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16 Difficult Things About Growing Up As An Old Soul

1. Not dating much because you didn’t “like anyone your age.” Adults chalked it up to kids your age just being immature, but as time has gone on, you’ve discovered that, in fact, those were their actual personalities, and perhaps they have even worsened over time. 769 more words

15 Difficult Things About Being A Very Intuitive Person

1. It can be hard to tell the difference between an intuitive feeling and just… a feeling. You know that if you treated every passing feeling like an intuitive nudge you’d probably have lost your damn mind by now, so you have to be discerning about what’s a ‘gut feeling’ and what isn’t. 747 more words

Spiraling To Center

A nurturing weekend retreat for women who are Healers.    More information….


Are You A Sensitive?

by Tanya Lacy

People come to you and confide in you. Your dreams are vivid. You know things about people. You can feel the energy or the vibes of a room very easily. 482 more words


The Farmers' Watch

In last Sunday’s reading, Jesus attempts to explain the parable of the Kingdom of God to his disciples. He uses a parable.

“A man throws seed on the land.

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Putting God into Perspective

He is the mighty figure of the Bible; the crusher of Kingdoms and the worker of miracles – but who is the God of the Bible and what can He do in our lives? 721 more words


Which would you rather employ - a Psychologist or a Psychic?

I couldn’t resist reblogging this post as I never cease to wonder at the things rich corporations get up to

When it comes down to it which would you prefer in helping you to make key recruiting decisions?  784 more words