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Dear 5-year-old me,
I wish you had taken those rides up the see-saw and slide
And not refused to cry when they caught you in seek-and-hide… 351 more words


Why We Need Introspection to Be Us

Introspection – it kind of sounds like either a pretty awesome thing or a downright boring thing to do, doesn’t it? Be it awesomeness or complete boredom, introspect we must. 958 more words


Maybe that's okay

I don’t know what’s going on,

But, maybe that’s okay.

I don’t know the way,

But maybe that’s okay.

I merely exist,

But maybe that’s okay. 213 more words


Brown Girl Writing

Its been four months since I last published on this blog and once again I find myself needing to apologize for not posting in such a long time. 425 more words

The Days Are Long...

The cliché saying is that “the days are long, but the years are short”, or something in a similar vein. It is true, these moments that we exist in can seem like a lifetime, especially if the toddlers are tantruming and the baby isn’t sleeping. 479 more words


Home and Everything I Know

I liked, the bottom of the barrel better,
I would sit, unnoticed, judge quietly.
And I could do this, I could,
I had a right, because, I wouldn’t share, 80 more words


Black Panther Film Review RR097

RR097 Friday Film Review: Black Panther
WARNING: contains the phrase “kick ass” twice
There is so much to say about this movie which falls outside the boundaries of this podcast so we will not tackle them today. 148 more words