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feelings are cliché

My entire head is in pain.

This may not end up being one of my trademark introspection pieces. This very well may just be me complaining. 483 more words

People don't change

Yes, it’s a House MD reference. But, for once, not in a bad way. Hear me out.

I went to the movies with my mom and her friends (beggers can’t be choosers). 222 more words

I Am What I Am

There is no point in wanting to be anywhere I’m not.  If I haven’t arrived there yet, how could I ask my Soul to be there? 2,462 more words


Live Life

“We all are in constant connection
With each other
With our selves
With life
We explore elements
To enrich our soul
We look for things…

17 more words

HOPE NEVER DIES- By William Warigon

Beloveth, are you feeling hopeless

because you are in a brink of


Sickness, fear, loss, debt, lack of faith,

now and then come to imprison us. 122 more words


Unveiling The Masquerade

Your innumerable trials 

In fretful agita ,
To attain the perfect smile
That beseems immaculately
In the ever changing frame of others.
I fail to fathom… 284 more words


Red Rock Blood

When traveling to Southern Utah for the first time, it is fair to ask, if the red rocks were cut would they bleed. And when traveling to Utah’s desert for the second or third time, it is fair to assume that they do, that the blood of the rocks gives life to the country. 391 more words