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There is something about me that I think is very polarizing. Something that only a few people can accept and bear with, while the rest will hate it. 738 more words


Elizabeth Gilbert (TED) | A new way to think about creativity

How well do we ever really know our own minds? Given the complexity of the brain, it might not be such a crazy notion to think of various aspects of the self as entities with their own whims, wishes, and wills beyond our conscious control. 315 more words


Conflict Resolution / حلّ النزاعات

Conflict is a felt struggle between two or more interdependent individuals over perceived incompatible differences in beliefs, values, and goals, or over differences in desires for esteem, control, and connectedness. 64 more words


The Key to Gradualism

Gradualism towards your wants and needs is the precise result of consistent self-control.

From the heart as always,

Thomas Corwin


Expectations & Compassion

In order to master the Art of Being Alive, we must consistently practice the art of not having expectations of others. Of course there are times where we simply must have expectations of people, but we can certainly keep our expectations realistic under most circumstances. 131 more words


Alchemy & Magic

That moment when the catchy song comes on as the spectacle or monumental occasion is ending, & all the possibilities, real or imagined, pass you by, never to return to you again. 207 more words



The artist delves into the realm of imagination, emotion and creativity, attempting to convey or communicate outwardly, the depth of the spiraling world within. In essence, the intention of this process is to reflect (in a tangible way) the invisible, yet very real universe inside, in order to communicate with others. 151 more words