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YOLO, interj. For introverts: You Overthink Life Occasionally.



X-RATED, adj. Type of film or book in which significant oversharing occurs.


Conversations: Dating

INFJ: *reading book*
INFP1: *reading book next to INFJ*
INFP2: *observes* That looks like such nice bonding time.


WORM, v. To artfully extract oneself from obligatory social events.


And Now... The Larch

One person at a time.
That is, for me,
The way to reach, connect:
For like a tree

My roots can drink
From just one at most ground; 16 more words

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Introverts Aren't Shy… They're Just More Complex Than You

You never talked? You never went out in high school? You were such anintrovert.

The word slithers from their mouths, biting me with its innuendoes and connotations. 924 more words


An Introvert's Holiday

The holidays are coming soon
I say, make them your own —
While some are with their closest friends,
I’d rather be alone

The party’s going on outside… 65 more words

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