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My Question

What was the difference between you and me?

I keep asking this question, I seem to get no answers.

You aren’t doing anything but you keep reaped. 83 more words

Random Musings

Cheese and WHINE

Guys, I’ve been a big storm cloud.

It’s ironic because I’m supposed to be at a really good place right now. I’m in Napa studying culinary arts. 876 more words


Stubborn Indian Boy !

How far you can go to be successful ? How about 8000 miles.

New Delhi tendentiously consumed people in itself,and being raised in that city takes away all scope of vision towards life. 296 more words


to be honest, i always felt that if you want to be treated and respected for who you are as a person, then you need to cut generalizations out of your diet. 181 more words



I’m sorry, you’re great. I hope we can still be friends.

Famous last words.

No, I don’t think i’ll see you again. The reality is that we may exchange a few friendly text messages here and there, but i’d be a fool to expect anything else. 203 more words

A Camera, Buried

I opened my camera bag
It sad unopened for almost a year
I decided to change that
Looking to create visions of visuals again
In her kitchen, I asked her to pose… 143 more words


Stories that Need to be Told

The story that you tell – not the gossip that you spill – not the rhetoric you regurgitate, and definitely not the notions passed down to you from your parents – but the unique story that you have to tell, should be told. 510 more words

Self Development