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30 years since you been gone...

This is what I know of you. That you were fearful on that first try attempting your first parachute drop. My stories are from my Aunt who remembers you in bits and pieces. 441 more words


How Do You Feel About YOU?

Finding our power has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves.  Our instincts took a lifetime to develop, and we have to learn to  113 more words

Provocation Number 1

I am confused. I know why! I am confused because for two weeks I have been facing my fears, limitations, prejudices and hopes. I was questioning my place in theatre. 559 more words


Review: Mind and Cosmos by Thomas Nagel

Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos is subtitled “Why the Materialistic Neo-Darwinist Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly Wrong,” so obviously it’s moving in controversial territory. … 2,666 more words


Our curious re-creating of the wheel

An article was posted on a Facebook group in which the researcher is reporting that “supposedly nonconscious preparatory brain activity is really just part of a fairly random ebb and flow of background neural activity, and that movements occur when this activity crosses a certain threshold. 1,633 more words


Emotional power

Being an emotional person is often seen as a weakness. The truth is emotional people may cry easily, they are sensitive, they sometimes want to talk about their feelings, and they are easily sucked into dramas that do not concern them. 327 more words


I knew...

After our first date, I knew you would forever change my life. I knew that I would see you again. I knew you would be mine and you were for several years, but now I feel this way again. 106 more words