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Life Outside the Comfort Zone

They say that life happens outside of your comfort zone. As an introvert my entire life is outside of my comfort zone! Stepping outside of my comfort zone doesn’t mean I’m not an introvert anymore, it just means that I work with it. 385 more words


10 Problems only introverts will understand:

  1. The mind conversations: I can’t be the only one who has an entire script of conversation ready for the day I am going to meet Brad Pitt, right?
  2. 390 more words
Scattered Thoughts

The winds of change... 

I’m not exactly expressive on the demons, and all of that paticular nonsense, that lie within…

I don’t tend to share much of what is going on behind the scenes as I am something of an introvert. 567 more words

So bad Even Introverts are Here

Since November, I have struggled to wrap my head around the results of the presidential election, as have numerous others, with very little success.  It all seems so surreal and frightening. 592 more words


Diary Page Rant of an Extroverted Girl | by Jenessa Joy | Creativity and Joy

A/N: Dear Readers: all my introverts, I would like to make this clear before you read on: This is not an attack on introverts. This is an article of frustration to the way extroverts are perceived. 506 more words