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Where Do You Get Your Information?

Much has been written lately about the segmentation of media. People have more choices than ever about where to get their news: besides the traditional outlets of TV and newspapers, consumers can now view blogs, web sites, social media, podcasts, and more. 467 more words


Another Spooky Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking at 6 pm. on Saturday, April 22nd, and at 2 pm. on Sunday, April 23rd.

Don’t miss the Witchery Market experience!! Witchy Vendors, Crafts, Tarot Readers, Free Presentations, & More! 90 more words


Turning Truth Bombs into Flower Beds. // How to Accept Revelations.

Remember that game Minesweeper? As a young kid I would let the anxiety build and build as I carefully clicked on each square, as if my life depended on it. 752 more words

The Practice at Oberlin 2017

In 2008, after searching for months for a diagnosis for what I and Cleveland Clinic doctors chronologically labeled strep throat, sinus infection, allergies, and more, I finally secured an appointment with Dr. 674 more words

The Watchman

Heaven had hung the windsock she’d whipped up from remnants at the back of her house, near the fence enclosing her courtyard. Right where Jasper Dye could see it. 2,454 more words

This too shall pass!

How this thing came to be.

Sigh….sometimes I wonder why I ever tried to play the game, I was great at it. Don’t get me wrong I could “fake it ” with the best of em. 629 more words

Allie's Journal

The Beginning of the End

The Beginning

I have been trying to come up with a blog topic for a long time. The reality is I’m not comfortable sharing. I spend my days with complicated thoughts that no one should have and they can range from hilarious to scary. 901 more words