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Some Late Musings on Fathers Day

Father’s Day was different this year.

The beginning of the day was busy enough that I didn’t even remember that it was Father’s Day and by the time evening came there was more to think about than usual. 1,136 more words


What could have been.

It is more often than not that my mind wanders to a place I was in once upon a time. And from there, the natural course is to go where it could have been. 152 more words


  When you accepted your own flaws is like saying people can judge me all they want, yet, I’m completely happy and no way bothered by it


The Subway- Thought From Someone Left Behind (part 2) 7-2-2015

“Sometimes….the only form of worship that you can offer is your tears.  Sometimes that is the only way for you to articulate what is felt within…” ~Me… 250 more words


Psychedelia in Film and TV #1: INtrospeC(EP)TION.

In this series of articles I will take a look at various films and TV shows and apply a psychedelic lense to them – look at them with my ‘third eye’, if you will. 3,070 more words


The conversation of death 

Bit of a heavy post today folks…

Talking about death and what happens when someone dies is not as big a part of our cultural norm as it should be and this has been on my mind for a while now so I thought I would share my thoughts with you and see what you think on the matter. 1,403 more words


Ashtanga Yoga Log (July '15)

June Review:

Alright. Decent. Mediocre. Had its moments. Working out the kinks. Progress marred by inconsistency and ego.

July Goals:

No more fucking around. Discipline, discipline, discipline. 68 more words