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Finding the right coconut

Let me begin with a minor incident which I dealt with a few days ago.

One day when I returned home from college, I saw two ripe, green coconuts resting on the kitchen slab.

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Entry 22: August 22nd, 2016 (Week 18)

Wow. I look rough today! Like I’ve been dragged out of a hovel I’ve lived in quite comfortably for a month without warning. I don’t  particularly care though – I’m not feeling great so it comes with the territory, right? 561 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Welcoming the Age of Introspection

I have passed that age when birthdays evoke a bulk of emotions- excitement, anxiety, curiosity, happiness. I don’t even remember who wished me, and more importantly who did not (it helps you in keeping a headcount of the people invited for the birthday party). 353 more words


“Slactivism.” Immediately, it brings to mind someone who sees an article and lets their hearts go out to the subject, likes a post about sending prayers and thoughts to a place that has been devastated by war or natural disasters, then goes about their merry way. 687 more words


It's The Socks

One of the quirks of living in a big city is people passing on the street don’t speak to each other. People move about in a swarm yet each person acts is if they are the only person on the street. 1,037 more words


Morning Light, Shattered Blinds

Please let the quiet slumber of Jack and Fionas’ nap last a little longer. Give me a bit more time to relish in the peaceful sounds: the humming of the overhead fan, the creaking of the house, the fridge, chimes; sounds different and sacred, meshed together calmness I desperately need after the day I’ve had. 822 more words


What a Writer Wants

I don’t want to write a romance novel
That fills a hole for an afternoon
But leaves the reader starving for more.

I don’t want to write a prize-winning article… 162 more words