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Moments of Stillness

I sit to write, later than usual and in a different place, an alternative viewpoint, and notice that the garden is completely still. A moment of pause. 269 more words

Christmas Cottage

In essence, they personalize the experience all on their own.
As a result, it is their agency and autonomy that helps them construct knowledge, supported only by strong relationships with their peers and teachers, coupled with an innately curious, intrinsic motivation.

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When a Snake Shows up for Unschool

When a snake shows up for unschool, we take the moment to deep dive snakes.

When a snake shows up for unschool, the question “Is it a Copperhead?” leads to consulting field guides, referencing indexes, and quietly observing a living thing in its environs. 114 more words

Open Web

Geniushour and Origami: No Lazy Learners Here

I subbed in four classrooms this week: Monday, 1st grade; Wednesday, a 4 year old program; Thursday, kindergarten; and Friday, another 1st grade class. It was a busy week and I’m becoming quite adept in wearing different teacher hats! 780 more words

Prototype Development 2/5/18

I am currently working on my prototype. To have my product work, I need to understand and learn arduino, which takes a fair amount of time, I also need to learn a new code language. 88 more words

If the entrance exam to high school was about Harry Potter, my children would be in the top 1%. Let's talk about that.

I have two children, one nine and a half years old and desperately waiting for his letter from Hogwarts. The other is 14 and about to move on to high school, but in the Harry Potter universe it would only be his fourth year– the best year– according to him.  757 more words


Home Practice 1: Intrinsic Motivation

I recently listened to podcast where the host talked about developing a home practice. His advice, while admirable if it had worked for him, was ultimately filled with a long list of “shoulds” and “should nots”. 1,361 more words