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The Mathematics of Love: My Love More Story

Around this time last year I was asked to contribute to a collection that would be titled “The Love More Stories.” I don’t often write about myself or share¬†personal stories because I tend to shy from the sort of¬†attention this could bring. 1,654 more words


What if?

Hello Earth Angels

This week I was feeling rather overwhelmed. Something that can happen easily when you’re an introverted empath like me! And because Christmas is coming and I’m trying to get a lot done it is easy for me to forget self-care. 478 more words

Earth Angels

Illumination by Grace

Humility is of the Spirit, but pride is of the ego. The first is permanent and true, the other, impermanent and ultimately unreal. An egoistic intellect sees not (nor cares to look) beyond its own contrivance, and supposes that it must construct truth out of its “competence” and “ingenuity”. 448 more words

Finding that magic.....

There is a part of you that is perfect and pure. It is untouched by the less-than-perfect characteristics you have acquired by living in a less than perfect world. 35 more words

Self Development

Toy Throwers

Sometimes, we want to spit out our proverbial dummies, raise an eyebrow and say ‘this mush tastes rank’ but instead we hold the dummy tightly in and suck it up. 319 more words


practice selfless selfishness

stop giving others the benefit of the doubt at the expense of your truth

Paint it (not) Black


It always feels good to get the annual anti- “Black Friday” rant out of my system (www.rondasnow.com) so back to business.

Being the day after Thanksgiving and a vacation day for the rest of the family, “business” in this case comprises eating leftover pumpkin cake for breakfast. 195 more words