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Invitation: THE ART OF PREMONITIONS class w/ Dr. Gillian Holloway

Invitation from Dr. Gillian Holloway! This online class is from Dr. Gillian Holloway http://lifetreks.com  Blog: http://flashofspirit.com

Gillian says:

Your ability to have premonitions is innate and natural: your intuition is constantly pinging the outlines of future events, and like sonar, you receive echoes from the shape of the future on an ongoing basis, whether you register them or not. 355 more words


ZoeticLife.org - NEW global network of alternative practitioners

Check out this new global network today!! (soft launch has officially begun… stay tune for more info…)

ZOETIC  adjective   zōē etic   :of or relating to life: conscious, dynamic, enlivened, organic, thriving…

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What if another realm moved through you?

This Is Actually Happening is a podcast on misfitrad.io that is dedicated to capturing “first-person stories that explores what happens when everything changes.” Over the summer I had the opportunity to interview with Whit Missildine PhD.  17 more words


Citrine Crystal Healing Uses

Natural citrine is pale and translucent, sometimes it resembles a very pale smoky quartz. Heat treated citrine has deep coloured terminations of yellow, gold or brown with milky white bases. 380 more words

New Age

Using Crystals Intuitvley and for Healing

It has been a long time since I made my last post on my blog and I do apologise for that. I just have been very busy with my study and now organising to work for myself. 161 more words


Words are friends to me, intimate rapport

Now, I’ve done it…opened Pandora’s box.
Sigh. I suppose I shall be forced to write.
From a small town in North Kackalacky where tobacco was the state tree (sort of), 302 more words

No boundaries; bad girl

From Tipsy Lit.  Write about a character with psychic abilities and the trouble they get into because of their abilities.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to read any of Doctor Sleep yet, though.

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