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My Own Mortality

The last 6 weeks have been kind of hectic. At the end of June, during a soccer game, I took a shoulder to my sternum. At the time, I thought it was really no big deal. 713 more words


Emotion for its Own Sake

During the difficult times in my life, I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to allow myself to linger in an emotional state to no evident purpose. 453 more words


The Black Cat

There was a tunnel, Billy was with me, it was dark, then I felt a spider crawling on my face, I rose up quickly and swatted it off, it crawled down my neck and my back then fell to the ground. 562 more words


On helping others

Every time I am caught in an accident or mishaps, someone would always stand up to help me through it. Most of the time they’re my friends but a couple of times, they were random strangers who just right then and there decided to offer their hands. 133 more words

Reflecting on my Academic Life

I am about to turn 25. This monument seems so subtle, so natural, so minuscule, but it is a great triumph. This is a great time for reflection. 1,228 more words


black fades from its own fullness

extinguishes the nightlight
undressing trees from their
truest colors

stars are orphaned by
the wakening day
cloudbanks break for… 62 more words