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I should really use my left leg more

I have been including mobility exercises in my routine. They include stretching the obliques, and most importantly my legs. I found that I have been using my right leg more than I do my left leg. 226 more words



Distance measures out in
mountains and pebbles
and ocean waves
Heights stretching through
peaks and treetops
and fingers of flower petals
reaching for one last bit… 48 more words

The Psych Undergrad Florida Man Visits Alaska Day...10?

I really wanted to do a day by day journal/blog type thing here but there were days when I didn’t have internet access and other days when I was just so damn tired that I really didn’t have the energy nor the willpower to care enough to really do this. 391 more words

Florida Man

Leap of Faith

I was there this morning
Normal as I could ever seem
But there was despair lurking
around, quiet and unseen.
You felt something was wrong… 154 more words


Music. A Scholarship Essay

The following is adapted from a scholarship essay I wrote on the prompt of “What are you average at and how does the Lake Wobegon Effect (a natural tendency to overestimate one’s capabilities and see oneself as better than others. 954 more words

Contemplating Life

In My Vicinity

I don’t judge you dear

but rather I just discern

what I allow to enter my

inner circle of concern.

I can only control that… 121 more words


Weeknote: 13 to 17 May 2019

1. What inspired me this week?

  • The GDS Sprint Leeds event: So many of my favourite people were there! There were service jammers, GDS people, DWP people, Leeds City Council people, NHS people.
  • 907 more words