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The Canadian Rockies- why haven't you been?!

Canada’s rockies are like any other mountainous destination… said no one ever.

Having explored my fair share of mountain ranges (European,South Korean and Japanese alps, Cascade, Scottish highlands, Dolomites, american rockies, yellow mountains in china, you get the point) not one comes close to the Canadian rockies. 785 more words

The beginners guide to travel (Pt 1)

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a complete newbie to the adventurous world of travelling, this article is for you. Travelling is great, obviously, otherwise I would have quite a lot more money in the bank account… But hey, money doesn’t give you unforgettable experiences, well I suppose you can buy the experiences with the money, but anyway i’m getting sidetracked, a life well travelled is a life well lived as they say, or at least I do.  389 more words