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Intruders axed after only one season

Disappointing news as the supernatural drama Intruders based on the hit novel by Michael Marshall Smith which
starred John Simm and Mira Sorvino has axed after a single season. 67 more words


#525 Bird Lake Moon by Kevin Henkes

Bird Lake Moon by Kevin Henkes

Sometimes things happen around you that you don’t have much control over. Because of that, sometimes you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do and you regret it later. 653 more words


Mother Calls 9-1-1 to Get Intruders Out of Her Home, Cops Show Up, Shoot and Kill Her


Gastonia, NC — A tragic story of police negligence emerges out of Gastonia, North Carolina this week. A mother of two was killed by cops after she called 9-1-1 for help. 363 more words

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Protecting Sacred Spaces

In my family, there is a tradition of a worshipping place- the Puja room, so to say. The brass lamp is scrubbed with tamarind and lemon, made to sparkle bright as sunlight itself; oil is poured into it and a cotton wick is soaked and lighted at twilight. 520 more words

Intelligent Drama - Are viewers getting lazy, or is it all about the promotion?

Still no word from BBC America about a second season for ‘Intruders’, the spooky and compelling paranormal thriller about ex-LAPD cop Jack Whelan’s quest to find out what is up with his wife Amy following her disappearance and reappearance on a work trip, only to find his world torn apart as he learns that she is involved with a secret society which brings people back from the dead. 269 more words


Intruders Intrigues

What if? A two word language spoken by writers, for as long as people have been plotting stories. The BBC America series Intruders makes serious use of that language to present a concept that invites the viewer to try to unravel its complex threads, while surface levels occupy the mind with an entertaining story. 319 more words