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Introversion 101 (part 2)

The benefits of being an introvert

(I.E. The perks of being a wallflower.)


All that time thinking, pondering, and zoning out gives an introvert a lot of ideas. 316 more words


Being introverted

Just a quick personal post for Saturday. Going to School was never easy for me. I loved the work and cherished my time in classes like history and social studies and, believe it or not, I was pretty good at drama as well, in fact, it was my fav class because I was able to become someone else just for a wee while. 273 more words


The worth of you

I am
Life is like a sentence, a mere dot can end you.

And of what use is your uppity upper case, … 95 more words


Being an introvert (and figuring myself out in the process).

Where to start? I am currently in the Dominican Republic typing on an old school rusty keyboard where the symbols are completely different and in order for me to get the @ symbol, I have to do Alt 0064. 971 more words


Week 26 - playtime and introversion

Thanks to a fairly substantial misunderstanding on my part, Reindeer and I unexpectedly spent half of today at a local play hub with another member of our baby group. 536 more words


Quick Hello

It’s the third week of school and I am already swamped in homework, meetings, and drama. My World Literature class is proving to be the most work and very time consuming. 436 more words


Practice, practice...

Writing songs happen either immediately or over several centuries, for me. The problem is that I’ve only had a ukulele for about two years, and I’m not very good at it. 400 more words