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How to Be Your Own Psychic!

This past year I have been holding group classes teaching people how to increase their intuitive psychic self.  Not everyone is available on the dates that I hold these classes so I have made available for you 24 hours a day this class in a 2 hour audio class, which I will teach you techniques to increase your intuitive/psychic self so that you can better your life. 151 more words


2 Miles Uphill in the Snow

Yesterday I went to a clinical training related to the work I do. I am a therapist, right now I work with clients across the age spectrum , however most of my clients are  youth. 1,042 more words


Balancing Your Shadow Self With Your Outward Self

Your true desires are often carried out by impulses, which don’t think of the big picture. Acting in this way lands you in hot water, and then scars you because you’re afraid to take another leap. 403 more words


That Tiny Seed

That Tiny Seed

That tiny seed
in the garden of your being
plants itself
in a corner where you might not notice it.

Unplagued by your thousand obligations, 101 more words

Daily Post

Eternal Flame

Perhaps this is a bit egotistical of me to say, but I’m a relatively smart person. I’m a quick learner, capable of excelling at tasks I set my mind to, and can often discern someone’s emotions based on their mannerisms. 679 more words


Everyday Mysticism: Playing Freak the Mundane (i.e., Don't Be That Person)

Sixty-five million years ago, approximately fifteen minutes after the dinosaurs went extinct, I used to regularly attend science fiction conventions. These prehistoric conventions, the predecessors of today’s Comic-Cons and Dragon*Cons, were small affairs, often held in the ballrooms of local hotels. 1,073 more words

Everyday Mysticism

Playing it safe

Lately I’ve been feeling the call to change something.

In the past this feeling would make me run, without a second thought I would quit my relationship, my job, and sometimes even the state. 480 more words