Don’t quietly creep through life; burst through it with a roar, like your serious!

Welcome to my blog.

I felt, in part, obligated to start this blog in response to the mountain of misinformation & non-evidence based ‘advice’ offered by many so called ‘experts’ who see fit to publish a plethora of articles that amount to little more than a mildly detailed expansion of clichéd motivational quotes . 190 more words

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The Beginning of the Breakdown

This is the start of something that means a lot to me, I love rock and roll, I love wrestling, and I’m a loudmouth, so my opinions mean a lot to me. 53 more words

Intro Page

Welcome to my Site

My name is Kat,and I am a photographer. I do all the work on the site,and I hope my boss(the white tiger in the profile photo) approves of it. 172 more words