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Epic Gamification for Noobs

What is Gamification?

Gamification is turning something into a game, making it more game like.

Isn’t that just house points like in Harry Potter?

Reward systems are nothing new in schools but gamification is a refinement of the idea. 337 more words


Intrinsic or Extrinsic Motivation - Does it Matter?

During the last three weeks of James’ summer holiday after William had gone back to school, I decided to work with James on his reading and spelling. 738 more words


Reid's Article: "Why Blog"

Nowadays blogging is becoming more and more popular. Not just among older people but younger people as well. blogging has become a new form of communication from oneself to a community. 495 more words

Play for your own Reason

Pursue something but not with the intention of competition.

Play a sport or write a book not to compete but only since you wish to. Competing decreases the quality of our work. 22 more words


A Jobless Future? New Learning Models Make It Look Less Bleak

This one here says “Extra strong. For Mondays.” He smiled. You don’t get it, do you? A man was talking to a young kid. They had found a bunch of old coffee cups. 794 more words

Driven By Intrinsic Motivation – A Key For Being An Engaged Employee

Engaging employees at various levels has been a great need of any organization. Organizations invest huge resources to carry out employee engagement surveys or employee opinion surveys to assess employee engagement and motivation levels. 1,420 more words

Employee Empowerment

The Mac Lab Way

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