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Quote Monday

I’ve been in a state of avoidance.  Finding consolation in escapism.  And the only person that affects, the only person that suffers, is me.

I don’t know why exactly either.   46 more words


I Believe In Unicorns

It’s so inspiring to see young girls thinking differently, this 8 year old is very wise!

Taking Care Of Yourself


I’ve owned a copy of Bruce Springsteen’s album Born to Run for a lot of years, and I still enjoy listening to it. In fact, I listened to it on my four-hour drive to referee roller derby this weekend. 643 more words

Naked Painting, Ritualistic October Chant

I can’t remember why we were naked, maybe it was after I had given Jack and Fiona their bath? I had a sports bra on, we were practicing jump roping, so I had taken off my shirt to put on my sports bra, I had taken off my underwear after jump roping because jump roping makes me pee my pants! 536 more words


The Inner Judgement [Critic]

The inner judgement

still has to look to

their own aroma


Human Fallibility

We expect too much of ourselves.

We expect to find in ourselves

The good that we want to believe is in others…..

And when at times we do not find it there, 153 more words


This is Halloween

Deep in darkest twilight,

We celebrate new life,

This love divine,

With lives intertwined,

For this is Halloween.

In child-like wonder,

Or with hint of mystic glee, 15 more words