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Anzan Kigan: Praying for safe birth 安産祈願

In my Sept. 20 column in The Japan Times, I wrote about an interesting custom associated with anzan kigan (安産祈願), or praying for a safe birth. 386 more words

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Memoirs From Pregnancy to Childbirth – Part Three

Warming the Belly

My mother-in-law said that Japanese pregnant women traditionally swaddled their abdomens for warmth and support, making the tummy a safe and snug place for their baby to grow. 410 more words

Life In Japan

Dog Day (犬の日)

The subject of religious days in Japan can be fairly complex as most are a fusion of indigenous Shintoism, Bhuddism and whatever else was around, so if any of the following is not 100% correct to some, then my apologies in advance. 674 more words