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Choose The Appropriate Intrauterine Device For Your Lady!

An Intrauterine device is a little prophylactic gadget, with a ‘T’- formed structure frequently containing either copper or levonorgestrel, which is embedded into the uterus. Intrauterine Devices are actually one type of long-acting reversible contraception which is considered as the best sorts of reversible conception prevention nowadays. 309 more words

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Important Information about Intrauterine Device – Significance and Risks

Intra-uterine Contraceptive Devices which are also known as IUCDs, are a method of contraception normally utilized by women who, for medical reasons, are incapable to use hormonal contraception approaches for eg. 310 more words

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If you don’t feel comfortable reading about lady parts or menstruation skip this post.

Being a girl is tough. It really is. Men will never understand what our bodies go through. 904 more words

Heavy Periods? What's Really Happening?

So, every month you’re having a heavy period.  And you’ve tried everything, including over the counter pain killers that never correct the problem, cause you to experience more and more discomfort with every period because they begin to overload your liver, and you never get relief.  322 more words

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Take My Uterus, Please

When I was 14 years old, I made a summertime visit to the doctor’s office. The purpose was to receive immunizations meeting the state’s health requirements for incoming high school freshman. 1,447 more words

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So You Want An IUD

The time has come. You’ve decided you’re ready to enter the world of virtually worry-free shenanigans. Maybe you’re not yet a parent and don’t want to be, maybe you already are and are ready to stop with the amount of offspring you have. 1,125 more words


Mindfulness in Birth Control

Birth control and reproductive rights are topics that I feel strongly about. In this article I will speak openly and candidly about my own personal experiences with birth control and my opinions that have been shaped by those experiences. 1,160 more words