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2017 Ultra: Day -1

In 2011 I made a third attempt at training for a marathon and was finally able push through the pain without injury and complete my first marathon. 594 more words



Booking the corner most reclining seat, at the top of the theatre. Check.
Buying nachos with salsa and Pepsi. Check.

There I was, all set, watching a movie I wanted to watch in forever. 682 more words



As I stand at the sink washing vegetables,
You sneak up behind me.
Your breath on my neck
Starts to melt my cares.
Then you place your hand on my stomach, 121 more words

Of a saturday in late september

Sometimes, I need to remind myself that I am still alive.

I don’t mean alive in the literal sense. How easy it would be to think to myself,  oh, my heart’s still beating, I can feel the inhale and exhale of my breath, so that proves I’m alive and well. 1,285 more words

Another Confirmation Of How Music Is My Entire Life


These lonely hours drag on like the slow melt of an ice cream cone

in fall

Reruns and rewatching recordings on tv.

Subtitles below because even though I am not busy, … 185 more words

Attending to the Small

Mandy Len Catron on her ongoing struggle: “And maybe a good way to think about my place in the world is to consider how often I am inconvenienced by injustice — to make space for it, to welcome it in.”


22 Days of Musing: 4 and 5

Day 4. Quick as lightning in its tracks.

As much as depression and the anxiety that accompanies it are a part of me, the way in which I perceive my mental illness is often as a sort of entity apart, almost (though not quite) a spiritual companion – albeit an entirely less than pleasant one. 950 more words