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A Jobless Future? New Learning Models Make It Look Less Bleak

This one here says “Extra strong. For Mondays.” He smiled. You don’t get it, do you? A man was talking to a young kid. They had found a bunch of old coffee cups. 794 more words

Driven By Intrinsic Motivation – A Key For Being An Engaged Employee

Engaging employees at various levels has been a great need of any organization. Organizations invest huge resources to carry out employee engagement surveys or employee opinion surveys to assess employee engagement and motivation levels. 1,420 more words

Employee Empowerment

The Mac Lab Way

Just sharing a tale you may or may not find of value.

The Mac Lab Way v1.0

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The mystery behind the motivation to learn

 No matter how much we dissect the functioning of the brain to illuminate how people learn, the bigger mystery is what causes people to learn. Typically when someone dives down into what why some people excel at learning they will come back up with “intrinsic motivation” as an answer. 480 more words

Educational Trends

The Potty Chronicles (Part I)

Disclaimer: Far be it from me to tell anyone when or how to potty train. This is just a glimpse into one family’s inane experience. Step by step. 719 more words

Big-Data, Machine thinking, UX og fiskekort kap. 5 - Case study: Dyrekort

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Case study: Dyrekort*

Vi har været igennem vertikal thinking og machine thinking med IBM’s Watson og BIG DATA. 1,175 more words


Big-Data, Machine thinking, UX og fiskekort

Mit navn er Philip Illum Thonbo – jeg har arbejdet i den digitale del af reklame branchen som oplevelses designer i 15 år. På  store produktioner for blandt andet Coca-Cola, LEGO, DR og Bang-Olufsen. 260 more words