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invalid source

nothing makes sense

and all things are rejected

and whom it seeked

and what it wants out

and thus it was the stars

and the mighty had come so far… 42 more words



Hidden are my emotions

By “I’m fine” and “no worries”

With you, my ‘best friend’

My attitude’s all gory 96 more words

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Windows 10, Cultures and Invalid Date

So, I finally took the plunge and upgraded to Windows 10 and so far, I must say, I’ve been impressed. Today was my first issue and involved some old VB.NET code to check the validity of dates supplied on a registration form. 195 more words


a sickness of the heart

A friend and I recently studied John 5:1-15, which tells of Jesus’s third great sign, the healing of the sick man who lay beside the pool. 366 more words

Thoughts & Prayers

You Want Everyone To Coexist

You want everyone to coexist
Just as long as you get the benefit of the doubt
It’s a posh life dining with millionaires
Rallying for the cause you hypocritically shout… 60 more words


Monday, January 4

In four weeks they take my walking frame. They too have faith that I’ll be walking normally again. In the meantime I’m housebound. It’s a good house, I have my stuff about me, my books, two cats eager for warmth and comfort balancing a breakfast tray on a cat takes skill. 113 more words


I am not an"in-valid"

I thought that I would share my first week as an in – valid.  I wrote it that way deliberately because I feel that the hair line fracture of my ankle and being on crutches – basically immobile, has lessened me as a human being.   690 more words

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