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Quote of the day

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
-Theodore Roosevelt



KINDLE, v. To hide behind electronics in a way that is socially acceptable, yet discourages small talk.


Living beyond the known.

I woke up knowing I had been dreaming and that I had been dreaming most of the night. Even though I didn’t remember anything, I knew that some part of me had been actively engaged in some form of mental activity that was not conscious, not part of my “day life.” 790 more words




Jadi malam ini, iya malam ini banget, saya baru balik dari acara ulangtahunnya jurusan. Namanya English Department Anniversary by Legato – UM. Soooo, awal-awal banget mana saya mau nonton acara beginian, bukan karena gaasyik atau gimana, tapi emang saya orangnya gasuka keramaian maupun ingar bingar makanya mau gak dateng. 328 more words

Growing Up // Divorce, Anxiety And A Narcissistic Mother

I don’t even know how to start this post, what to write, what order to write it, what I really think or truly how this has affected me. 3,824 more words


Figuring out I am an Introvert

There is a difference between the things I love and the things I am supposed to love.  I am talking about the outside influences on someone who is an introvert that make you feel as if the quiet, subdued life you may be seeking is not enough. 607 more words

Thoughts & Inspiration

Confessions of an Ambivert

Like what I have written last week, very few people are purely introvert or extrovert.

Most of us will display both traits of introvert and extrovert, with some people leaning more towards one side of the continuum. 658 more words