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Rain, Rain, Stay Awhile

I usually don’t like rainy days. They’re dreary and bleak. I have to juggle an umbrella or a hood in addition to the already oversized bag I’m toting because if a drop of rain gets on my hair, it frizzes like a Pomeranian show dog. 592 more words


Anticipation of Socializing

Sometimes this is so accurate. I enjoy talking to people and being friendly with people, but sometimes there is so much anticipation behind it that when something turns out to be less social than I thought, I feel relief from the pressure I put on myself.

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Introversion - twelve

You taunt me to come out of my shell and  join the parade,
Pull away from my book, my mind, to the world of masquerades. 177 more words


Confessions of a Self Choosen Anti-social Loner

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to anti-social people and loners. People believe that they don’t know how to make friends, that they don’t have social skills, or that they’re just plain old freaks. 543 more words

Creative Writing

"Without you"

do you ever have those days
where being around people
is not an option 34 more words


What's it like to travel with an Introvert

I want this blog post to be an open letter for those people I’ve traveled with and for my future travel buddies.

“Kahit ano” 

Please excuse me if I’m not always involved in organizing or planning an excursion or a hike or an out-of-town trip. 976 more words


Wordpress After Dark: How does an introvert motivate themselves to be a temporary extrovert? 

So, I need to put myself out there. When I’m alone I want someone to text, talk on the phone with, and hang out. But when I’m out in public I don’t have the same yearning for people. 185 more words

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