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One December Morning...

…or was it night?

I’m not really sure at what time of the day I was born. But, I’d like to think I was born in the evening or night. 587 more words



I don’t know what to do. It’s 4am and I don’t know what to do. I met a guy tonight, but I can’t stop thinking about someone else. 52 more words


"Hello" from the Author a.k.a Admin

Hello, I am the owner of this blog and I would like to say “Welcome” to my ‘Dork Fics’ WordPress blog~

You guys can call me August. 153 more words

1st Post

One Who Submits


I wrote this (lightly edited) piece as an email to my mother, shortly after I had my epiphany that lead me to a deeper understanding of my faith. 3,903 more words


Guild KEEP Private Portions

K19. SMALL TOWER: This typical tower houses eight guardsmen who are all armored in chain mail (AC 5) and carry crossbows and swords with 1d8 lackeys. 2,199 more words


Hi Everyone, I just wanted to find a home for all the fanfiction works I have done over the years. I will continue writing whenever inspired.

我想把多年写的各类同人文归结一下。 脑洞大开时会写新的。 这里目前包括同志亦凡人, 德足同人,自由坠落。


Why I Started A Blog

I wanted to start a blog, because I think it would be a good opportunity to educate people a little more about Barbados, learn new things from doing research for my blog posts, try new things, be more creative, share my knowledge and help improve my writing skills. 340 more words