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The Lady & the Romantic

It was around midday, everyone crowded around the potluck table, when Harper and her mother was approached by a Lady of prominent station in their community.  410 more words


(un)titled thought XX

she waved
said hello

the look
on my face
spoke volumes

it was
half an hour
i realized
she was… 30 more words


Commitment versus Compassion

Deciding what to choose from one of these was my challenge last night. I never thought that an unexpected scenario will led you to asking yourself which one is valuable. 211 more words


Spinny Brain

An anxious thought starts like a marble at the top of a massive slope. At first, it’s not going all that fast, but quickly, it rockets to full downward acceleration. 322 more words


I'll Ask You Again.

How do you tell the difference between who you are and who you’re trying to be?

While I attempt to be a good person, I can hardly call that practice. 290 more words


Some Things Change, Some Things Stay the Same

I write a lot about healing and transformation.  I write a lot about learning from our experiences and moving forward. I write a lot about sharing our stories and listening to others tell theirs to foster an environment of mutual healing and learning.  951 more words


The More You Learn, The More You See

When Rusty arrived, his eyes were as hard as his muscles.  He had rain rot from withers to tail and large old white scars on his back where someone had ridden in a saddle that didn’t fit. 1,000 more words