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An Apology to All the Friends I've Failed

I’ve been writing a lot of deep posts lately and this one definitely falls into that vein. It’s something I’ve been contemplating about writing for quite a few weeks now yet have always found other posts to write, instead. 2,326 more words

Random Musings

Defining Introvert (in a roundabout way)

If you go to Thesaurus.com and enter “introvert” into the search bar, you’ll get the following list of synonyms:

brooder, egoist, egotist, loner, narcissist, solitary, wallflower, autist, and self-observer… 920 more words


University, Term Three

Two months ago, I finished my first year at university with an upper second. My third term (April – June) was by far the most strenuous (*engineering students roll their eyes*) which could be why I’ve delayed writing this post. 1,813 more words


I Have a Theatre Degree (and I'm Okay)

Welp, I did it. I got a new job.

While I was applying to graduate school, I decided to take a swing at some job applications in higher ed admin, because what did I have to lose? 1,066 more words



“Sorry, I can’t, I may be busy then…” She protested with her hand in her own, gripping, grinding, til the idea is entirely gouged out of sight. 25 more words



what’s a man to do
when he can’t stand what he sees inside
ironically turn further inward
flee from himself to hide

Because immersion does not become easier as you grow older, you have less head above water, less energy to tread water. 83 more words


Beautiful Bugs and Incredible Insects

Like many kids, when I was younger I loved collecting bugs. I didn’t keep them for long (with the exception of a spider that made a home in one of my jars), I just liked looking at them. 277 more words