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Health Insurance, Rewards, and Wearables, Oh My!

(If you did not read the title in a “sing-songy” voice, please reread. If you still don’t get it, you really need to watch The Wizard of Oz. 700 more words

Everyday Life

Burning Patterns into the Brain (Class Eleven)

“Alright–I want all of you to listen to the recording of today’s dialogue for homework and have it memorized and ready for recitation by Thursday. Yes, I know it was three pages long, but that’s beside the point. 1,969 more words

Applied Linguistics

Create a selling environment that leverages intrinsic motivators

During the 1990’s expectations of a salesperson began to change,  and so therefore did approaches and behaviours.

Admittedly some industries have been slower than others,  but the  “rah rah”  salesperson is an anachronism in today’s environment. 450 more words


Three Ways to Turn Your Football Players' Mistakes into Successes

Three Ways to Turn Your Football Players’ Mistakes into Successes

Here are three powerful and actionable strategies for improving your player’s view of mistakes and success: 856 more words


Five Ways to Eliminate Bad Habits with your Football Players

Five Ways to Eliminate Bad Habits with Your Football Players

Understand and identify the motivations as to why you’re engaging in the undesirable habit. Be honest with yourself. 711 more words


Rebellion and Peaceful Parenting

A mom in the group I created has posed a very important concern. She is concerned about her 20-month-old toddler getting into things, even in spite of being told “no”. 1,652 more words

Parenting And Kids

How Football Players Can Get the Most out of their Coaching

This is a two-way street.  Coaches work hard to maximize their success; however, players can get the most out of what the coaches are able to provide.   1,086 more words