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Tumblr Funnies

*Tumblr is great for story prompts about alien contact, and hair dye:




Imagine being a human in an alien crew in space and leaving with bright blue or pink hair and the color fades and everybody on board wonders WHY you are losing your colors???

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New York Times RePost: Not leadership material? Good. The world needs followers.

 If college admissions offices show us whom and what we value, then we seem to think that the ideal society is composed of Type A’s. This is perhaps unsurprising, even if these examples come from highly competitive institutions.

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Social Media for Introverts

I saw this posted by @StrongIntrovert on Twitter.

Do you ever go out, and while you’re out, you think, “This is exactly why I don’t go out”?

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4 Things You Need To Understand About The Woman Who Runs From Her Feelings Before You Fall In Love With Her

She isn’t cold, she is careful.

Something is different about relationships when you’re a girl who doesn’t like to talk about her feelings. It seems a lot more like you aren’t interested in connecting with the man you’re dating (exclusively or non-exclusively). 425 more words

Chicken Flautas and Game Night

Since I’m an introvert, I also tend to be more of a homebody. Dispite this, I am still always looking for new things to break up my routine. 336 more words

Strange Events

Article: "Networking for Introverts: 9 Tips to Use at Your Next Event"

“Many editors also lean toward the introvert side of the spectrum, but this doesn’t mean we’re inherently bad at networking. In fact, introverts can be even better at networking than our extrovert peers! 28 more words


Paper Hugot

Buti pa ang papel pwede mong hingin kahit kanino. Buti pa ang papel laging kailangan. Siya kaya, kailan ka niya kakailanganin? Saklap! Hugot!!