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TGI Fridays

In the hunt to find places I can eat at, my next visit was to TGI Fridays, this came to mind as I’ve always loved the food here and me and my husband often go to the one near our local cinema when we go to watch a film. 387 more words


parTea #14 The Savoy

The next big one for us was at the Savoy, another bday gift for us from our Mum for our birthday. So since I now have knowledge of my intolerances I informed The Savoy of this in advance and they were happy to pass my details on to the chef and were able to accommodate me. 494 more words

Natural carob

“Siesta Luxury Carob contains no caffeine, theobromine or cocoa.”

Ingredients – Non-hydrogenated palm oil, carob, soya, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

Do not be fooled by this, it is not – I repeat, it is NOT a chocolate replacement!! 190 more words

Byron Burger

This weekend we took a trip to Byron Burger, I’ve only been here twice before but the burgers were delicious and there’s a lot of choices available with both beef and chicken (plus vegetarian options) on the menu. 367 more words


Tacos (FODMAP-Friendly)

Once again, I’m calling something a recipe when it is hardly that at all… There aren’t even spices in it. But, as this blog is my recipe book, and I make this almost on a weekly basis, soI wanted to write it up in the hopes that it will help someone starting on the FODMAP diet. 280 more words


Eating out

Since my cook up on Monday when I made the odd looking but tasty lasagne I have made dairy and citrus free apple crumble both of there are a good start to improving my cooking skills but they do need some tweaking. 495 more words


The search begins.....

OK, searching for Rachy friendly treats is perhaps the least of my worries right now. As it turns out this is going to be quite a learning curve and I am going to have to begin to cook the majority of my foods from scratch. 324 more words