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A puddle is a wonderful thing all by itself.  Add loose parts and it becomes something beyond wonderful!  It started with T, who was looking for something that would float in the puddle.  

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Ordinary Moments

Nurturing Inner Motivation in Elementary School Children

Recent years show a growing number of schools are implementing programs designed to increase levels of motivation for learners. Students need stimulus to give them direction, encourage their persistence, and increase their motivation to learn. 362 more words

Fremont Preschool

Intrinsic motivation and mental flow

There have been many heated debates about how we become “good” at something. Is it genetic disposition? Should you forget about your dream to become (say) a musician or a computer programmer if you are not “naturally talented”? 871 more words


Reverse engineering

The world has never appeased me but in texts; books, quotes, articles. Anything in its raw form where I can put together my own meaning. I hate everything that’s manufactured or put together towards an end result in mind. 313 more words

Personal Blues

For some children, artistic play is the most intrinsically motivating, engaging and fun type of activity they can choose.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing children as young as three years of age spend over an hour working with clay or paint only stopping because of being hungry and needing something to eat.

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Blogging 101

What's your why?

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. Nietzsche

We live in a world that rewards frivolous behaviour with fame and fortune, so it is no wonder that some people expect their motivation to come from the outside, in the same way that reality show contestants expect to win a million dollars, simply by “ 536 more words


Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation


  • didn’t do well in law school ;)
  • about rethinking how we run our businesses
  • “the candle problem” by Karl Duncker
    • key is to overcome “functional fixedness”
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