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My Love Affair with Pandas

Gunter and I have been members of The San Diego Zoological Society for decades. At the San Diego zoo, we often stood in hours-long lines to see the offspring of pandas that had been loaned to this zoo for breeding. 626 more words

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Paradise Found: 42 of My Favourite Photos from Thailand's "Holy-Shit!" Beaches

“How about we add in a quick jaunt down to Krabi,” I wrote back to Joni. I was already scheduled to hit Bangkok and to continue through Cambodia and Vietnam, but I had three extra days in Thailand. 364 more words


Magic of Marrakech: A Photographic Journey Through Morocco's Medina

Come on an adventure with me into Morocco’s mysterious Marrakech. There’s a deep sense of history that you can taste. It’s vivid. The whole city mesmerizes with its deep beauty and hints of secrets around every bend as the Medina snakes in and out of the souks, down hidden alleyways with stacks of handwoven carpets, exotic spices and treasures of all sorts. 71 more words


Photo Essay: Sleeping in Caves, Hiking Through the Atlas Mountains + Living with a Nomadic Berber Tribe

Sleeping in a cave in the middle of the mountains of Morocco gives you a childlike feeling. Like the best sleep-over, ever. We played cards by candlelight listening to Toto’s “Africa” as white flashes of lightning illuminated the cave’s entrance. 185 more words


Muslim Mothers, Berber Boys, and Arabian Knights

I CAN tell that she’s stunning, even beneath her Muslim hijab, as she sits next to me on my flight from Dubai to Casablanca, this pretty Palestinian woman and her handsome husband, a Moroccan man. 1,131 more words


My Saharan Stupidity

THE scorching Saharan sunshine is beating down upon me as I stumble, for 1.5 hours, barefoot, through Africa’s famed desert. Lawrence of Arabia, I am not. 958 more words


Postcard from Morocco

MARHABI from Morocco where I am currently on assignment. Tomorrow I’ll be heading via camel into the Sahara Desert, 7km from the Algerian border. I’ll be back soon with plenty of travel tales from my Moroccan adventure. 31 more words