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That feeling...

How Iqbal felt when he first stepped into the cricket stadium, how the Hawk Eye feels in The Avengers and how Sheldon felt being… 284 more words


Value #1: Community

I am trying to contemplate and put a tag on my values. I understand that they are fluid over the longer run, but it pays to have them nailed and labeled, while approaching life. 504 more words


Thelonious Monk, Rain, and War

Thelonious Monk, Rain, and War. That is today, November 24, 2015, 5:06PM. I’m in my studio, got some time to paint and work in a couple GAP colab books. 402 more words


The Gift of Gift Cards

This is one slightly harried mom’s perspective on gift cards-and how they are absolutely fabulous to receive as gifts.

I know a lot of people feel like gift cards are a cop out, a last minute, “crap, I didn’t get anything for so and so-let’s just grab a gift card.” We’ve all been there-as participants on both sides-so this does happen. 883 more words


Authentic Relationships.

We need to stop approaching relationships as fillers to our internal voids and loneliness. Instead, giving and recieving love from an authentic place can insure that you’ll be less heartbroken and more satisfied in relationships. 198 more words


Day-24: Learning to say No...have I succeeded yet?

To continue with my previous post, as I said it’s weird how the dynamics of saying no change as we grow up. So probably it’s because of the way I am conditioned, I have always found it difficult to say no to anyone. 732 more words


It would always be my anxieties that made me thoughtful — but apathy, it was always apathy that left me empty.

A. Hymn