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Whole Life Success Show Podcast Interview

I was recently featured as a guest on the Whole Life Success Show with Paul Mantello. Click on the link below to listen to the podcast interview. 7 more words


Historical Tapestry; the War between Good and Evil

Divine Wars; the Awakening, was born after a trial and error of sorts. I thought it would be a story of reincarnation and the threads that weave us through past lives and as a result, one another. 357 more words


Life lesson 

Thus far in life, I have learned that no one can ever truly fathom what people are fully capable of doing. People change daily as the imprints of the lines in your palms. 29 more words

What I learned when my daughter was TERRIFIED to get shots.

Tonight is one of those nights that I feel the terror of a small child. I wonder when I’ll ever really feel like an adult instead of a little kid pretending to play house.

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Listen To Your Intuition

At certain moments in time we experience a feeling from somewhere deep inside our subconscious.  It makes itself present in the pit of our stomachs, in the rapid beats of our hearts, in the sweatiness of our palms. 559 more words


“A New York school was dismayed by discipline problems so extreme that armed guards were employed to roam the corridors. They consulted a curriculum expert who suggested they introduced creative work into the school. 30 more words


Certified Truth

Details don’t gain trust, inner voice does.