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Tumblr Humor #321

Just some discussions we get up to on Tumblr involving deep Pop Culture issues, like:

I will always be a firm supporter of Human/Alien First Contact headcanons, that involve a Roomba. 1,775 more words


Tumblr Discussions #182

*More introvert facts. There’s an entire website devoted to these little blirps.


*I’m totally in love with the idea that Finn is Force sensitive, and this person makes some very compelling arguments, for why Finn is a Jedi.  2,079 more words


Understanding INTJs: Part 1

I first discovered the MBTI types three years ago, and since then I have learned and been able to grow from knowing my type. The most difficult part of being an INTJ, however, is not learning how to understand yourself, but getting others to understand you. 914 more words


Introvert Linkage

Here’s a roundup of posts and articles about being an introvert. I foind most of these to be hilarious, and for the most part kind of true about how I think, most especially about people. 297 more words


Tips and Other Things I Learned from Staying at Hostels: For Introverts

Confession: I used to dread living in hostels. I tried to avoid it at any cost and was always willing to pay more for a cheap, dingy private room as long as I don’t have to cohabitate and share toilets with complete strangers. 1,110 more words

Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

By Susan Cain

This book has changed  my life. If you’re an introvert or in any type of close relationship with one, it may just change yours too. 2,107 more words


14 Reasons Why It's So Much Harder To Fall In Love As An Introvert

1. It’s dangerously easy to turn you off to an entire relationship by being too needy. If someone is demanding your attention and affirmation all the time, you’re going to get claustrophobic and pull back from them (which only spirals the negative behavior). 889 more words