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The Hormonal Young witch

Blessings to you all.

I wanted to write about this topic since I have children that are little witches. The one I want to shead light on today is my oldest girl. 347 more words

Do witches help mere mortals?


I got this topic off another site and I answered it on that site. I gave a short answer though. Do witches help mere mortals. 166 more words

The New Moon Affects me )0(

Sweet Blessing to you all.

The fourth of July is almost upon us and the New Moon. Everyone talks about the full moon. How it affects everything with its pull. 513 more words



Typically in the movies the witches familiar is a cat. Why not a cat they are regal, inquisitive and most of all end up in the damnedest places. 190 more words

Ethical Spell Casting

Blessings to you all.

I want to talk about casting spells on people without them knowing. I am not talking to those who are doing work on behalf of others. 194 more words

Wishing Pain/Casting a pain spell

Blessing to you all.

I was sitting here thinking about pain. Yeah I was. We as magical beings have the power to manifest.

But what about those times that you wish someone feels as much pain or even more than what you are going through and it comes to pass? 173 more words

Color Black Vs Color White

Blessing to you all.

We all know the  power of color. Now black is a very strong color it is often used as a protective color. 179 more words