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Meditation Monday's

Blessings to you all on this Monday.

Today has started off with a little rain, yet I feel as if it is a calm and peaceful day. 125 more words

10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An iNtuitive

The MBTI inventory classifies iNtuitive types as those who place more interest (and often more value) in theories, abstractions and the exploration of possibilities than they do in the concrete realities of the world around them. 935 more words

Being Analytical Doesn’t Necessarily Make You An iNtuitive – Here’s How Each Cognitive Function Analyses The World

The amount of times I’ve seen people mistype themselves as an intuitive personality type because they self-identify as ‘analytical’ is perhaps more prevalent than the amount of times I’ve met actual intuitives. 2,365 more words

How Mistypes Have Warped The Descriptions Of Each iNtuitive MBTI Type

The MBTI is an incredibly unreliable assessment tool. As far as Jungian personality types go, it’s much safer to determine one’s type using cognitive functions… 2,695 more words

Internal Silence

Blessings everyone

Well this is the first official day of my return to work after a week away from the madness. Something every unusual is happening to me. 196 more words

Fear of Gifts )o(

Blessings to you all.

I wanted to talk about fear of accepting the gifts the god/goddess has bestowed on you. Isn’t it amazing when you ask for help, or cast a spell to get what you want and once it is here you totally have a brain fart about it. 307 more words

New Deity, Old Deity, or No Deity


My topic for this blog is new deity, old deity, or no deity. I listened to a woman say that worshiping an old deity makes no sence. 195 more words