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As cute as I may look, I am in fact a lone wolf.
I spend my time with head phones on
listening to muffled sounds and nothingness. 393 more words

Horribly Decent

Emotional power

Being an emotional person is often seen as a weakness. The truth is emotional people may cry easily, they are sensitive, they sometimes want to talk about their feelings, and they are easily sucked into dramas that do not concern them. 327 more words


Internet Finds Vol. 5

Since last month I have read many articles and I find most of them very helpful, informative and entertaining. Listed below are ten of them. The others will be included in the next volumes of internet finds.  171 more words


Quote of the Weekend

“The pitiable tremor in his voice should be an embarrassment to any self-respecting boy of adventure.

Of course, he isn’t adventuring at the moment. He’s socializing, which is immeasurably more difficult then engaging in dangerous exploits and heroic deeds.” – One Door away From Heaven by Dean Koontz

(…so feel all introverts.) :-)

Abby Jones

Introversion 101 (part 2)

The benefits of being an introvert

(I.E. The perks of being a wallflower.)


All that time thinking, pondering, and zoning out gives an introvert a lot of ideas. 316 more words


On Introversion and Teaching

I had a conversation with one of my students the other day about my weekend and how I really enjoyed the time off away from them.  996 more words


Just because it's easy for someone doesn't mean it's easy for everyone #mentalhealth

Today on my gaming blog I was writing about my old gaming group here in town. And how we broke apart. Or more accurately how I split off from them. 573 more words

Mental Health