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Get out of your depression !!!

August-September 2020

Lesson :

Even the sky you live under… changes

This world is struggling. We all try hard or we give up but the pain will surely come whatever we choose. 314 more words



I don’t understand

I dwindle as the day ends,

Drab prisoner free.



You hug my shoreline,
Waves gently lapping my soul
Until I give in.

Waters rushing over me
I suffer deluge’s touch.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved. 20 more words


Day of recognition

Being an introvert, Its literally hard for me to express something with others because I feel my words and emotion are not safe with others. 135 more words

Why I Love Mountain Over Beaches

India is rich in different Paradise that cuter the Passion of Various travelers. Some love climbing mountains and others love the beaches. Either or, India is gifted with both. 299 more words

It's Just A Complicated Game

I ask myself, “should I put my finger to the left?” 269 more words


How Could You Forget About Me?

Heavy hit, pavement
Lying down, let it rush to my head
Spilled milk, broken glass
Counted every minute right before you left

Every syllable you ever said… 124 more words