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A journey to my shadow self

Welcome to the end of all things.
And eternity is like a beach in which we stand complacent, for we have found the dark side of our nature. 101 more words

Throwback thoughts: Dear Self

Part of this blog is this thing I call throwback thoughts wherein I post old stuff I’ve written on my phone’s note way back. So here is a letter I’ve written to myself last August 3, 2017. 1,184 more words

Random Thoughts


Were never
A vase of roses
Placed on the windowsill.
Showy symbols of affection
Thorns sheared
Beautiful, insubstantial dreams
That slowly die outside of hothouse walls. 130 more words


Quietude - Gray Days - Deja Vu

About a year ago, I posted this video.  The days were gray.

The days are gray now as well. This year the gray days are prolonged. 107 more words



Every bad habit has its repercussions.

In the meantime, all I know is that I just can’t stop thinking about it.

That is my punishment. … 203 more words

En Vacances - Malta Jour 1

It’s not often I spring out of bed – the comfort of pillows, a thin and comfortable duvet plus the questionable status of sleeping alone makes rising from the pit a test of endurance. 1,254 more words


Je pense, donc je suis

We can’t always trust our minds. We have our individual realities, which are formed and sustained by our experiences. Our experiences, however, aren’t absolutely factual. Due to various factors, our experiences are imprinted in our minds very differently than their actual counterparts. 695 more words