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Meanwhile Back In The Coffee Shop...

There I sat, enjoying the warmth of the coffee and pondering life’s unsolved questions such as “Who was the first person who figured out the complex methodologies of a good cup of coffee?” when my ponderings were rather rudely interrupted by a young man who stated, rather brusquely, “I saw you sitting here alone, so I was wondering if you might want some company.”  Being rather taken aback by this, I gathered myself and politely informed my visitor that I do enjoy the solitude, no offense meant, and it is part of my daily routine.  226 more words



All of this drama

Has caused me so much trauma

All of this mess

Has caused me so much stress

I just wanted to be a success… 50 more words


Push until they leave

Before you have anything to say

Know that I’m great at pushing people away

My anxiety sets in

Fears take over and win

Total chaos from within… 70 more words


Introverted by life

All of this hurt

Turned an extrovert

Into an introvert

Watched my personality deteriorate

And I’m not trying to exaggerate

But I swear I’m dying from the hate… 27 more words


Figuring Out Networking

Networking is a buzz word. Marketing gurus talk about it constantly, and reliable online sources insist that this is something you should be doing right now. 613 more words


Thought of the Day: Introvert's guide to Christmas

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? Are you excited for Christmas? Or already tired of the never-ending versions of “All I want for Christmas is You!”? 841 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

Stand Tall

I’m a woman.  As a young girl I was always encouraged to be “lady-like”.  I was told to sit with my knees together and if I were to cross my legs, I could only cross them at the ankle.  577 more words