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Welcome to my new blog

Drawing gives me a creative outlet to express myself when words aren’t enough.

My art helps me know what I’m thinking and feeling, it’s a great way to record life lessons, and it encourages others in their journeys. 92 more words


1. Intro

Oh hi…! So here goes.. the first post, numero uno, number 1, the intro.  Technically it’s not actually my first blog post but in the past my blogs have been about one particular topic and I just haven’t kept up with them. 637 more words


Wrote this for you in a computer lesson lol. 

No argument of mine can help you but I’m telling you this because I am worried about you, and hope that you don’t perish without having truly known and tasted the sweetness of Christ’s love for you. 1,085 more words

The Intro.

You may be wondering who I am and what the purpose of this website is.

I can answer one of those questions.

Beleduins is a place where those who are confused can find answers. 110 more words


Truth Number One: The Truth About Me

Nervousness: a feeling that often comes over me. It could be because I don’t like failing, or maybe it’s because I care too much about how others see me. 305 more words


Introduction to KTs Prep

Hello and welcome!

I’m creating this blog to help people understand and learn about survival. When emergency situations come up you need to be informed and have the supplies and tools and skills that you’ll need to survive. 70 more words