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Five reasons why introverts are superior

If you are an introvert and someone tells you that you have to get out more or otherwise change your ways, here are five reasons why you should politely ignore this advice and feel quietly superior: 208 more words



JAYWALK, v. To veer suddenly across the street to avoid conversation.


On Feeling Alone in a Crowd

On Feeling Alone in a Crowd

Well, all of us feel alone, separate, like we don’t belong, don’t we? And some of us feel it more often, more deeply, more acutely than others, that particular hole in the heart closer to the surface. 390 more words

Writer Fears: Self-Promotion

If there is one thing you get out of all those random writing articles, online writing tips, and even tips from writing friends, it is that – these days – you are supposed to establish an online writer’s presence before you even get published. 449 more words

If We Were Having Coffee...4/30/16

If we were having coffee…we would gazing out the sliding glass doors in the kitchen willing the clouds away and wishing for a little sunshine and warmth. 505 more words

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In, adv. Where all the cool cats hang out on Friday night.


Understanding your introverted child

Introverted children are often misunderstood, even by their parents, who worry about them. Content with just one or two close friends, they may be perceived as unpopular; easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation, they may seem unmotivated. 538 more words