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10 Things That Happen When You're An Intuitive In A Family Of Sensors

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator identifies two main modes of perceiving information. The first mode involves focusing on the tangible, concrete stimulus in a given situation: This is called sensing, and people who prefer this mode are known as sensors (represented by the letter S). 972 more words

Decision-making for Dummies

I saw this article on selecting ERP solutions and it made me think about decision-making in general (after a master-class from Martin Tate on software selection I don’t feel the need to follow this line of articles). 214 more words


Big Data Will Never Write a Poem

Art & Craft in a Data-Driven Age

Big Data FTW.

With all the information we collect from you (and Bob and Carol and Ted and Ciley), we know when you’ll buy beer, buy steaks, invest in a crock pot, buy an engagement ring, get married, get pregnant, get divorced, get pregnant again, get diabetes, get congestive heart failure and, well, pretty much any of the human conditions. 275 more words

Communication Is About Relationship

Share Your Spiritual Self

Spiritual awakening can challenge our intimate and family relationships, but it can also deepen our love and bring spiritual growth.

As people open to psychic energies, they worry about how they will be received.  264 more words

Calling all Intuitives, Psychics, Mediums, Gifted Sensitives

I am asking for you to answer the call.  Come clean!  Step out of the closet!

When I realized I could talk with “the other side”  see “different realms” it really “freaked me out!” 156 more words

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