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Pro : A Reflection Through Realism

This is fiction. Pro ~ protagonist. Yes, the picture is just pretty and of no relation whatsoever.

For four years, Pro was witness to household conflict. 470 more words

Fiction & Poetry

Because My Heart Is Into It, So I Will Stay

It’s pretty easy and tempting to f*ck it and leave.

But if anything else, it’s cowardly too.

I do not know why exactly we choose to stay. 390 more words

Food For Thought #2

What screws us most in the life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.             – Anonymous

This is something to think about.

214 more words

“Mulling is Good!”

We see it all around us, watching TV, in church, ostensibly listening to someone else talk, even in a crowd, like at the Food Court of the local Mall. 649 more words


One that makes you larger, one that makes you small

Rest on my table by my bed

In your brightly coloured dress;

Signs of were and is and might still be

All piled together in white and pink. 46 more words


That Was Different

Score: +3.5

Compared to the utter suckfest of yesterday, my Tuesday was downright awesome! I got a phone interview with a cool company, and I’m really thinking I’m going to make a good impression when I call in on Thursday. 334 more words


Asking For Help Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing

I always like to be in control.

No matter what it is, no matter how  poorly I may do at the task, I always want to be the one to do it.  410 more words