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7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Intuitive Relationship

Disclaimer: If you believe personality typologies are pseudoscience, and a load of crap, you should probably exit now and not return to this blog. Learning about typologies has helped me immensely with understanding myself and others in only the most positive way. 1,084 more words


The Farmers' Watch

In last Sunday’s reading, Jesus attempts to explain the parable of the Kingdom of God to his disciples. He uses a parable.

“A man throws seed on the land.

384 more words

Putting God into Perspective

He is the mighty figure of the Bible; the crusher of Kingdoms and the worker of miracles – but who is the God of the Bible and what can He do in our lives? 721 more words


Which would you rather employ - a Psychologist or a Psychic?

I couldn’t resist reblogging this post as I never cease to wonder at the things rich corporations get up to

When it comes down to it which would you prefer in helping you to make key recruiting decisions?  784 more words


10 Things That Happen When You're An Intuitive In A Family Of Sensors

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator identifies two main modes of perceiving information. The first mode involves focusing on the tangible, concrete stimulus in a given situation: This is called sensing, and people who prefer this mode are known as sensors (represented by the letter S). 972 more words

Decision-making for Dummies

I saw this article on selecting ERP solutions and it made me think about decision-making in general (after a master-class from Martin Tate on software selection I don’t feel the need to follow this line of articles). 214 more words