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Quote of the day

In light of their independent-mindedness, introverts are more concerned with the notion of authenticity. For them, this means identifying and holding firm to their own preferences and convictions, even when others are doing things differently.

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Jonah and the Fish

This is a story that many have heard, probably since birth, until they are bored to tears with it. The message is usually conveyed as “you can’t run away or hide from God.” While that could be part of the message, it doesn’t convey the full context of the book. 1,023 more words

Decisions, decisions....

I once had a burning desire to be a public speaker. I was on track, doing the things to get me there. Then out of nowhere came the thought ‘why would anyone want to hear what you have to say?’ 224 more words


Shaped for Social Solitude?

Here’s a conundrum. My passions are writing and relationships. (Combining these, I love to write about relationships.) What’s the challenge? I can easily get too busy writing, researching markets and avenues of publication, and submitting work, to have time for the relationships about which I’m trying to write. 389 more words


All the People...all the time

The Daily Post offered up this nugget of inspiration last week:  when was the last time you felt lonely?

To be perfectly honest here – I can’t remember the last time I felt lonely.  393 more words

Sunset Reflections: Widen your perspective

When I stay home too long, I can forget there’s a world outside my doorstep.

I can get lost in books, in writing, in my thoughts, and in my own world. 210 more words


Don't you get bored being alone?

During my recharge times I try and be alone as much as possible, ignore calls, texts, messages unless I need to reply.  I usually have headphones in my pocket that I can wear (even if I dont have anything to plug them into).   213 more words