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Editor's Pick: I have a hard time keeping relationships and I fear it could be a problem in marriage. How can I change?

“Good evening ma. I’ve read some of your write ups on LC. I must confess they are very good & helpful. Without much ado, I have a question to ask.

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Are you an Introvert and an Extrovert?

In my book The Shyness Guide, I’ve written about C.G. Jung’s different conception of ‘introvert/extrovert’ – different, that is, from the view of most people today. 518 more words



I live in a shared house and with a mix of genders and this one lad and me got along and now it seems he seems he won't leave me alone and he comes home from work/school and heads straight to my room, eats his meals in my room. 212 more words


Rock & Sling at AWP: Finding Your People

by Bryn Cavin

What happens when you put hundreds of introverted bookworms into a massive Floridian convention center?

Apparently, something really amazing.

This year was my first experience with AWP.   474 more words


A Networking System For Introverts

Most industries are more reliant on network connections than you probably realize. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. If there’s an opening somewhere, of course everyone wants to bring in someone they know and like rather than a stranger. 433 more words


When depression screams, "Run!"

Having depression feels like a cyberhacker changing the coding of your brain. You’re wired one way, and then the next minute, you’re an entirely different person. 643 more words

When do as you'd be done by means doing as you wouldn't be done by (spoiler: it's hard)

So yesterday I had to make a phone call and speak to someone who’s just lost her husband. The toughest thing for me about it? I had to do to her something I’d absolutely… 429 more words