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Intruders (2015, Adam Schindler)

Should Intruders be good? It should be better, no question, but should it be good. It’s about an agoraphobic (who’s an agoraphobic solely as part of the film’s gimmick) who has to fend off intruders into her home. 432 more words


That time I stabbed my shower curtain with a sword

Recently, I read about a break-in on my town’s Mom’s Facebook group (I should really unfollow that group; between all the impassioned responses about break-ins and/or baby wearing, it’s very anxiety-producing for me). 800 more words


Movie Review: Deadly Home (aka Shut In, aka The Intruders) (2015)

Also known as Shut In or The Intruders (depending where you live – personally, I’d have gone with Shut In), Deadly Home is the 2016 directorial debut of Adam Schindler. 303 more words


Nobody Calls (#2)

We were pretending we were happy that spring, but she hated teaching and she hated me even more for doing nothing. And then one night someone climbed up onto our flat roof. 81 more words

Flash Fiction

blog 90: In which I blatantly promote my new book!

I’m happy to say that I have a new YA book coming out in MAY.


It’s called THE PAIN, MY MOTHER, SIR TIFFY, CYBER BOY and ME… 764 more words