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The Highly Sensitive's Sexual Super Powers.

I’ve been having some great exchanges on how introverts and highly sensitive people experience sex in The Introverted Highly Sensitive Soul Cafe facebook group.

The word DEMISEXUAL came up. 312 more words

Highly Sensitive Person

Titles are just an extra line

Excuse yourself from every conversation

This is what happens when you don’t ask introverts questions

Study Tips for Introverts

There is no doubt that studying can be difficult no matter what way your brain works, but it is also very necessary to succeed and excel and there are definite ways that you can cater for your specific personality type when studying: 370 more words


Finding Refuge, Making Refuge

The other day, Edward Ng posted a beautiful piece about making refuge over at the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Within he redefined refuge in a way new to me. 1,594 more words

On Dharma

Introverts and Classroom Participation

The author of the post is a school teacher, and so was I. She identifies herself as an introvert, and so do I. Perhaps I was too much of a goody-two-shoes in primary and secondary schools, but I do share a lot of her anxiety as a student in the university classroom myself, and agree with much of her advice for teachers. 734 more words


5 Science-Backed Networking Tips That Actually Work

I will never forget the day in eighth grade that changed my life. I walked into my homeroom and my teacher said: “We are going to reassign all of the seating, but each of you are going to secretly submit the names of two people that you want to sit next to and two that you don’t.” 1,005 more words