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What's in a language?

What is a Formal Language?

The Rigorous definition:

Let be an alphabet and let be the set of all strings of length k over that alphabet. 123 more words

Formal Language

Hello friends!

Welcome to my blog ^_^ It’s been a long time since I’ve had a blog. It’s hard to share personal thoughts sometimes, but I’m going to try my best and become an “open book”. 242 more words

Shadows of Brimstone - Introduction

I’m going to tell you right now, this was an absolute must-have game for me the second I saw the details on it.  I’ve actually spent a fair bit of cash on it thus far, and I plan on spending a fair bit more (when I actually have some).   1,177 more words

Why is it?

Why is it when that when we’re kids we have no care in the world, no remorse, but as soon as they give us a little bit of responsibility we lose that care free attitude. 382 more words


Dream Academy

Dream Academy is a changing learning platform and which is inspired by Sir Ken Robinson.

Thats a little wrong with nowsaday learning or education system in any places. 189 more words



We have been transformed to be DreaMoreHK,a society of Dream Chasers.

WHo we serve??
Mainly will be focus on teens and dream chasers but we are all welcome different aged range with dreams. 61 more words


Daily Blog - DAILY VLOG!

Been a few days since last post, i’ve been quite busy and had alot of stuff to do.
The most positive thing that have happend during this time is that I finaly decided on Youtubing. 69 more words