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Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

So, it’s been awhile, eh?

Yeah, so about 7 months ago, I got into a relationship and I don’t have any desire about blogging about the very personal things in a relationship, because they should just be between me and the boyfriend.   363 more words



Welcome to the Snow Ninjas Army of Club Penguin!

Did you see us on Club Penguin? Click HERE to join and visit the following link to visit our chat room and talk to fellow soldiers:



And So Our Story Begins....


I guess this is the post where I briefly explain who I am and what this little blog is all about. Well, I’m Steven, otherwise known in other parts of the interwebz as Atothetheist, my partner, the illustrious Mr. 310 more words

First Post.

Hi there, world.

So, having blogged.. well, never, I thought I would start by saying hi. Hi there. How’s your day going?

I was thinking about how to write this blog, as staring at a screen writing my thoughts is not something I’m used to. 644 more words

About Me

Hello world!

There are lots of windmills rolling in  my head on this day!  The news is forever warning the public on terror attacks and the neighbors are playing loud music, it’s a cacophony of all that America represents. 132 more words

4th Of July


I’m going to be honest, and I doubt it will be hard to notice, I have never written a blog post before. I’m a little nervous and a little excited about how this whole thing will unravel. 270 more words



We had a special house guest this week, the large and floofy Roxy! I picked her up after work on Friday and the two of us (and her cage, and her accessories, and a 2 month supply of dog food AND a tile saw) crammed into the Caliber and off we went…and she has been awesome! 1,016 more words