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Hello world!

Well, where do we start..

I have decided to give this whole blog thing a whirl.. I’ll post up bits and bobs about me and things I like or things I am doing. 122 more words

Hello, bonjour, guten Tag!


I see you have somehow stumbled upon my little blog, I don’t know how or why, but I am glad you are here. A life deconstructed might sound like a pretty harsh and unwelcoming title (trust me, I’m aware of that), but none the less that is what all blogs are. 52 more words



This is my research and personal blog.

I study, and write, about  a topic which many find interesting – the human experience and perception of the Second World War – with a focus on Italy, the country where I am from. 218 more words

NAAAHR - (N) (Triple A) (HR) - The Black HR Association

There is a black HR organization in the Los Angeles area! And we are proud to be an integral part of professional development for HR professionals in the Greater Los Angeles area.   147 more words

Professional Development


Ok WordPress… that made me laugh.


Ummm..... Who are YOU?!


How to answer this question?!

All in all I’m just a normal girl.

You can call me Chrystian. I am 17 years old and kind of have a lot to say about…. 19 more words

First Time

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Hello there, reader. How kind of you to stumble by. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Crystal, and I am a twenty-something adventurer at heart (and mechanical engineer). 139 more words