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Where is your sweet spot for coming up with good creative ideas?

Imagine that you have just been invited to take part in an online experiment in which you will be asked to generate as many creative ideas as possible. 221 more words


Kids and Money in Whole Life Evolution Without School

Sean and I were running an errand this afternoon. He’s 10. He was lamenting from the back seat that his friend, Levi can’t play GTA… 1,853 more words

Partnership Paradigm

Is Money Still a Relevant Motivator?

Money may be an ancient concept that dates back to around 5000 B.C., but it’s still, in essence, a concept. We all know that concepts can definitely become outdated and outstay their welcome. 508 more words


Emotional Intelligence: Motivation (Part I)

As you build your organization, you’ll need to understand how to attract and retain dedicated members. The reasons why an individual takes a certain action can fall, roughly, into two buckets: … 545 more words
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Intrinsic Motivation: Raising Kids Who Love To Learn

Before my son came into this world, I had already chosen his career. He will be a doctor. *Mic drop.’*

When I was pregnant, I read stimulating books, listened to classical music and ate foods thought to promote intelligence in fetuses. 1,383 more words

Intrinsic Motivation

Creating a Learning Orientation Versus a Performance Orientation

Professional development gets its fair share of criticism- sometimes it’s because the activities and the strategies don’t connect with the teacher’s classroom or context. Sometimes it’s because it’s adding more rather than helping teachers do what they need to do in their classroom better. 640 more words

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