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What is this "Contributor" business anyway?

The Iguana is trying something new for 2017: contributor columns! At its very simplest, this means added recognition for our writers: not only do you get published, you also get a fancy title, your name on our masthead, and a shiny new entry for your CV means. 595 more words


Diplomatic Incidents: Making Proper Introductions

**I’m finally starting an Etiquette Series! That took a while – like everything else that I promise, come to think of it. It’s not you guys – I’m sorry! 940 more words

Diplomat's Wife

Daily Conditions for 01/22/2017

Reading Value Today’s High 54 degrees Today’s Low 35 degrees Today’s Average Wind 1 Mph Today’s High Gust 17 Mph


In Search of a Third Place

I’ve always liked living alone. It allows me to freely enjoy little luxuries that would otherwise be a bit more difficult if I had a roommate — things like decorating the space to suit my tastes, never having to tiptoe when I come home late at night or even lounging around in my underwear. 289 more words


Non-Blog Blogger

I’m a non-blog blogger. That means I write blog posts in my head and never actually write or post them. But, it’s 2017 now… New Year New Me! 152 more words

Welcome to PANM 452 Course Blog

Welcome to the course blog for PANM 452. This blog space will be developed by the class as a template for developing personal blogs.


Hi, hello, welcome!

First posts are always so awkward, aren’t they? So, uh: hello! I’m Katie, and I’m an artist and writer from Newfoundland. If you’re looking for my art, check out the links above. 69 more words