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I don't like people...but I'm nice.

I consider myself an introvert – though some would argue that I’m actually an ambivert, since, although I prefer listening, I am open to talking and having fun and wearing noticeable clothing items and traveling the world and such. 248 more words


I can’t really put into words the way things felt before now.  Most of the time I just felt like I’d been programmed differently to everyone else around me. 

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Introvert Burn Out. Perspective 30.

19th of March, 2018. 

Over the past few weeks, I have spent time with many friends and it hasn’t necessarily been face to face but also over texts and calls. 407 more words



No one called me. It was a good vacation.


When People Tell Me I'm A Star

i am a constellation of nothing


every fiber of my mass

is an unempty space in empty space

made up of matter that does not matter… 135 more words


Proud Introvert, Yay!

Welcome To My Introvert World

I used to be ashamed to be an introvert. I thought I was weird for not enjoying cocktail parties. Everyone else seem to be having a grand old time, small talking about the weather, what they did for a living, leaving a conversation after 5 minutes so they can mingle some more while always holding a drink in their hands. 510 more words


Monday Currently | 3

Oh well yeah, it’s Monday AGAIN and again and again and so on and so forth.

I just had the MOST exhausting weekdays to weekends to weekdays again blast! 766 more words