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Configuring Server

working in server to make the server

more secure from the #intruders


Microblog Mondays: Intruders

They have been quiet for a while now. I cautiously open the door a crack to check what they are up to.

They are waiting outside, the bolder ones pressing close against the doorstep, almost half in, like children wanting to come in but looking for confirmation of some sort, the not-so-bold ones spread haphazardly behind, waiting for a definitive signal from those upfront (or a push from their benefactor the wind), to make a move. 109 more words


Just been watching...(13)

Intruders (2011)

I decided to record this film from the TV. Clive Owen, Kerry Fox, and an additional great Spanish cast gave me the feeling that it would be worth watching. 461 more words



Walls around us
To keep us safe
From ourselves
Or from intruders

Walls that we create
To divide and separate
Our brothers and sisters
From us… 50 more words


Tiny Ships

​Swarming over the tree

Tiny ants climbing over each other

Flooding the cracks in the bark

In waves they swoop into the hole

Creating a black sea… 48 more words


Review: Intruders

“You have no idea who I am.”

Intruders, the directorial debut from Adam Schindler, plays expertly with notions of expectation and assumption, both those made by the film’s small cast about one another and those the audience is perhaps predisposed to making based on years of generic precursors. 799 more words