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Lately I’ve been into haltered top styles. They tend to expose the back as much as possible and typically cover majority of the front area. The upside down “V” shape these haltered tops have from the neck down to the armpits create an illusion of narrower shoulders, which I look for because I have very broad and scrawny shoulders. 152 more words


Another Scribble on my Passport #Philippines

During childhood, how many of you have enjoyed the feeling of finishing a notebook and then buying a new one? My passport is going to be one such notebook, and I will stay a child forever.  859 more words



Falling in love and having my heart broken by you, twice, only proved that you are the reason why I write.


#JanSportUrbanRace | Week 1 Challenge - San Agustin Church

Paolo and I joined the JanSport Urban Race here in Manila. It’s not much of a race but a six week series of destination challenges wherein you need to take pictures with your buddy and your JanSport bags. 52 more words


Other side of Intramuros

Whenever I go to Intramuros, I feel like going back to the past because every corner of it, reminds us of our detailed history and our hidden identity. 53 more words


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Kimberly Bautista Rosel:Angel on the Road

Kimberly Bautista Rosel: Angel on the Road

By Apolinario Villalobos

Around seven in the morning of July 26, I was on my way to Divisoria, on a jeepney that plied the Mabini Street of Ermita. 573 more words

Apolinario Villalobos