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2. Being Dr. Dolittle for a Day

Honestly, the number of cats I’ve had as pets is bigger than my age, and I am 21 years old. It doesn’t help that I was sent abroad to study. 1,146 more words


How to write a to-DONE list

How to write a to-done list in three easy steps:

1) Go about your day. Be as spacey and scattered as you want, it’s okay. Introverts and artists need days to just wander around doing nothing in particular. 183 more words



RELIEF, n. Out-of-proportion emotion introverts feel when a seemingly innocuous social obligation (i.e. wife’s cousin’s wedding, neighborhood block party, school field trip with other parents) is cancelled.


Hello World!

I can recall numerous instances from my life when I have had something valuable to add to a conversation or a pressing question to ask, but haven’t. 81 more words

Let Freedom Ring!

I know how lucky I am to have this guy legally attached to me til death do us part, but I just feel like the world should know how lucky it is to have a Mr. 738 more words

The Journey

San Mateo Morning

Yesterday I woke up in Long Beach, Calofornia, in a different bed, a different home, and a different family from the one I had gotten used to the past two weeks. 70 more words

Sound Spirit


QUIET, adj. 1. Having a reserved nature. 2. Appellation many introvert children believe is part of their given name, because they hear it so stinking often.