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Memoirs: Visiting Leonard Daley

My father-in-law, Walter Rammelaere, passed away recently. He was, among other things, an amateur photographer and when my husband, Marc, rummaged through his photographic files recently, he found photographs of a long-forgotten visit to the self-taught, “Intuitive” Jamaican artist Leonard Daley (1930-2006), who lived in the hills of St Catherine. 2,153 more words


Health from the Inside

The Book of Acts that follows the four gospels is full of miraculous stories – of visions and healings that sound impossible to us who live in a world where concrete evidence and witnesses must accompany everything. 389 more words

new moon meditation | trusting your process

This. Right. Here?! So on time for this season of transitions and ascensions. Trust the process and who you’ll be and what you’ll see on the other side of it. 64 more words

Cradle Your Heart

Towards a National Identity in Art: Relevance of Contemporary Expressions in the Fine Arts in Jamaica by Gilberte Bauer

In 1979, some 50 years into its development along conventional rules set by Western standards in the fine arts, the Jamaican art movement saw the formal inclusion of a group of artists known as the intuitives, who practiced an art form generally associated with naïve art. 304 more words


the place where introverts go

Sometimes I have to go quiet for awhile, and go to that place where introverts go. Where alone becomes necessity and silver silence my soulful gold. 180 more words


The Gifted Sensor

For those who are digging into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for the first time, the Sensing (S) and iNtuition (N) dichotomy is often the hardest to grasp.  2,019 more words


Practical Energetic Living: It's Showtime

Here is a snippet of dialogue from a conversation I had this morning with my mother-in-law, who is over eighty years old.

MIL: It is really hurtful right now seeing all the terrible things happening around the world, especially in our country. 677 more words