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Full Moon in Aquarius: Freedom and Faith

This particular Full Moon in Aquarius is likely to bring out our freedom urge as well as a thirst for a deeper truth from which to guide our lives. 278 more words

Melanie Champagne

Easiest Machine Learning Algorithm Explained

Linear models and regression techniques are the most fundamental methods available to the analyst for predictive modeling. Linear regression is one of the approaches in the supervised learning used for quantitative response prediction. 1,265 more words


Winging It

When traveling, I have been in the habit of simply showing up to a dojo, introducing myself, and asking the teacher if I may practice. This has always worked well for me. 623 more words


Blue Moon Self-Reflection

Ahhh, it’s been a while, guys. It’s good to be back :)

It’s been a crazy couple months with my new job, new friends, traveling back home, enjoying the summer. 962 more words


Spirit Helpers - 1

This morning as i was emerging from sleep it seemed that i was on the edge of a woodland looking up, and a large bird of prey, like a buzzard but more slender and elegant, was circling above me. 333 more words


How to Read Great Mother 

First, countless volumes exist on the topic of how to hear from the Holy Spirit. The goal here is to simmer the main points down into a consumable nibble. 317 more words