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Uzbekistan: The Introduction

For centuries, Central Asian region served as an important connecting point between China, India, Persia and Europe for Silk Road travelers. In the 1800s Russia expanded its territory making Central Asia a part of the Tsarist Empire. 726 more words


Who is Joyful2beeblog's Blogger?

Hi, I am M. Elaine Estes. I am a retired nurse with many interests. My two cats entertain me and keep me company and make great topics for blogs and photos. 447 more words


It is what it is...

So… I’ll be honest, I’ve been dragging this out for some time. Thinking if it’s worth it to start, if I’m gonna forget in the next few days or even hours (I’m quite forgetful), if I’m just gonna get disappointed that not many people are gonna read this or be interested… But then I thought ‘Why not?!’ someones gotta read it at some point, right? 212 more words


Introducing ''Within the Style''

The idea of this blog was born at a very random moment, very spontaneously. Two friends, Sarah and Anna, found themselves about two months ago taking some pictures. 421 more words

New Blog

TypeScript - Getting Started !!!

This blog site is fundamentally targeted to learn TypeScript one step at a time and help JavaScript developers understand the value of embracing TypeScript into their development tech stack. 991 more words


The Obiligatory Introduction Blog.

Well here goes, I always wanted to write a blog but never thought I would !

I’m Emma, I’m 27 and I live in Ireland. The reason I decided to start a blog was to share my story about finding my feet in life and battling anxiety, I know over the years I found comfort in reading others people’s ‘anxiety stories’ knowing that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. 115 more words