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Scribbled Lines

Hey, guys! After much internal debating, I thought I would share with you some of my recent art projects. Those who know me in IRL know that I am always doodling. 481 more words



I was never here,
but I saw all of the things
that I wish I could un-see.

I.M. Wilson


Back , forward and back again

I used to be an extreme Extrovert, organized and in control. That changed in the last ten years. I was in a very unhappy emotionally and mentally abusive relationship that I just didn’t have the strength to change. 173 more words

My Thought....

XIII. The INFJ Door Slam

Hey, dearest reader! Great to see you!

You guys asked for it, so I am delivering. Here is my take on the infamous INFJ door slam. 1,688 more words


Quote of the day

My world is about feelings. Sometimes these feelings run so deep I fear I will drown.
-Jaeda DeWalt

Image credit: “Scotland” by Moyan Brenn…

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Back To It

Well, hello there strangers. It’s been a while. To be honest, I neglected this blog as soon as my uni studies became tough. But now that the semester’s over, I can focus on writing here again! 298 more words


#INFJproblems - Gushing

I’m pretty reserved out in public for the most part. But as an INFJ, I’m pretty emotional and feel things quite deeply. When I express these emotions (for example, when I’m telling someone I really like their work or when I’m saddened by someone’s bad news) my tendency is to gush, or emote. 24 more words