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Live Some, Write More

“Rusty, a writer is the sum of his experiences. Go get some.” ~Stuck In Love

A few Saturdays ago, I was plagued by the typical weekend problem: there was nothing on television. 346 more words

Voice Of Innocence

Holistic Living on Why Being An Introvert is Awesome

We cant all be extroverts.  Neither should we be.  The world needs it’s balance of energies. Introverts are not necessarily shy, nor does the term prerequisite that they hate other people.   809 more words


Introverts Get Creative With Earning & Saving

If working in a team isn’t so much your thing.  Customer service even less so. You don’t dislike people, you just enjoy spending time on your own or with one or two others.   1,068 more words


Great, But Not Perfect

At church today it suddenly occurred to me why I’m always late. It’s because I’m an introvert and I start yearning for my bed after I’ve been outside for about two hours. 337 more words


New Revalations

I am not a morning person.

Yes, I should have probably figured this out by now, but… I just hadn’t. When my husband started alternating between straight avoiding me in the morning and calling me a grumpy pants I realized just how un-fun I am in the mornings.   188 more words

Never Never Land

Making Your Introversion Work for You!

If you can answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you work in a office on a team of extroverts?
  • Do you wish you had a cubicle to go hide away some times?
  • 73 more words

How to train your dragon and Introverts

Can I just say I think my favorite movie is How to Train your Dragon. And I feel no shame that I has a grown woman have a favorite movie that is for children. 364 more words