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Hi, I'm Muffy

And I test and review products with 100% honesty! I will be writing my first review soon! Thanks :)


Re Pilot

Hey, my name is Tiffany, I’m a student, somewhere and I enjoy writing a lot of things. I originally made this blog to rant and get things off my mind because 140 characters on Twitter wasn’t enough for me. 117 more words


Who am I and why I'm here

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kelly and this is my first blog post!!  I have a lot to say about a variety of topics and I want to start broad and get smaller.  82 more words

It's time to share

I started a slightly different blog a while back and I found that because it was all under my name I wasn’t able to write about all the things that I wanted to. 97 more words


Von Clausewitz in Cyber Space

In this first short essay, I shall question popular thinking around what constitutes ‘war’ so that we may approach the topic of cyberwar more holistically. 629 more words



Hello world! Welcome to my first blog! I plan on many more to follow, but as my first blog I would like to use this one to introduce myself and what I am aiming to achieve with my site. 444 more words