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they tied her to
the doctor’s chair
poked and prodded her
with needles
until her arms were
bloody constellations
still she
never said a word. 93 more words


Introvert Problems: Being Single Is Way Too Easy For Me

One of my goals for May was to go on one date. This isn’t a particularly ambitious goal, and online dating gives me access to so many potential dates. 1,402 more words


Shed Some Light

The shed in the sunlight.

By now, you might have noticed how much I love this old blacksmith’s shed on the farm. Its weathered, aged patina, smokestack piping, & repurposed doors & iron connect me to the history of its past use. 123 more words

Breaking Barriers, Pt. 2

By: Kelci Hogue

It is that time again. Time for another life perspective post from a different friend of mine. This time coming from my lovely and talented friend, Bianca, who will be sharing a few of her passions with you today. 1,023 more words

Life is but a dream: Living & working in Taupo, New Zealand

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing” – Camille Pissarro¬†

It occurred to me just last week that I was living the dream. 1,523 more words

Hello or Goodbye?

In a corner I observe the chatter, the rowdiness that makes me nervous but convinces me that my life is not as dull. There is a live band on the stage with a young lad that dreams of stardom, struggling to win the attention of the front tables. 202 more words


Your Stupidity

You never knew,
you never understood, when you knew,
and that is why
I never wanted you to come close.

Because I knew this would happen. 50 more words