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held onto fire inadvertently so

mesmerized; inhaling all of the smoke

listened to every syllable you spoke

Embers flew while we watched the sun awoke



Cracks and voids

My dear, what has become of you

Electric you were, a discarded robot you remain

In my eternal now, devoid you remain
Replays of empty shelves, the dust collects… 74 more words


Losing Touch

Hold me-
I’m adrift amongst the stars.
Keep me-
Though I’m fragile &so small.
Love me-
I need your help to grow up strong.

Began my life fighting… who would’ve known it would set the stage for my life.
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*Not* my Nobel Prize

Lifestyle blogger Charlotte Graham nominated me for the Getting to Know You Award. This sort of recognition is pretty far outside my comfort and interest zone, but I suppose I deserve it. 655 more words


what matters

only the inner life matters
this whole experience is really
a conversation between you and god
between form and formless

only the inner life matters… 56 more words


When does self analysis become self absorbed?

Introspection is a good thing to a point, but just like everything else you can take it to far. I am the king of taking a good thing too far, flying right by that sweet spot that most people stop at. 257 more words


Understanding Interbeing

The idea of “Interbeing” – introduced by Thich Nhat Hanh into the North American Buddhist vocabulary – may be viewed as a formulation of the doctrine of  “dependant co-arising” in the  192 more words


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One of the founding principles of my previous production and of my life in general. The self is an illusion. The self is non-existent. Yet paradoxically, it is through the self that I can change the world.