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Woes Of An In-Transit Traveler

When booking our airline tickets, the first thing that any basic traveler like us does is to look for the cheapest flights! 789 more words


The Amazing Quality ProMariner Digital Mobile Charge40 Advanced Electronic

10. Question: The battery volume is displayed as 30% after the battery is initially charged for several hours. Why? How can I charge the battery to 100%? 267 more words

In Transit First Aid

If you are as clumsy as me I think you could benefit from having something like this at hand . This Works In Transit First Aid is a little roller ball stick packed with simple goodness: rosewood oil, lavander oil together with petitgrain and geranium essential oils. 108 more words


To Be a Stranger

As a writer, people never stop asking, “Who’s your favourite author?” I’ve danced around this question for 7 years – a nervous waltz through my memory for one skilled story-teller who made their indelible mark on me. 278 more words


The End??

“So, what now?”
“I think some sleep, catch up with some people, and then I need to start unpacking—”
“No, I meant after all of that.” 726 more words

Everything Else

Feature: Local children are Tip Top at InTransit

Amongst the Voladores de Papantla from Mexico, the Zugubal Dancers from the Torres Strait and Guatemala’s Grupo Sotz’ill, over 30 local children performed at the launch weekend of inTransit and Origins Festival at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance. 307 more words


Day 188/188: Food for the Thoughtless

“Food, food, food!”
“Here you go. Don’t let me keep a member of the male species from stuffing their gob.”
“Damn straight.”
“Are you really going to be able to eat all of that?” 152 more words