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When Money can buy everything, goods and people: Is the US drifting from a market economy to a market society?

US drifting from a market economy to a market society?

Here’s a question we need to rethink together: What should be the role of money and markets in our societies? 1,915 more words


Teacher Leadership Standard 1: Model Moral and Ethical Behavior

During the course, Moral Issues in Education, I examined Teacher Leadership Standard 1: Model Moral and Ethical Behavior. This was a challenging course for me because in my role as a teacher, I tended to avoid conversations revolving around the topic of religion. 2,499 more words

1. Model Ethical And Moral Behavior

The Seven Keys to Mental Toughness in Football

1. Always act as if you are in total control.

2. Put aside things you have no ability to impact.

3. See the past as valuable training and nothing more. 578 more words


They Have to Care...

They Have to Care
They have to care first-
No amount of preaching to–
Intrinsic Value
They have to care now-
No amount of prodding at– 32 more words


YOU Are Your Best Motivator

Any endeavor requires motivation in order to make it a success.  Typically, we begin the pursuit of a goal with lots of energy and enthusiasm.  Unfortunately, many of us abandon our dreams, in part because we fail to realize that this high energy won’t last forever. 452 more words


Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall, and the Purity of Intrinsic Motivation

“Do you think I could be a writer?”
“Well,” the writer said, “I don’t know. … Do you like sentences?”
The writer could see the student’s amazement. 

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Leadership Development

Spring Experience Reflection 1

Within our readings this week, the chapter about learning and self-understanding in Nel Noddings’ Critical Lessons: What Our Schools Should Teach (2006) was of most interest to me. 425 more words