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Creative Dreaming

Stepping through the looking glass: Dream to reality.

As I move forward in my research, exploration and stepping stones to my creative dream business I have found a consistent comment about finding your authentic voice especially as you begin developing your own authentic voice. 769 more words


Yoga Inspirations

On Tuesday mornings I travel to Mt. Franklin about 25 minutes from my home to attend a gentleĀ Dru Yoga class in my teacher’s studio on her rural property. 187 more words


What I learned from the ATC Project

Back in October I had an inspired idea that accosted me in the middle of the night. I love those! I woke up and the decision was made: I am doing this! 503 more words



“RELEASE”. This just happened. Quick, small and simple #IntuitivePainting to the tune of Lorde, Enya and Dr. Dre. On a break during my art retreat and taking this opportunity to apologize to everyone who had been waiting and requesting for a piece of art or design from me. 139 more words


Gazing At The Moon

Gazing at the moon,

Singing to the stars,

We stare into the night,

Small specks on the face of this earth.

The Eye

This painting was created by applying acrylic paint to canvas and then glad wrap (cling wrap or cling film depending on where you are from) was laid over the wet paint and scrunched and folded so the paint gathered in the folds. 67 more words

Charcoal Drawing: The Downs of Change

Messrs. Fear and Anxiety, my old friends, why are you visiting now?

Here I am pursuing my next adventure full of confidence and excitement

When you decide to remind me of my vulnerability and deep seated insecurities… 99 more words