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Stories of Spirit...Spontaneous Opening to Spirit [psychic evolution]

Last night I witnessed a spontaneous opening to Spirit.  I was doing a Seance for a small group of people, when one of them began to act strangely; displaying a high level of emotion and the need to say or do something; as if directed by another.   1,375 more words

Rotate And Be

If it isn’t special to you, don’t do it

If a key’s not there, rotate

and be square



Recent events made me learn to reconcile with my self. In this process, I learned the difference between forgiving and reconciliation. While I felt that forgiving leaves a distance between me and my self, I felt that reconciliation closes this gap. 56 more words


Keep your eye on the prize and remember why you're doing IT

Good Day Gals and Gents!

It’s your Intuitive internet friend Mimi and I just want to remind you that you’re in it to win it! I want to you all to remember to KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. 340 more words


Music and the Language of the Birds

Music and the Language of the Birds

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. – Victor Hugo… 819 more words


The Optimistical Negative

The Optimistical Negative…

To look at the world in a negative light
Is to move into the shadows of the light
To see things in a new and different way… 178 more words


Care-taking tendencies

Are you highly sensitive to the needs of others? Do you have a strong intuition about how things will turn out or how people will react? 679 more words