rhymes with Christmas.

Now the holidays can be beautiful and fun, full of parties, family meals and lounging around in your pj’s eating snacks and watching TV but for those of us who cant always join in the same foodie fun as everyone else it can be a little lonely and annoying at times. 921 more words


TGI Fridays

In the hunt to find places I can eat at, my next visit was to TGI Fridays, this came to mind as I’ve always loved the food here and me and my husband often go to the one near our local cinema when we go to watch a film. 387 more words


parTea #14 The Savoy

The next big one for us was at the Savoy, another bday gift for us from our Mum for our birthday. So since I now have knowledge of my intolerances I informed The Savoy of this in advance and they were happy to pass my details on to the chef and were able to accommodate me. 494 more words

Coeliac Disease: Diagnosis & Lifestyle Change.

Ahh the wonderful life of intolerances, of all the things for my body reject it has to reject the one thing that is in basically ALL food. 690 more words

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