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The Threefold Human Being as a Basis of a New Psychology

The human being is basically threefold in its organic structure- head, trunk, limbs. The corresponding functions of thinking, feeling, and willing come to maturity in three distinct stages, each culminating in a particular peak of physiological development: the change of teeth, the arrival of puberty, and finally adulthood. 1,135 more words

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Philosophical Foundations

  • Instruction and education must not proceed from applied knowledge but rather from a living abundance. With this abundance the teacher deals with the children as though she were an instrument enabling the world itself to speak to the child. 
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The Triune Brain


The Hindbrain or Reptilian Brain. The brainstem and the cerebellum are the oldest part of the brain that we share with most animals. It is referred to as reptilian because reptile brains are predominately brain stem and cerebellum. 422 more words

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The Four Humors or Temperaments

The Four Temperaments:

Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, Phlegmatic

Four Temperaments is a theory of psychology that stems from the ancient medical concept of four humors, or “humors.”

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The Twelve Senses

With each of the senses, the human being stands in a particular relationship with himself and his environment. With the sense of being, the sense of own motion and the sense of balance, the human being experiences perceptions that refer to his/her physically emotional existence and personal physical self. 269 more words

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Fundamental Stages of Childhood

Writing as Willing 

All students are incredibly brilliant learners long before they come to school.  They have accomplished the greatest learning they will do in their lives by learning through imitation to stand upright and walk, speak and converse with others, and think clearly about their psychological makeup of being a person who thinks, feels, and wills.  3,421 more words

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The Dome, The Wall, The Ceiling 

We need more Teachers like you! Better Explained a caveman / cave woman frozen in ice says spies is a group of eyes and ear listening intuitively to you ❤️🙋🏽 A scout’s Honor to find a mammoth in a hunt 😊 142 more words