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She Speaks 2016: An Introvert's Perspective

I opened my car door to a rush of 95 degree North Carolina summer heat, tipping my coffee cup and sending hot coffee drizzling down my pant leg. 623 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

Maybe I Like Being An Introvert

Maybe I want to be alone all the time. Maybe I don’t feel like making myself presentable in order to go out in public participating in plans I knew I’d never keep. 508 more words

If You're An Introvert, Here's Why Twitter Is For You

In my second year of university, I wrote a self-concept essay where I explored aspects of my identity and linked it to communication theory. This essay kick-started my journey to better understand (and help others understand) … 662 more words

Blog Post

There I stand alone and awesome!

As my mind diluted

into many streams of lust,

I felt more turmoil than ever.

A walk began with no purpose,

and also a journey to reach… 173 more words

Mental Health

Life update - 27 Jul 2016

It’s been a little crazy for me these last couple of weeks, work and healthwise. I suppose health has been more challenging. Nothing serious though (I think) just bloody hormones making it difficult for me to go about my day as per normal. 263 more words


You schmooze, you lose

“Hello, welcome to SchmoozeTech, this is Randy, how may I help you?”

“Uh, yeah, hi. I think my schmoozing account has been frozen. Can you check it out for me?” 703 more words


My experience using social media

As an introvert, I try to still get social relationships and one way I’ve discovered that doesn’t require face to face contact is social media but my experience with it hasn’t been exactly awesome. 603 more words