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Preface: This blog is not about you

You could call this the “rules of engagement” for following this blog, I suppose. Really, it’s just an introduction to me, to how I think, and to the blog I’ve always wanted to write but have been a bit too scared to start. 816 more words

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French Culinary System: Advantage 3 ~1825

(More) Prefatory Matter on French Cooking.


Third Advantage of French Cooking

  • Combines “Luxury with health and economy”
  • i.e., healthy!

Source: French Domestic Cookery, 1825… 16 more words

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I Am Black Hole Courtney. Welcome To My Life.

Hello world, my name is Courtney, sometimes I’m “Black Hole Courtney”, but not today; today I am just “normal” Courtney.

“Black Hole Courtney” came about nearly two years ago. 272 more words


This is me.

Seriously, I made an entire post so you could see my face…

Just kidding.

But for real though. That is my face. In high-def. Eek… 166 more words

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Intro of the day, Part 2

This is Bandit. Shes an adorable domestic short haired kitty who was found as a baby and bottle fed. Bandit is the sweetest baby but she’s also always ready to fight you. 67 more words


French Culinary System: Advantage 2 ~1825

Prefatory Matter on French Cooking.


Second Advantage of French Cooking

  • Seriously economical
  • You may not even have to cook some days
  • No waste!

Source: 19 more words

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French Culinary System: Advantage 1 ~1825

Prefatory Matter on French Cooking.


First Advantage of French Cooking

  • Inexpensive
  • Re-use ingredients/recipes
  • Easy to prepare
  • Agreeable and elegant family fare

Source: French Domestic Cookery, 1825… 15 more words

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