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Music Helps

I just wanted to throw this quick tip–that many writers probably already know–out there: music helps. I don’t always write with music. Sometimes I just like to hear my keyboard or the wind outside. 129 more words

When A Introvert Picks You

Introverts start by admiring someone from afar. They will silently watch their crush for weeks or even months before actually initiating a conversation.

They’re spending all of their time trying to determine whether or not that person would be worth the risk — because introverts hate wasting their time. 460 more words


Editor's Pick: I have a hard time keeping relationships and I fear it could be a problem in marriage. How can I change?

“Good evening ma. I’ve read some of your write ups on LC. I must confess they are very good & helpful. Without much ado, I have a question to ask.

184 more words

Are you an Introvert and an Extrovert?

In my book The Shyness Guide, I’ve written about C.G. Jung’s different conception of ‘introvert/extrovert’ – different, that is, from the view of most people today. 518 more words



I live in a shared house and with a mix of genders and this one lad and me got along and now it seems he seems he won't leave me alone and he comes home from work/school and heads straight to my room, eats his meals in my room. 212 more words


Rock & Sling at AWP: Finding Your People

by Bryn Cavin

What happens when you put hundreds of introverted bookworms into a massive Floridian convention center?

Apparently, something really amazing.

This year was my first experience with AWP.   474 more words