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battle of the spouses: week 3

I’m going to back date this post to Monday, but clearly I am a couple of days late posting it. I kind of felt convicted that I needed to take care of some things on my to-do list before I wrote another blog post. 338 more words


renewing the mind: renewal stops

We’ve kind of defined renewing the mind, and we’ve talked about daily renewing our minds through Truth Journaling. We are going to get to “Renewal Stops” in this post, but I feel like God is taking us in another direction first… 1,813 more words


renewing the mind: faith journaling

Yesterday we did a bit of an overview of what renewing the mind is and today I would like to share a tool I began using last week. 984 more words


renewing the mind = transformation

I promised I would do a post on this topic, and here it is. I’ve decided to break this into a multi-part series because as I was writing, it kept getting longer and longer. 1,564 more words


battle of the spouses: week 2

This past week I felt like I turned a corner in the journey. I don’t know what the scale says, but I know some really cool things happened. 833 more words


battle of the spouses: week 1

Well, we made it through the first week of our challenge. I’m going to give a summary of my week, but before I do, I just want to say that I AM CURRENTLY IN THE LEAD! 256 more words


I haven't felt like writing lately...

When I had my old blog, I wrote almost everyday.  Now I go a week or more without writing anything.  I’ve been so busy and tired I guess it’s not surprising.   546 more words

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