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My Name Is..

Hey. My name’s.. Well, I can’t really tell you that- it’d blow the whole point of this blog. Welcome to my anonymous blog, where you’ll find out more about me than the usual person will. 234 more words

About Me

No Regrets

I loved my first job, no doubt. But slowly over the years, I started to feel pigeon-holed. I was always on-deck for problems that happened in the system due to what I’ll call… 256 more words


Small Intro to jjbureah from a D1 bound, Future space engineer, Yale commit, Soundcloud rapper, highschool student

I like writing disorganized, it may make it harder for the reader, but it makes writing a lot more entertaining for me. that probably sounds selfish, but heres the hard truth, I don’t give a fuck about the reader. 74 more words

How Tf This Site Work Lol

First Post

Ah, yes. The dreaded “first post”. The thing that has been keeping me from making a blog before now. It’s hard to say exactly what should go into this first post – my name, occupation, reasons for being here? 209 more words


Testing: One, Two....

Hi guys! This post is basically just for you and me to see how this whole thing is going to go.

As you all know, I won’t be around every week to have group with you three. 229 more words

First Post


I’m not really sure anyone will actually follow this or even read it. Its mostly a therapeutic thing for me. But in case I feel like its only appropriate to introduce myself. 219 more words