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Giới thiệu chung về Rối loạn ám ảnh cưỡng chế (OCD)

Rối loạn ám ảnh cưỡng chế (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder O.C.D.) là một rối loạn dựa trên những suy nghĩ và thói quen mang tính ám ảnh, lặp đi lặp lại, như nỗi sợ sự dơ bẩn đi kèm với sự thôi thúc, thói quen thực hiện một hành động cụ thể, như tắm rửa quá nhiều. 2,993 more words

Sức Khỏe Tâm Lý

An enormous sense of well-being

Remember the old Blur-song Parklife?

I feed the pigeons I sometimes feed the sparrows too
It gives me a sense of enormous well-being

And that is exactly what the Torplife is about.

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An Introduction to the Harebrained Hairetic

Hi there! Thanks for taking a look into the busy mind of the Harebrained Hairetic! Feel free to call me by my real name, Ashley. You may see my name as Boonah Baker.   357 more words

About Me

Birthing of my book Nutritional Truths.

What began as a personal experiment turned into a quest for truths and then came the need to share much of what I have learned with as many folks as I can. 300 more words

Book Release

More about ABAIP's Presence

ABAIP has a YouTube channel at  as well as a Twitter feed that you can follow at https://www.twitter.com/BrasAm_Recife. And don’t forget to visit and donate at the GoFundMe page, … 31 more words


The Story So Far...

When we last left our heroes…

After traveling through the Dust Desert of Raurin, our intrepid adventurers came across a secluded encampment amidst the barren wastes. 207 more words


Introduction to the Integrated Life, the 4 aims of Life, and speaking your Truth

The 4 aims of life are “Kama” meaning desire, just like in the Kama Sutra. Artha, meaning the acquisition of Wealth. Dharma the embracing of righteousness and good conduct. 19 more words