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Introvert Working In Customer Service

Nothing is more exhausting than being an introvert and working in a job where you are handling customers all day. The constant small talk, smiling and acting cheerful all the time, and being around people 8 hours straight. 114 more words

Self-Promotion from an Introvert

I return from my extended absence in the blog world to share this simple truth.

Books don’t sell themselves.

Unless you’re an established author with a team of professional marketers working with your respective publishing company, it will fall on your shoulders to do your own marketing/promotion to get sales. 888 more words


Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge (Day One): Tiger in My Tank

I’m not the photographer in the family, but when Cee told me about this challenge, I told her I wanted to play.  After 26 years of marriage she didn’t think I could surprise her, but I did.  355 more words

Chris Donner

Brain Drain and Pain - Why Inclusion Matters

When a human being is born, their brain weighs one pound. If you are reading this blog, your brain probably weighs about three pounds. Through normal human development and physical growth starting as a swaddled infant to toddling around as a toddler to tip-toeing through life as a tween/teen and eventually, achieving adult status, your brain gained two more pounds. 1,562 more words


{The Plan}

I’ve never really been good at expressing how I feel, not verbally anyway. In fact, the best quote I have found that I can relate to entirely is as follows: 180 more words

Used to Be

When I was little I was always a pretty shy person, but I was different than I am now. Although I was pretty shy and fairly quiet everyone knew who I was. 221 more words


Perceptions of the Detached (v.20150417)

There was an old Twilight Zone rerun I remember watching as a teen (“Time Enough at Last”, 1959), where I believe there was some sort of nuclear holocaust, and the only living person was this bookworm who was heavily henpecked by his wife.   245 more words