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My First Job Interview at 28

I stood outside the glass doors of a Japanese company, taking a sip of water from my bottle before dialling the intercom.

‘Good afternoon, how may I help you?’ came a woman’s voice. 963 more words


Craftin' Code

Last night LM and her friend SC joined me while watching a three-part mathematics doco: The Code. We were all entranced. Naturally, we decided to look a little further into codes today. 367 more words

The Anatomy of Anger

Continuing on from our human anatomy discussions, I was keen to introduce the idea of emotions as a physical process. LM and I have been known to infrequently but passionately defend our views, especially with each other, and so we agreed that anger would be a good emotion for us to analyse. 349 more words

Bodily Kinesthetic

Our Story of Stuff

About 4 years ago I started to focus on a reuse life, inspired by my participation in ‘Buy Nothing New Month’. I haven’t yet mastered it, but LM is certainly used to buying from opshops instead of shopping centres and I estimate that we buy at least 90% of our material goods secondhand. 452 more words

Questacon: Science Heaven

Day 1 of homeschooling was spent visiting an ENT specialist, op shops and the Questacon Science Centre in Canberra.

The ENT specialist confirmed our expectations- those tonsils and adenoids are coming out asap. 192 more words

Arts And Craft

Inspired by the Achieved

Recently, I’ve been hearing names of people who do better at the things I think I’m best at. Sometimes, it makes me insecure. Of course insecurity kicks in when you think you’re great at something but really, someone else is way better than you. 311 more words


Softskill & Hardskill


Softskill ialah istilah dalam sosiologi yang menerangkan tentang EQ  ( Emotinal Intelligence Quotient ) seseorang . Softskill bisa juga diartikan suatu karakter atau bakat dari seorang individu yang  dan telah ditanamkan sejak kecil . 507 more words