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Wretched Creature

What a wretched creature; always lurking about
Despondent and divested except for impulsive desires
Daily life comprises nothing more than dodging trepidation and seeing what transpires… 33 more words

I'll take Good Parenting for $500, Alex

Today is Thursday, March 26, 2015, also known as Day Six of the Streak. That’s six straight good days with gusts up to great. Yesterday was the current high water mark by far, being K1’s birthday, but I’m not only looking ahead to better that, I’m now expecting to. 578 more words


A New Series- 'The Thing About...Raising My Children'

A few years back I had a life-changing moment. In that one moment I achieved so much clarity on what I wanted from life. Maybe it was always at the back of mind, shielded by my subconscious and it took this moment for it come to the forefront. 187 more words



If I try to imagine what it was like without you

I find myself not knowing who I am reflecting

I knew things about myself before but… 20 more words

How to kill a fly without breaking a sweat

I never used to believe there was a real art to killing a fly. You know – that one annoying fly that keeps buzzing around your head while you are trying to do some serious work; The one that buzzes on your laptop screen and then moves on to your dumsor LED lamp. 229 more words

Opinion Pieces

Of Marshmallows and Major Hopes (Or, What Little Girls Are Made Of)

Spring is our busy season.  I knew that the moment I took out my first tour of March and we had literally 15 buses parked on our bus loop, all before ten-thirty in the morning.  390 more words


Weekly Challenge: Quiet Introspection

Apologies for posting the weekly challenge a bit later than usual.

This week’s challenge is to make some quiet time however you see fit; maybe it’s listening to music or, taking a walk or, perhaps it’s finishing that project you’ve had stashed in the other room- whatever quiet time looks like to you this is the week for it and the introspection that often accompanies it. 7 more words

Weekly Challenge