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Nights like this

It’s nights like this, when I’m sitting at home, alone, reading a really good book, a book that makes me feel all the emotions I don’t express, that I wish I had my “person.” You know that person? 291 more words


Earning Years

Justin here. Thanks to everyone who is enjoying the blog so far. “Follow/subscribe” and keep reading because I promise we have a heck of a story to tell and won’t disappoint. 2,247 more words

Personal Development

Quick Relationship Spread

Want a fast way to take your relationship’s temperature? Try this spread!

Probably the most common question that comes up in Tarot readings is the desire to know what is going on in a relationship. 364 more words

Personal Growth

Chamber Walls

O these chamber walls

O these chamber walls

I cannot jump over

The sun light’s gone home

O these chamber walls

I etch the number of days that have passed on in this place… 230 more words



See the air recede
Circle the skies
Words to the wise given warily can open the eyes
Reduce the smoke and lies
The paralyzed look mistook for the broken disguise… 145 more words


(…but not mixed-up)
In spite
Of being light-bright
(& almost white, but
Not quite)
I choose
Neither to assimilate
Or to hate nor to separate… 24 more words



It begins a tiny seed
That little pit of shadow
Given strength in its seclusion
Roots winding round whatever light has made such trespass

It only grows from there… 65 more words