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To The One Who’s Afraid Of Getting Closer

Even though you we live in the same city,
we go months without seeing each other
and when I see you, you’re always distant,
you’re always cold even when the sun is out. 211 more words

Welcome to my mind!!!!

Hey everybody, so after putting it off for months and with everything going on in my life, I’ve decided to start blogging again!!!

I’ll mostly share my thoughts, experiences and info about travel, networking, gaming, and since I like to cook you might even see a recipe from time to time, lol. 23 more words


Spectral (Revised Edition): Prologue

The sky shred, raining the stars and their radiance upon the earth as a flurry of blurred light and ash. In their place, a being formed, erupting into light and consuming the surrounding darkness. 3,204 more words



Why am I writing this blog? I have been trying to answer that question myself… You see, I am good at many things… I made it my mission to be good at a lot of things… I like learning and innovating and making things better and less complex and just… Pretty. 228 more words


Maybe we could just have cake?

I like cake. My sister would tell you imperiously that I like cake a bit too much but what does she know. I’m Episcopalian, cake is essentially part of my identity. 524 more words



Heyyy! Glad you asked…

When you hang out on this site, you’ll not only get the black girl’s perspective on things, but you’ll also get to read the ideas/opinions of many other Millennials / Gen. 235 more words