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What have I done?

So I’m only twenty but I think my life of adventure has already past. I’m in Nursing School and it’s sucking my soul out of a good time. 49 more words


Welcome to the life of a service dog!

Hello! My name is Sophie! I am a service dog. That means, I help my human. I tell her when she isn’t breathing right, tell her when she is going to have a “seizure” (at least, that is what she calls it), I tell her when she needs to stay sitting, I give her thing when she drops thing, I give her Dads wallet when he drops it so she can buy me toys and… 133 more words


Radiation Units: A Slippery Opponent

Be prepared. You are now entering a world where dose, dose equivalent, effective dose, and committed dose are all different quantities. This is your road map; don’t get lost. 695 more words

Fission Fragments

Who am I?

What is this? Will this help me in any way? Where do you work? Will I work in a candy store after I read this post? 205 more words