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Good Reads: Quiet

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word Introvert? Quiet? Shy? Socially challenged? Boring?

Anyone who is an introvert themselves can tell you these perceptions are rarely true. 758 more words


Music Of Their Soul

I don’t know for some reason or the other
the most beautiful people
for me are shunned.The outcasts.
And what the society terms as rebels. 67 more words

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Won’t Stop Talking

Written by Susan Cain

In this book, Susan Cain, herself an introvert, gives an in depth look at introversion; its strengths and weaknesses, how it is often misunderstood, and how valuable introverts are in a culture that has embraced the “Culture of Personality,” celebrating the charismatic, outgoing, quick speaking people who are more commonly known as extroverts. 532 more words

Why Introverts Shouldn't Feel Limited in Their Career and Other Life Choices

Do you believe that you can succeed at most anything if you want it enough? Or is your life limited by various invisible forces, including the fact that you’re an introvert? 615 more words


“In most settings, people use small talk as a way of relaxing into a new relationship, and only once they’re comfortable do they connect more seriously.

191 more words

Random thought - How to look ugly basic tutorial.

First start with a perfectly normal individual, add a lack of humor, some condescension and arrogance.  If that doesn’t work top it off with some hate selfishness and a general lack of empathy and sympathy. 81 more words