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Need to call and cancel an appointment

I will never be mentally prepared to use the telephone….



And that was when it struck her.

It wasn’t that she was lonely at all. Rather, in her profoundly introverted seeing, she never was finding the needed peace she needed. 289 more words

Me To Yous

Introversion forty four

You’re only as attractive as your last sale.
And humankind struggles to put together an identifiable model of acceptance,
fear, the most successful sales pitch is not only pitched by the sales people, it is pitched by the purchaser, and so the foray of beings so desperate to sell themselves to others as worthy will ironically buy up whatever it is to sell themselves and stay attractive in the eye of the shopper. 160 more words


We is

Emotion is;

The gentle tap,
of the heart on intellects door,
reminding it to stop with analysis,
and feel more.

The mind is;

Just a melting pot, 176 more words


Blogging as an Introvert

Once again I should begin this post with a very simple explanation of what makes introvert and extrovert different. Introversion means that you get your energy recharged by alone time. 105 more words


Is it Really Shyness or Introversion? (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Diksha Krishna

Founder & Owner of: Melangemagic

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Fashion and Successful Living Writer

Introversion is a tendency wherein a person gains energy in solitude and silence. 208 more words


Traveling to Ireland & Scotland

I had the most amazing opportunity to visit Ireland and Scotland last year. Both places had been on my bucket list since I was young and finally getting to experience them was incredible. 372 more words