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Ligger i sängen och tränar

Jag tränar mitt förbannade ben med gummiband. Glad för att jag faktiskt äger dessa gummiband. Har även en crosstrainer, men den vågar jag inte gå på än. 574 more words


Recovering Files from WebCT Zip File Backups

My employer, a local university, used WebCT as its Learning Management System for years. WebCT’s user support was great when we originally adopted it, but that support grew poorer over time. 337 more words


Q&A; Why should a normally healthy person all of a sudden become ill?

From 1952 New Washington Series, by Joel S. Goldsmith tape 7B-1 – Questions and Answers

Q:  Why should an intelligent person all of a sudden become insane, and of course the same question would be why should a normally healthy person all of a sudden become ill? 2,510 more words

Questions & Answers


I make him feel unwhole, he said, which stands for “not whole,” or unsound.



adj. , -er, -est.

1. not sound; unhealthy or diseased, as the body or mind. 35 more words

How do I see myself?

Are you worried that you are getting married to an invalid, a question my fiance fielded the other day? When she told me I was taken aback for a while, short on words which if you know me, is an unusual occurrence. 808 more words

Invalid bank card


We are delighted that you have chosen the Hotel  for your stay in Paris the th of — 2016 in a double room.

Nevertheless the credit card given as a guarantee seems not to be valid. 40 more words



Nous sommes heureux que vous ayez choisit l’Hôtel  pour votre séjour à Paris le  2016 en chambre double.

Cependant, le numéro de carte de crédit donné en garantie semble ne pas être valable. 48 more words