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Designing for Motivation

Motivation was just one of a few topics included in the reading for my instructional design and technology course, yet it was one of the most popular on the discussion board. 884 more words

Weekly Reflections

On Motivation (Daniel Pink) Tip #2

After identifying your “flow” activities and optimal times, Daniel Pink suggests strategy #2:

Ask a Big Question

Clare Boothe Luce (one of the first women to serve in Congress) advised John F.

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Motivation (Daniel Pink) Tip #1

Tip #1 of 9 for Awakening Your Motivation: Give Yourself a Flow Test

In flow, people live “so deeply in the moment, and feel so utterly in control, that their sense of time, place, and even self melt away.”

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Motivation: Daniel Pink

My co-workers and I discuss motivation of our students on a daily basis. So-and-So is simply unmotivated…if only he would find his motivation, he’s smart enough to pass, etc.¬† 177 more words


How to Motivate Others - Secrets on What Drives Us

A friend of mine told me the story of an elderly man who enjoyed reading a book or newspaper on a bench at the local park. 1,147 more words



On Now From…

uncaring ever-growing

years going by as student tradition tries…and tradition fails…and fails again…

A meeting of minds long ago setting in motion a still frame… 171 more words


These 4 Things Should Be Enough 

It is great to have people in your life that support you, uplift you, and motivate you, but at the end of the day you need these four things to keep you moving forward when pursuing your passion. 65 more words