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Getting an IUD

I want to start this off by saying everything in this post is my personal experience and that it could be different for everyone! So, recently I decided to get an IUD. 1,061 more words


Which Method of Contraception is Right For You?

When you consider what contraception method to use, you might want to look beyond the pill. The four most effective methods of contraception are ‘use and forget’ that aim to fit in with your lifestyle and needs. 354 more words


Mirena – What No One Warns You About

Mirena is the real reason behind me starting this website, and the reason behind my renewed healthy, natural lifestyle quest. After going through the Mirena crash (that no one warns you about) I felt like I needed to add my story to the internet in case there were more women out there going through what I went through. 1,065 more words

Birth Control

Saat Bayi Ini Lahir Ia Menggenggam IUD Ibunya yang 'Hilang'

Ibu bernama Lucy Hellein melahirkan bayinya yang diberi nama Dexter Tyler pada 27 April lalu. Ada pemandangan unik dari foto si kecil Dexter saat lahir itu. 366 more words



It’s time for some real talk.

Birth control is a personal subject but as women, we need to support, educate, and have conversations about our options. 102 more words

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