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Win or Lose...

It has been a few years, nine years to be exact, that I have entered a public competition. My glory days of pageantry have been turned into the training days for aspiring queens and taking the position of teacher rather than student. 1,517 more words

What Would You Tell Your 17-Year-Old Self?

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As for me, I’d tell him to stay strong, that everything will be okay in the end, and that he should focus on building skills to make himself independent :)


Eighteenth Post - Meiner Eltern Tochter

(I might post an English version soon)

Ich erinnere mich, als ich meine erste Psychotherapie machte, sagte ich meiner Therapeutin, dass ich im Grunde genommen ein glücklicher Mensch sei. 1,024 more words


Speaking Sex

To speak sex is not to speak about sex. Nonetheless, to speak sex is to require speaking about sex, but at the same time to not get caught up in the delusion of “speaking about sex”  as the ultimate goal of sexual liberation, if there is such a thing at all. 929 more words


Cool is the new sun

Well its a not so sunny morning out here. Clouds have invaded and its predicted that are gonna keep themselves put till sunday. Its a good change from the scorching heat of the past few days, everyone sweat like pigs. 170 more words


Causatum of a lost key

‘Ding, Dong’……….’Ding, dong’…’knock, knock…..’thud’ thud’……………….I ran towards the main door; who was in such a hurry to ring the bell and knock simultaneously.

‘Aunty’, a woman in her 30s looked at me. 376 more words


Regrets, Mistakes and More

Another school year has ended and as part of my yearly ritual, I sat down to reflect upon the year gone by in general, the mistakes, the lessons and regrets. 708 more words