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It’s time for some real talk.

Birth control is a personal subject but as women, we need to support, educate, and have conversations about our options. 102 more words

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My experience with the Mirena Coil 

In light of all the conversation surrounding intrauterine devices after the recent US elections.

I feel I need to write about my experience with IUD’s, specifically the Mirena coil. 869 more words

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To IUD or Not To IUD?

I’ve spent the last couple months or so agonizing about whether or not to get an IUD (an intrauterine device). If you’re not aware, an IUD is a little bit of plastic or copper they place in your uterus to prevent pregnancy. 901 more words


On IUDs, or How No Matter What Happens In The White House, I'm 99.9% Guaranteed Baby Free For The Next Ten Years

DISCLAIMER:  This post is about my own experiences researching and getting an IUD.  I am definitely not a medical professional and this isn’t medical advice.  But hopefully this can help you decide if IUDs are a worthwhile birth control method to speak with your doctor about, and what to expect if you choose to get one. 2,732 more words



Thinking about getting an IUD?  Watch this video to learn the facts :)

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Choose The Appropriate Intrauterine Device For Your Lady!

An Intrauterine device is a little prophylactic gadget, with a ‘T’- formed structure frequently containing either copper or levonorgestrel, which is embedded into the uterus. Intrauterine Devices are actually one type of long-acting reversible contraception which is considered as the best sorts of reversible conception prevention nowadays. 309 more words

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Important Information about Intrauterine Device – Significance and Risks

Intra-uterine Contraceptive Devices which are also known as IUCDs, are a method of contraception normally utilized by women who, for medical reasons, are incapable to use hormonal contraception approaches for eg. 310 more words

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