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I read books and I watch movies.  This is my space for the after-thoughts


Introduction to Me

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor and yes, you guessed it, I’m in love with tea. My interest in all things tea started when I was just a little girl. 301 more words

First Post

How many fresh starts can you have?

This is a question I ask myself almost daily. I seem to be on a never-ending cycle of destroying and rebuilding. I flip from impeccable behaviour (working out daily, successful in my job and letting only clean foods pass my lips) to completely sabotaging my efforts by going on a binge. 853 more words


Colored Markers Method: Introduction

In August 2016 I gave a presentation in the Bridges 2016 conference about using the Wang tiles for designing seamless non-periodic patterns. In this article series I will go through much the same matter, but take a more generic approach, and focus how the concepts of colored edges and corners can be applied to more generic designs. 998 more words

Starting is the Hardest Part

Glad you found my blog!

I’m Julie!

(Photo by my dear friend Ciara)

Hopefully you’re reading this because you’d like to know more about natural products and the natural world. 465 more words

First Post

About Me :

  • What is your name: Heather Holland.
  • What do you do/want to do: Right now I am a student and I also Nanny for a family that I love to death!
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Food Recipes in Urdu/Hindi and English!

This blog is all about making food recipes in Urdu/Hindi and English.