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Walk with Me - Vocation Revisited

Towards the end of last year, I wrote on the topic of vocation, wrestling and asking the question on how I am to be part of the Body to bring Him Glory. 902 more words


Ode to the Poetry of Me (or: improvised introspections after watching Collateral Beauty)

Sometimes it’s just blood
Sweat, tears, with no sign of
Figures of speech in here…

Sometimes love, death, time,
With collateral beauty
Not too far behind.. 24 more words



Sitting around my parents’ dinner table I can’t help but watch and take everything in. This year has been quite a year for us, I’ve been very, very sick, our family was blessed with a new baby thanks to my sister, my youngest sister moved out of my parents’ house, my sweet baby boy will be nine next month, and my first love, my baby brother will graduate college this Spring. 306 more words

Tanka: Reflection

Hey there! I hope you had a great weekend and got some time to reflect on yourself. So, did I and here’s what I discovered enroute my journey of… 25 more words


If I Could Ask You Anything

Dear persons of whom I won’t name,

Somewhere in time, I will be a great person, be it in my own power or thanks to you, I’ll be that one I aspire to be. 408 more words


Poignant Moment

After finishing Ram’s bed time story, I tuck him in and settle down by his feet leaning against the wall for some downtime. I  am browsing on Facebook catching up with what’s going on in my friends’ circle. 123 more words

On letting go

When something awful happens, particularly emotional trauma, it feels like the world suddenly wants to give you advice on how to handle it. If it’s not typewriter text overlaid on a seascape with a vintage filter, it’s platitudes from well-meaning friends, or the ever-not-helpful Facebook parables. 948 more words