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Beauty adorned by the mountains

with pearls of snow

with charms made of the lush green meadows

and wearing an anklet of stream

golden hues of the sun… 50 more words



Aww! the tiny little feet

stomping up and down

they run through the forest

as if they own this part of town


He carries a lanky stick in his hand… 89 more words



“We are halves, but we make an infinite whole.”
― Catherynne M. Valente

Am I an amenity in your life?

or am something who defines you 
198 more words


Honk! Honk!

Life, I'm honking at you

give way to my joys

move away worries and sorrows

Let my pain and anger pass

Honk!  Honk! 127 more words

Poetry Day 6: Screen

Choose what goes in,

Those that will keep you smilin’.

Block those negativity,

It will pull you down like gravity.

When they question your intention… 42 more words


The way all affair started

sounded dubious

the vows he made to her

about till death do us apart

sounded dubious

they way he meticulously planned everything… 86 more words


Scar - A poem

“Something which doesn’t touch your heart
will leave a scar”

Wounds don’t really heal
they dry and leaves a scar
Broken hearts don’t mend…

118 more words