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Everyday Manna

Manna; (noun)

  1. The food miraculously supplied to the Israelites in the wilderness – Ex. 16:14-36
  2. Any sudden or unexpected help, advantage or aid to success.
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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting.

I’m excited you’re here and I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts here.

My goal for this blog is to focus on and share my experiences growing up as a step kid, and then using those experiences to raise my own family, when I found myself in a similar situation as an adult. 200 more words

Blended Family

The awkward into

Chances are if you’re reading this at the time of publication you know me personally, or at least know me through one of the Comic Groups I admin on the Face website – if not, how did you get here? 153 more words

First Post

An Introduction

I’ve never really been good with stuff like this… Professors ask for two fun facts about myself and suddenly everything I’ve ever done or have been interested in kind of flies out the window. 305 more words


Hello, World

In introductory computer programming courses, students are sometimes asked to write and compile code which will output the phrase “hello, world”.  The idea is that once students are able to produce this extremely simple computer program, they can then learn how to write more complex programs.   35 more words


Hello world! The hubs and I have contemplated starting a blog now for quite some time. And while I’m not the greatest writer on the planet, or the most public person, we do love to share our experiences with people! 520 more words


Hello everyone!I’m not sure how many of you can read in Spanish, but for those who can my next book will be coming out soon. Here is a little preview.