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OJ Law's Introverts

If you’re an introvert, then OJ Law’s Introverts will easily relate to your everyday experience. Second single of his upcoming album – Let’s Be Adult, Introverts is a pop-sounding electro track, which cannot be merely categorized as a dance floor tune. 65 more words


Letting People In

Do you let people into your life?

I like people, but as an introvert, I need a lot of time to myself. Especially since I supervise staff at work and provide public service as well, I retreat when I get home. 484 more words


Empowerment To Be Yourself

For more inspiration The Quiet Revolution is on Facebook.


Ding-Dong, Go Away

I can’t say the grass is getting green just yet, but spring is in the air nonetheless. Instead of leaving work and heading home in darkness, I walk into a few more precious hours of daylight. 947 more words


Heaviness, lightness, and everything in between.

Strange day yesterday.

The night before, I got a phone call from a friend who was pretty shaken up. Without going into details, because her story is not mine to share, she was going through something and needed some time away from her place, so she was driving into town. 608 more words

Med School


After yesterday’s very personal post on the issues we face on networking as introverts, I thought I’d show you a video that has become so popular from TED  on the topic. 22 more words


You Don’t Need to be an Extrovert to be a Good Journalist

I have never been an extrovert. For a period I managed to function as an ambivert: able to take on the spotlight in key moments. I played a lead role in the school musical, I was school captain, I entered the marketing profession and became an account manager which required constant interaction with clients. 568 more words