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Silent Retreat

 Pangur and I spent a lovely day in in near absolute silence. It was a much needed introvert retreat. I read an entire book, and she watched a flock of wild turkeys in the yard. 82 more words

Selfie Saturdays

Confessions of a People Watcher Issue #6: Small Experiences & College Blues

A Pickled Smile

If you were in a small part of Tennessee, in a particular supermarket, at a particular time last Saturday evening, you may have had the opportunity to watch a young man smile a rather goofy smile at a jar of pickles. 1,387 more words


No. 62: the introvert’s wild night in

Do you ever just wanna stay in a night when everyone else is going out and doing their own thing? Don’t wanna talk in a crowded room? 445 more words

Free Verse: quiet

words dance upon

a tongue;

the heart beats faster

as you think of how to say it.


is how they describe you;


is how it is; 6 more words

Sleepless Nights

The Journey Begins:

Hello fellow Ambiverts!

So, let me start off by saying that this is simply a public diary, where I will get to express my thoughts that I don’t currently feel like sharing to the people in my life… 307 more words


Watching the World: Poetry not Tears

Perched on a single pedestal high in the trees
The heart becomes wearable, heavy on the sleeve
Clouds hide treachery woven into the seams of… 18 more words


2 areas where self-promotion is important for introverts

As my wife and I were driving our daughter home from a summer camp in Maine, where she was employed as a counselor, my daughter brought up a topic that is familiar with those who prefer introversion. 830 more words

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