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Hey everyone! My name is Jackie. I’m 18 and a senior in high school. June is on it’s way and I’ll be off to college in just months. 130 more words




So I thought I would start a blog, partly because writing is something I love to do and would love to share my experiences with other people (even though more than likely nobody is reading this but that’s fine) and partly because studying journalism at the University of the Arts in London is my absolute dream and hopefully this blog will further increase my chances of being accepted! 134 more words


First post!


Before we get anywhere, I am obligated to inform you that I am a murder … of blogs. While blogging as been something I’ve wanted to do for a while,  I tend to create one, then leave it piling dust before it’s inevitable deletion. 223 more words


An introduction.

I had big plans for this blog.

I was going to become an expert in children’s and young adult literature before I ever gave out so much as a tweet on the subject. 248 more words


New Direction

After much thought and consideration, I am changing the direction that my research is going. Where I focused on how fear affects our decisions via advertising, I am going to broaden my topic to why we fear certain things but not others. 73 more words


something undefined

Hello, my name is Marija and I’m 16. I always wanted to have virtual diary, sharing my thoughts with unknown people, maybe give them hope or interesting noon, or something, anything. 140 more words



Welcome to S1AL’s gaming blog. Here you’ll find discussion of games I play, theory, strategy, or relevant and interesting gaming news.