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Eeeek, A Food Post! (Intuitive Eating Progress)

In the past couple months I’ve had a lot of changes going on in my relationship with food. I’ve been making a lot of progress with eating intuitively. 1,900 more words

Habit Cultivation

As it Turns Out, The Water Is Fine.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about a new habit I had started that was provoking some conflicted feelings. A month has gone by since I started this habit, and I’ve been having some thoughts and feelings I wanted to document before I forget about them. 1,842 more words

Habit Cultivation

I held up the Chipotle line

Full disclosure: I was the person who held up the Chipotle line. I know that this is a sin worthy of the lowest level of hell in the eyes of Chipotle enthusiasts. 1,426 more words


The most essential Christmas cookie ever

I’m making a big claim here, but this is probably the most essential Christmas cookie ever. It’s reminiscent of the sugar cookies your grandma used to make, but better. 679 more words


The Weekend Round-Up: Homemade hot yoga and too many books

You know that feeling where you wake up Saturday morning feeling great about life and so energized that you could jump over a moving minivan. Yes. 733 more words


Saturday Morning Writing

I spent a long time talking about my eating disorder with my fiancé last night. It was real and raw and scary, but I felt so much better afterwards. 413 more words


Worried about holiday weight gain? Don't be.

If you’re worried about how many pounds you’ll gain from Thanksgiving dinners, holiday parties, office pitch-ins open bowls of red and green M&Ms and all the Christmas cookies — don’t be. 889 more words