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Sentiments of a High School Graduate

It was entering the place with a tear-flooded face. It was joining choir in the 7th grade. It was passing by my crush during sportsfest, and gushing to my class about it. 807 more words


She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink

I originally read this on Huffington Post and really appreciated his perspective so wanted to share! If you’ve been reading my posts the part in his blog I liked was the reminder that it’s usually a symptom, not the problem. 114 more words



Our mind and it functional abilities is the most powerful of all our systems. It is the “ 549 more words


there is nothing to be solved

especially not self or others

just listen

let things ripple

especially self & others

let them feel seen,
felt and understood… 13 more words

“What do you have?”, I ask myself.

I answered, “Well, I have monsters.”

My own answer struck me like a thousand bolts of lightning just passed through my body and I was petrified. 61 more words

Intelligence Comes in Many Forms …

I did not do well at school. I left in the summer of 1976 feeling a “failure” at age 15. Like lots of kids, the chalk n’ talk, cram for exam methods didn’t go so well for me. 587 more words

Learning Bitez

Lover is a moon (Part II)

…In a life after an eternity to a forever after.
I wish I could sleep at night waking up to a different feeling,
Trying to live in a love of that of a moon. 232 more words

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