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Gear Up Everyone. Choose Your Weapon (part 1)

Peralatan asas untuk hobi tok semesti nya rod dan reel. mun sik mampu pakey lah koyan…kikikiki. Zaman bapak aku pun makey benda tok. tapi bahasa up dikit, handline, baruk standard dikit bunyi nya. 498 more words


Hello world, my name is....

Salam perkenalan semua.

Ini adalah entry untuk kali pertama. Sik banyak yang nak ku kongsi untuk entry yang pertama, cuma nak memahami cara pengendalian blog….kah kah kah, agik jakun dalam benda tok..so slow slow lah… 134 more words


Hello World!

Greetings Pokemon fans and everyone else!

I am Abluegolfball, and I am a YouTube content creator! This WordPress page is a bit bare, so I thought I throw in my first post to basically say: “This is my first post! 47 more words


A Self Proclaimed Introduction

Hello, I’m Eliot Schultz. You may know me from seeing the short films from Insane LLama, unless you have not seen any of them. In that case, oh well, you win some, you lose some. 188 more words

Insane Llama

What Teens Learn from Watching Television: Part 2

In my previous post, I suggested a connection between watching sexual content on TV and having more permissive attitudes about sex in general (Ward, Epstein, Caruthers, & Merriwether, 2011; Ward & Friedman, 2006; Ward & Rivadeneyra, 1999). 381 more words


Trying My Best to Make This Not Awkward

Hey there!

My name is Pam and this is my blog, I guess. I decided to use this a way to talk about my thoughts on my experiences with God, college, friends… just life in general I guess. 89 more words

First Post

AlopecianFit: The Introduction

So, where do I begin? Ahh, I will begin with me. I am a 21 year old man, currently in college pursuing a degree in business administration with a minor in philosophy. 199 more words