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I dated Carla for a year after the abortion as a way to punish myself. She had no idea how much I was grieving or why, but she could see my pain and poured it over herself hoping to help. 62 more words


112. Pope Boniface VI 896

Pope Boniface VI had the second shortest Papacy in history and he’s also kind of technically sorta not a valid Pope according to Pope John IX. 174 more words


Remembering  Marge, and her faithful caretaker-husband, Roy.

Marge had severe memory loss and badly deteriorating health. I had gone to see them a few times when she was either hallucinating or in a coma-like sleep. 148 more words

Undue Influence: Anita Brookner

Fresh on the heels of Anita Brookner’s Dolly, I turned to Undue Influence, the story of a young, single woman who becomes embroiled in a peculiar marriage. 736 more words


Le référendum anti-réfugiés invalidé en Hongrie

Invitas a se prononcer sur la relocalisation de migrants, les alecteurs hongrois ont bouda le rafarendum du premier ministre Viktor Orban organisa dimanche 2? novembre. Le nombre de votes exprimas na… 11 more words



I saw a big spirit
Carrying a small body
Upright and light and taller
Than the giants that dwarfed her

I saw a strong spirit… 46 more words


GDP is not valid anymore?

Gross domestic product (GDP) is “the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period… 914 more words