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On Friends and Darkness#NerdTales

Good day, readers. Let me jump straight into the theme of today’s positively crazy ramble and make it a bit of a rant, yes?

For a majority of my formative education, I was a complete introvert, a bit of a recluse to the point where I had maybe one or two best friends at a time, nothing more. 514 more words


Are you free on Thursday night? Thoughts on Introversion.

There’s a few things the internet doesn’t need any more of.  Open letters, for example. Elsa pictures.

There’s something about saturation that can make us weary, or even angry.   733 more words



Don’t we all have some kind of writing ritual we need to get started?  For me it starts with a trip to the drive thru.  Hello McDonalds Cafe. 116 more words



MARTYR, n. How every introvert sees herself at social events.


Three Fictional Characters

I have succumbed to the latest meme to take over the internet because I’m very self centered and like talking about myself. The name of the game is Three Fictional Characters and the instructions are obvious. 196 more words

Memes & Carnivals

Doing my own hair...

I have absolutely fantastic hair. Well, not really, but I’ve always wondered how it would feel to say that. As it turns out, I feel nothing. 395 more words

Common Author Question Time: I'd like to be an author, but I can't deal with speaking to groups...

(Note: Sorry that some of you might have gotten an email about this post early. That was a mistake. Now its live and it has a video attached!)   350 more words