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thin within: the diet rebel strikes

I would love to say that I went through all 30 days without skipping one, but alas, that would not be real life. Today I didn’t do the lesson… I didn’t pay attention to my boundaries… Today I just didn’t care. 1,034 more words


thin within: day sixteen

So, after yesterday’s victories, today didn’t go as well. Which I guess, after today’s topic, it wasn’t a surprise.

Day Sixteen

Today could have been titled “facing the giants”. 606 more words


thin within: day fifteen

I think it’s great that the author gives us a heads up about day 15. Because yesterday was hectic, I didn’t preview today’s lesson, but there was a little note at the end of day 14 about today. 265 more words


intuitive eating or abundance ? 

As a vegan AND a yogi, it’s conflicting to even consider intuitive eating as bullshit. There are so many people, especially yogis, who believe intuitive eating is the best method for fueling ones body. 1,073 more words

Carb The Fuck Up

thin within: day fourteen

Today was rather crazy. Admittedly, I was not in the mood to do the study today. I tried while I was in the study room at co-op, but I simply couldn’t focus enough to do all the exercises. 1,638 more words


thin within: day thirteen

I found myself humming Bette Midler’s version of “Wind Beneath My Wings” when I saw the title of today’s lesson. It’s really funny the things your mind goes to with certain phrases and such. 811 more words


thin within: day twelve

I continue to be challenged by this book, but in a good way… although it doesn’t always feel like it right then. It’s definitely changing my thinking. 867 more words