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Community Post: Ranking All 27 Limo Introductions From “The Bachelor” Season Premeire

27. Kylie: I’ve been told that a pink dress with red hair is not a good look. Also, she walked up for a rose when Juan Pablo called someone else’s name. 151 more words

The Mystery of the Sneakers - Solved!

Earlier this week, Diane saw a bunch of sneakers outside the lab right below us and wondered what was going on. We went down to investigate, and turns out we’re neighbors with the… 431 more words

Lab Life

A Day in the Life: Episode 1 - Michael Wisser

Author’s note: The purpose of the A Day in the Life segment is to give our readers a sense of what life is and can be like both in the D-Lab specifically and in graduate school overall.  936 more words

Lab Life

Tagged: 50 TMI Questions

I know, I know! I am waaaay behind in my actual blogging, but hey things are absolutely insane! Not busy, per se, just…. craziness! In other news, I’m working on vlogging at least once a week now, because I ended up moving in the beginning of VLOGust (vlog every day in August). 398 more words


Paradise Forbidden is NOW LIVE!

And on SALE for 99 CENTS!

*twirls in glitter*

*throws confetti*

*blows bubbles*

*does the Hokie-Pokie*


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Book News!

UfD: Making Changes

While I am away next month the blog is going to be different. I am taking a break from the usual blogging that I do, but that also leaves me with the question, do I continue doing exactly what I’ve been doing when I come back? 495 more words


New Year, New Graduate Assistants

Written by Sarah Calise, graduate assistant

The first week of the 2015-2016 academic school year has nearly come to a close, but before it does the Albert Gore Research Center would like to introduce you to our two new graduate assistants and refresh your memory of the two still kickin’ it from last year. 568 more words