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Therapeutic and Fun Benefits of Art for Exceptional Children

The other day Michael had a new sitter come and play with him while Dad and I went out for a long awaited date. It went phenomenally, and in addition to him liking her, he also got to explore another medium once again, art. 449 more words

Two Parallel Lines Meeting In Infinity

The human individual has the capability to view his existence from a variety of standpoints. If he starts from the Impersonal, he can look up the thoughts of the mind, the will and action of the vital force and the emotions of the heart as some kind of created fiction, an illusion, not a reality. 229 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Has the world made us crazy?

Living in the information age has been a blessing and should I dare say, a curse. So many distractions can and do take many of us out of our natural essence of being who we are on planet Earth without stress. 36 more words

Victoria Islands

Zen / Zen Buddhism - Intuition

Noun: Zen Buddhism
a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.


Getting in Touch With Your Sensing Side (for INxJs)

We’ve all gotten lost in thought and stubbed our toes or run into something because we weren’t paying attention (or is that just me and my friends?). 1,180 more words


I Had a Farm in Mississippi - Jacki Kellum Memoir

One of my favorite books begins, “I had a farm in Africa.” 

Well, I had a farm in Mississippi, And the tales from my farm are just about as bitter-sweet as those from the farm in Africa that Dinesen wished that she could have kept. 1,079 more words

Jacki Kellum Memoir

Your Intuition

Pay attention to your
intuition, if it does
not feel right, it’s not.

What is intuition
but that guidance Divine
which speaks to your soul? 39 more words