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Meditation Equals Money? Maybe.

The web is a black hole, one wrong click and you’re suddenly taking a quiz on which kind of pizza topping you are (black olives, if you’re curious). 217 more words


Rudy Francisco and Solitude

Beth Buelow, author of Introvert Entrepreneur, recently posted on Facebook a poem about solitude from spoken word poet Rudy Francisco.

7/30 Inspired by "Solitude" by Warsan Shire…

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Words don't wet the bed, and other thoughts 

Some people write because they think they have something worthwhile to say. Others write because they actually have something worthwhile to say. You could replace “have something worthwhile to say” with “are good at writing” in those two sentences and it would still be true.

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An Introvert Celebrates Texting

The texting culture– where people expect that you will send a text message via your cell phone instead of the usual phone call with your voice or video call- … 338 more words


Romancing the Introvert

There’s always two types of people in the world. Those who like lima beans and those who do not. Those who drink loose leaf tea and those who drink bag tea. 551 more words

Alone Together: School Of Fish

Comfort > Love at First Sight

I realized after I wrote it that my last post about The Girl is almost the same thing that I wrote in the post about Phoebe hating me for not telling her in person… whoops… 433 more words