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Logo Final

The intent of the draft logo was to create a piece based off of simplicity; a concept I wanted to continue with on the final logo. 301 more words


Getting to Know You: Introducing Gus to the Kittehs

I already had two male cats when we adopted Gus: Bailey, a grey/brown tabby born in 2004 and his biological uncle Garion, an orange tiger born in 2002. 429 more words

Once Upon A Time...

I have exactly two paragraphs to get your attention. They need to be exciting, gripping, and above all interesting. They make you feel as though you’re peeping through an old-fashioned keyhole. 443 more words

October 2015: Gwen

Favorite Book Genre(s):


Least Favorite Book Genre(s):

Biographies 255 more words


My Parents Went on a Field Trip

My parents went on a field trip without me. They have actually started taking more vacations with my brother and me out of the house. I guess they’re making up for the times they spent having to take care of us instead of going on vacation? 177 more words