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First blog post

So I started this blog as a means of bettering myself, creating a new version of myself as I learn things that I never knew, as I experience new found pleasures or pain and as my life unfolds on a daily basis, it will act as an escape but also as a reminder as to how far I have come, the main idea behind it is to change myself, my thinking pattern, my negative and prejudiced views, I want to converse with people at a higher level, I don’t want to be in a conversation and think, when will this end? 115 more words



Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”
-Pablo Picasso

Life is a paradox sometimes, no? 554 more words


Why This? Why Me?

This has been my first full week of being part of the M.I.T. program and the first day that it’s felt like Christmas.

I love books. 413 more words


Humboldt, the lost hero of Science

I recently came across this book titled “The invention of Nature” by Andrea Wulf which talks about the amazing life and works of the great German explorer Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) and I have been totally fascinated by his expeditions, scientific work and philosophy. 322 more words


Top 10 Essential Oil Tips

The education, support, and resources made available to me when I joined Young Living were plenty. However, sometimes there are things that you only learn by experience. 958 more words

Essential Oils


My name is Lisa and I like to moan a lot. Not that kind of moaning, you filth bag. I like to give out, whinge, complain, bitch… whatever else you want to call it. 210 more words

First Post

Hello, I'm Daniel.

Hi, I’m Daniel but, call me Dan. I go to a normal school in Toronto and I have 2 brothers. I’m in Gr. 8 plus, I have a hobby of programmings, such as building websites and apps. 74 more words