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Using "Stupid Brackets" to Say Things that Aren't

I struggle with depression, and I grew up hiding my feelings and thoughts because voicing them usually didn’t turn out so well. It was/is hard for me to speak up about myself because a) I often think I’m being ridiculous and b) the people around me often thought I was being ridiculous too. 777 more words


3 Ways To Be Charmingly Introverted

If there’s one thing that prevents people from being charming, it’s this deadly phrase: “I’m introverted, and I don’t really like talking to people.”

I’ve found over and over again that being ‘introverted’ is a poor excuse for not liking to socialize. 742 more words


UNITED STATES, n. Western Hemisphere country historically puzzled by introverts.


The Great British Turn Off

I understand that the 2015 series of the ever-popular Great British Bake Off is now underway. Or will be shortly. Or was recently. I’m not exactly sure of the details because I have never been the least bit tempted to watch it. 598 more words

Observations And Musings

CafePress Introverts Unite Separately In Your Own Homes TSh

1. Third-party credibility boosters. introverts tend to be less gullible than extroverts, because they’re less swayed by enthusiasm or the desire to follow the crowd. You want to win their respect, and they respect media coverage, awards, certifications, credentials and endorsements from industry leaders who are known as the most competent in their field. 236 more words


Dear World,

How do I become an extrovert if I’m an introvert?

I can’t imagine losing the introverted part of myself, but sometimes when I look at extroverts I get jealous. 220 more words


Myth #1 : Introverts don’t like to talk.
This is not true. Introverts just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. 623 more words