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javascript image valid_extensions script and clear invalid file

<div class=”form-group input-group”>
<span class=”input-group-addon”> Upload Your Doc.. </span>
<input type=”file” name=”up” id=”image”   onchange=”checkFile(this)” />
<script type=”text/javascript”>

function checkFile(fieldObj)
var FileName  = fieldObj.value; 28 more words


an alleged refutation of determinism

Consider the line of reasoning which infers the invisibility of material objects from the obvious premiss that the constituents of these objects (the totality of atoms, for example) are, themselves, invisible. 586 more words


Angular JS Validation

Using form validation:

Mayank Jani

Angular Js

A beautiful child...Forgotten...

I first saw Margarita in a BBC documentary ()  (18:52-22;10) a few years ago, when our story of adoption began.  She was one of two children who were so very ill, barely clinging to life.   181 more words

Introduction to Logic and Argumentation

“Logic is the use and study of valid reasoning.” That’s from Wikipedia and it sounds uselessly formal.
Logic is a process that our brains use to figure out right and wrong, true and false. 548 more words


God of Partial Credit

I knew I was screwed the night my professor drew five symbols on the board and said, “Don’t worry. This is easy. It’s like algebra but with arguments instead of numbers. 903 more words

Standardized Tests

After recently taking my state’s mandated SBAC standardized tests, a lot of things occurred to me. The tests are, in my opinion, unnecessary. Why should students have to participate in tests that only serve the purpose of evaluating the performance of teachers? 230 more words